15 Clever DIY Decorating Ideas for Lampshades

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    Easy DIY Projects Add New Life to Boring Lampshades

    Vintage Table Lamp and Shade
    David McGlynn/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

    When you want to add a little pizazz to your room, decorating a lampshade is a fast and frugal way to give your lighting and space a fresh, new look. Check out this collection of imaginative ideas. Choose the one you like and get busy decorating. Most of these projects take less than an hour to complete. 

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    Fabric-Covered Lampshade

    DIY Custom Fabric Cover
    Place Of My Taste

    Add a custom touch to a lampshade with colorful fabric that coordinates with your room's decor. Before you know it, you have a fresh new look.

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    Fabric-Lined Lampshade

    Fabric Lined Lampshade
    Get inspired by these colorful lampshades available on Etsy. ©ShadowbrightLamps

    Give new life to a boring lampshade by dressing up the lampshade interior. Use spray adhesive and fabric in an eye-catching pattern or bold color to line the inside of an otherwise unremarkable lampshade.

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    Embellished Lampshade

    Embellished Lampshade
    Pretty Petals

    Visit your crafts drawer and embellish a lampshade with ribbon, stitching, beaded fringe or fabric paint. Check out these ideas for personalizing a lampshade using basic sewing supplies.

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    "Doilied Up" Lampshade From Quercus Design

    Update a Lampshade with Doilies
    ©Quercus Design

     Use hand-me-down doilies with white glue and a little dye to give a lampshade a unique retro look. No doilies in your family? Check out the next estate sale or craft fair near you.

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    Faux Leather Lampshade From DIY Network

    DIY Faux Leather Lampshade
    ©DIY Network

    At the market, ask for paper, not plastic. Then use those everyday brown paper bags to give an existing lampshade a faux leather makeover that looks and feels real. 

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    Silverware Lampshade From Four Corners Design

    DIY Silverware Lampshade
    ©Four Corners Design

    This creative idea for dressing up a lampshade using old silverware uses different tones and patterns of old (or new) silverware to reflect light. 

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    Stenciled Lampshade From Martha Stewart Living

    DIY Stenciled Lampshade
    ©Martha Stewart Living

    This imaginative stenciling idea uses paper-backed book cloth and a giant circle stencil with paint to turn a boring lampshade into an eye-catching room addition.

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    Wallpapered Lampshade From Redbook

    DIY Patterned Wallpaper Lampshade

     Whether you're matching the existing paper in a room or going for a showy accent, wallpaper gives you tons of color and pattern combinations to choose from. Here's how to cover an everyday lampshade with patterned wallpaper for a designer flourish.

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    Button Lampshade From Better Homes and Gardens

    Lampshade with Buttons
    Peter Ardito/Getty Images

     If you have more buttons than you know what to do with, hot glue the prettiest ones to a lampshade for an easy button lampshade upgrade.

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    Shabby Chic Rosette Lampshade From SimplyCiani

    Diy Shabby Chic Rosette Lamp Shade
    ©Simply Ciani

    Turn any lampshade into a romantic shabby chic rosette-covered shade to add a little Victorian charm to a room.

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    French Script Lampshade From The Concrete Cottage

    DIY French Script Lampshade
    ©The Concrete Cottage

     Ooh, la, la! Turn your Plain Jane lampshade into a French beauty with patience and a black permanent marker. Voila! You have a unique look and a conversation piece.

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    Cozy Sweater-Covered Lampshade From Unskinny Boppy

    DIY Sweater Lampshade
    ©Unskinny Boppy

    Cover a lampshade with a cast-off sweater—or find one at a thrift store. The sweater, scissors and hot glue are all you need to make this sweater-covered lampshade.

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    Ombre Hair Dye Lampshade From Paper Buttons

    DIY Ombre Lampshade
    ©Paper Buttons

    Revisit your lost punk youth by picking up hot pink hair dye at your local beauty supply store. A short while later, you'll have a stunning ombre hair dye lampshade.

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    Twig Lampshade From The Shabby Creek Cottage

    DIY Twig Lampshade
    ©The Shabby Creek Cottage

     Add a rustic look to a room with a twig lampshade makeover. This clever lampshade reinforces an autumn decorating scheme and adds a country touch to any room.

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    Yarn Ombre Lampshade From Vintage Revivals

    DIY Ombre Yarn Lampshade
    ©Vintage Revivals

    If you knit, you no doubt have baskets of leftover yarn. Put that yarn to work as a charming yarn ombre lampshade