How to Make Craft Stick Rocket Ships

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    Craft Stick Rocket Ship Craft

    You need a few basic craft supplies, and you'll be ready to make this fun and simple craft with your kids. These are a great craft to make with preschoolers when they're learning about space or even just for a quick and colorful craft. It doesn't take much to set up this craft or to make these, but they'll look so cute when they are done.  Are you ready to make some rocket ships?

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    • Craft sticks (colored)
    • Tacky glue
    • Construction paper
    • Scissors

    If you don't have colored craft sticks on hand, you can always use plain craft sticks and paint or decorate them with markers.

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    Step 1

    Cut one of the craft sticks into small sections; this will be the support that will hold your craft stick rocket ship together. Line three craft sticks next to each other and apply tacky glue across them. Next, you want to place your cut section of craft stick across the glue and let dry.

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    Step 2

    While your tacky glue dries, cut out your rocket ship accents from construction paper. Use whatever colors you want on yours. You will need two rectangles, a circle, and a triangle for each rocket ship. Don't forget to cut out some flames to add to the bottom of your rockets so you can see them blasting off into space! 

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    Step 3

    Use your tacky glue to add your rocket ship pieces. Once they are dry, you are done! Hang them on your wall as-is, or you can even take it a step further and create a whole space scene on some construction paper with them.