Create Your Own DIY Fabric Cutting Table

Build a DIY Fabric Cutting Table
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Tips to Help You Set Up a Fabric Cutting Table

Setting up a fabric cutting table doesn't have to be difficult and there are lots of DIY cutting table tips that can help, no matter how much space you have to make a custom table.

The most important aspect of a cutting table is its height. Work for even short periods of time on a too high or too short cutting table and your back, shoulders and arms will probably become sore.

Most recommendations say that a cutting table should be about waist-high to avoid stress on your upper body. You might have to experiment a bit with height to find the perfect table position for your own personal needs.

Cutting Table Advice from Quilters

Quilters have devised all sorts of ways to put their cutting tables at a comfortable height, and some submitted tips about the methods they've used. 

Jeanne's Cutting Table Advice
"My first cutting table was a folding banquet table from our church. The folding mechanism had broken, but it made a perfect cutting table for me. Unfortunately, it was way too low.

The table has round legs that start straight, then curve after about 12 inches. My husband bought some PVC pipe, and we determined how high I wanted the table to be. After considering how far up the pipe would go before stopping on at the curved portion of the legs, we cut four equal pieces that were long enough to raise the height.

I used that cutting table for the seven years that I ran my sewing business. It was always sturdy and it doubled for a wrapping table at Christmas."

From Sylvia P. and others
"Another way to raise your cutting table is to buy plastic bed risers and place them under the legs of your table. The risers work great."

Space-Saving Cutting Ideas from Doris
"My sewing space is limited, and I needed a cutting table and an ironing board.

My large rotary cutting mat measures 30" X 36", so I had a piece of 3/4" plywood cut twice that size and installed legs with PVC extensions. Half is the cutting table and I padded the other half with cotton batting and stapled the fabric on top. Now I can cut and press in one place."

Double Duty Cutting Table, from Velma C.
"My dining room table is my cutting table. I don't have enough room for a separate table.

Bending over was killing my back and I had to take many breaks whenever I cut fabric. I had my son, who's a carpenter, make a 6" tall table to sit on my dining room table. It measures 32" x 34" -- almost the width of my dining table and is about 3" wider than my medium sized cutting mat.

The 6" lift is perfect and I don't have to bend over anymore. I sit it on one end of the dining table and my husband and I use the other end. I can keep the patterns and tools I am working with underneath the risers. When we have company, I just pick it up (it is very light) and set it somewhere out of the way.

I'm so happy to have a son who could build the riser."


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