15 DIY Father's Day Cards Dad Will Love

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Instead of giving Dad a store-bought greeting card this Father’s Day, show him what he means to you by creating a one-of-a-kind note just for him. Whether your dad is a joke fiend, has a passion for fashion, or is a sucker for sentimentality, there is a unique DIY card out there for him. Start your search with some of the charming projects below to find the perfect one for your favorite guy.

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    Clever Printables

    diy father's day card
    Shari’s Berries

    Printing your own adorable designs for Dad’s card is a quick and simple way to say “I love you.” These printables from Shari's Berries are filled with puns any dad is sure to love. Find quality blank cardstock at your local craft store, then glue your printed design onto the paper for a cute card he's sure to save for years to come.

    Fun Father's Day Cards for Dad from Shari's Berries

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    Tractor Footprint Card

    diy father's day card
    Things, Tings, and Chicken Wings!

    If you have little ones, this simple craft from the blog Things, Tings, and Chicken Wings is for you. Paint-stamped footprints that morph into the likeness of a tractor make every card a meaningful and one-of-a-kind gift to treasure.

    Tractor Footprint Card from Things, Tings, and Chicken Wings

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    Necktie Card

    diy father's day card

    Fathers and neckties go hand-in-hand, as it’s a fashion accessory most dads have worn at some point (maybe even every day!). This project from SheKnows allows you or your child to design the ultimate tie for their Dad. If this card isn’t your style, there are a few other cute shirt-focused crafts to choose from in this tutorial, like a superhero uniform.

    Necktie Card from SheKnows

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    Wallet Card

    diy father's day card
    Little Leaf Lane

    Make a replica of your pop’s wallet with this handy DIY project from Little Leaf Lane. When he looks inside, he’ll find cool detailing and an adorable message from his number one creative child. You can even add multiple pockets to hold special notes from each sibling.

    Wallet Card from Little Leaf Lane

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    Golf Ball Card

    diy father's day card
    Crafty Morning

    This card from Crafty Morning is kid-friendly and utilizes white fingerpaint to make the shape of a golf ball. Complete this sporty card with a real golf tee and a punny greeting, like “Have a ball this Father’s Day.” You can even tuck in a voucher for a round of golf that Dad can redeem any time he wants to hit the green.

    Golf Ball Card from Crafty Morning

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    Rock n' Roll Card

    diy father's day card
    FamilyFun Magazine

    Let’s face it: everybody loves some good tunes. This template from FamilyFun magazine will show you how to make this DIY record player card, the perfect Father’s Day card for a dad that likes to jam to some oldies. A few supplies and some crafting concentration will show your dad a rockin' good time.  

    Rock n' Roll Card from FamilyFun Magazine

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    Superhero Card

    diy father's day card
    Kaminski’s Creations

    Show Dad just how super he is with this adorable hero-inspired card tutorial from Kaminski's Creations. This craft uses Cricut templates, but you can easily follow along using hand cut-outs if you don’t have a machine of your own.

    Superhero Card from Kaminski's Creations

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    Watercolor Ribbon Card

    diy father's day card
    Every Tuesday

    Add a personal touch to your Father’s Day card with a combination of hand-lettering and watercolor paint. This tutorial from Every Tuesday (which is complete with an instructional video and free templates), makes this DIY creative card an easy feat. You may just surprise yourself with your artistic skills.

    Watercolor Ribbon Card from Every Tuesday

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    Daddy-Daughter Card

    diy father's day card
    Rafashionably Late

    This project from Refashionably Late requires a top-notch crafting tool, the Cricut. By using different colored cardstock and the product’s templates, you can create this beautiful and unique Father’s Day card from daughter to Daddy.

    Daddy-Daughter Card from Refashionably Late

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    Watercolor Card

    diy father's day card
    Kristina Werner

    It’s time to pull out that old watercolor set and put it to good use with this simple-yet-adorable Father’s Day card. This tutorial from Kristina Werner Design is complete with a video that shows you how to use a few basic supplies to make this beautiful and thoughtful piece of artwork.

    Watercolor Card from Kristina Werner Design

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    Fish Handprint Card

    diy father's day card

    You can easily find all the supplies you need for this DIY ocean-inspired card from Kix at the craft store—and you may even already have what’s needed at home! Using paint, craft paper, and your little one's hand, make a collage of an underwater scene, complete with a father and son clownfish. Just add your own personal message to customize it.

    Fish Handprint Card from Kix Cereal

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    Fill-in-the-Blank Card

    diy father's day card
    The Handcrafted Story

    This printable from The Handcrafted Story can be used year after year, making it a fun way to see your child’s growth in handwriting, vocabulary, and creativity as they fill in the blanks and draw pictures. Print this card on heavy cardstock paper to make sure it lasts through future Father’s Days.

    Fill-in-the-Blank Card from The Handcrafted Story

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    Pop-Up Card

    diy father's day card
    Creative Pop Up Cards

    Video tutorials make everything easier, and this craft from Creative Pop Up Cards is no different. Anyone can flex their card-making muscles by crafting this DIY pop-up card for Dad this year. He’s sure to be impressed by your scissor skills.

    Pop-Up Card from Creative Pop Up Cards

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    Galaxy Card

    diy father's day card
    Kristina Werner

    This Father’s Day card looks professionally made, but anyone can pull it off using the detailed instructions provided by Kristina Werner Designs and a few artsy tools. There’s no way Dad won’t display this out-of-this-world piece on the fridge.

    Galaxy Card from Kristina Werner Designs

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    Tool Box Gift Card Holder

    diy father's day card
    Paper Mill Direct

    Gift cards are a great present for those dads who seem to have everything. Instead of handing it over in a simple sleeve, make this cool toolbox holder from Paper Mill Direct to kick your gift up a notch. You can cut the tool shapes out yourself or use an automated cutting machine to make this Father’s Day craft easier.

    Tool Box Gift Card Holder from Paper Mill Direct