26 DIY Couples Halloween Costumes

Coming up with a Halloween costume for yourself is hard enough, but if you are paired up this Halloween and want a matching costume, coming up with a couples costume idea can seem impossible. Instead of spending your time brainstorming what to wear this Halloween, here are over 25 DIY costume ideas for couples that will certainly inspire you.

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    DIY Stranger Things Couples Costume

    DIY Stranger Things couples costume

    Photo from Shrimp Salad Circus

    Do you love relaxing after work with your partner on the couch binge watching Stranger Things? If so, then spend one evening DIYing a couples costume so you can dress up as Eleven and Mike for Halloween this year.

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    DIY Harry and Meghan Couples Costume

    If you missed your chance to be Charles and Di or Kate and Wills, you're no worse off for waiting. The Royal Duke and Duchess of Sussex are perhaps the most stylish royal couple ever. But to you, they'll always be Harry and Megs.

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    DIY Broad City Couples Costume

    Broad City couple's costume

    Photo from BRIT + CO

    Are you Abbi but secretly wish you where Ilana? Or maybe it's the other way around. In any case, you can't not have fun playing the part of this duo and dropping lines from your favorite episode. "Yeah, we're just a regular Matt and Ben."

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    DIY Chip and Joanna Couples Costume

    The Fixer Upper couple should have more time for Halloween parties, now that the show is over and all that's left are interviews, book tours, designing paint colors and housewares, running two stores, and raising children. At least this should give you and your Chip/Joanna plenty to talk about. 

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    DIY Kissing Sailor Couples Costume

    DIY kissing sailor couples costume

    Photo from Say Yes

    One of the most iconic images of all time, the 1945 photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in New York's Time Square published in Life Magazine perfectly captured the joy of the end of World War 2. Recreate the famous photo this year for Halloween by DIYing two costumes, one for a nurse and one for a sailor.

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    DIY Princess Bride Couples Costume

    DIY Princess Bride couples costume

    Photo from A Beautiful Mess

    Love the film The Princess Bride as a kid? Dress up as Dread Pirate Roberts (Westley) and Buttercup with this easy-to-assemble romantic couples costume idea.

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    DIY Bandits Couples Costume

    DIY Bandits Couples Costume

    Photo from Say Yes

    Break out your black and white striped shirt and comfy black jeans to get started on assembling a matching bandits costume that you and your partner can wear this Halloween with this super easy costume idea.

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    DIY Milkshake and Soda Jerk Couples Costume

    DIY milkshake and soda jerk couples costume

    Photo from Studio DIY

    Dress up as matching milkshakes in two different flavors, such as chocolate and strawberry, or a milkshake and a soda jerk with this cute costume idea that is perfect for couples.

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    DIY James Bond and Bond Girl Couples Costume

    DIY James Bond and Bond Girl couples costume

    Photo from Say Yes

    Play it cool this Halloween and transform you and your partner into the sophisticated James Bond and a bond girl by having one of you wear a dark suit and the other a 60s or 70s inspired dress with this fun costume idea.

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    DIY Pantone Color Combo Couples Costume

    DIY Pantone color combo couples costume

    Photo from Sugar and Cloth

    For an original couples costume idea that is sure to impress all your friends at your Halloween party this year, get dressed as Pantone colors. Each of you can dress all in your favorite Pantone color, and see if your colors compliment each other or not.

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    DIY Lumberjack and Tree Couples Costume

    DIY lumberjack and tree couples costume

    Photo from Fish and Bull

    For a last-minute couples costume idea, dress up as fall-themed lumberjack and tree. The costume is quick to make as the lumberjack can wear one of their warm flannel shirts, and can quickly DIY an ax prop, while the person who becomes a tree can wear all brown and add an artificial leaf garland for a crown for their costume.

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    DIY Star Wars Couples Costume

    DIY Star Wars couples costume

    Photo from Say Yes

    Coming up with a Halloween costume can be hard enough, but if you are paired up this Halloween and want a matching costume coming up with a couples costume idea can seem impossible. Instead of spending your time brainstorming on what to wear this Halloween, here are over 25 DIY costume ideas for couples that are perfect for Halloween.

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    DIY Grand Budapest Hotel Couples Costume

    DIY Grand Budapest Hotel couples costume

    Photo from Sugar and Cloth

    This Halloween, become Agatha and Herr Mendl for the day from the film Grand Budapest Hotel by making your own Mendl coat and boxes by using transfer paper to create a costume for you and your partner.

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    DIY Grease Couples Costume

    DIY Grease couples costume

    Photo from Say Yes

    For a classic couples costume, dress up as Danny and Sandy from Grease and dance all Halloween night together in your matching DIY costumes which you can make from clothes already in your closet.

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    DIY Pacman Couples Costume

    DIY Pacman couples costume

    Photo from Julie Ann Art

    Go retro this Halloween and have you and your partner wear matching DIY Packman costumes that you can make out of large pieces of foam board that you can buy at the hardware store. This outstanding video game themed costume might just have you win the Halloween costume contest this year at the party you are going to. Good luck!

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    DIY Fries Before Guys Couples Costume

    DIY fries before guys costume

    Photo from Studio DIY

    If you are looking for a humorous costume sure to make your female friends laugh, make this DIY fries before guys costumes by dressing yourself as a pack of fries and holding a greater than sign so that you stand beside a man to complete the fries before guys costume.

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    DIY Mary Poppins and Bert Couples Costume

    DIY Mary Poppins and Bert

    Photo from Say Yes

    Dress up as iconic Mary Poppins and her best friend Bert from the children's books written by P.L. Travers which were transformed into a movie by Disney and Broadway performances that depict a magical nanny and the chimney sweep Bert.

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    DIY 50 Shades of Grey Couple Costume

    DIY 50 Shades Of Grey couple costume

    Photo from Instructables

    Make people laugh by making your own 50 Shades of Gray costume, but instead of dressing up as the lead characters from the novel, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele ​wear 50 different shades of grey on your clothes.

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    DIY Pizza Slice And Delivery Guy Couples Costume

    DIY pizza slice and delivery guy costumes

    Photo from Studio DIY

    Love pizza? If so create this original couple costume idea where one person dresses up as a pizza slice and the other is the pizza delivery guy.

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    DIY Camp Counselors Couples Costume

    DIY camp counselors costumes

    Photo from Say Yes

    Grab a t-shirt, shorts, and a clipboard to create a very easy last minute costume for couples by turning both of you into summer camp counselors.

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    DIY Where's Waldo and Wilma Couples Costume

    DIY Where's Waldo and Wilma costumes

    Photo from Meaningful Mama

     If you can find two red and white striped shirts you then your DIY couples costume could nearly be done, as you can easily turn yourself into Waldo and Wilma from the famous Where's Waldo books where you have to spot Waldo or Wilma.

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    DIY Men In Black Couples Costume

    DIY Men in Black costume

    Photo from Instructables

    Dress up as men in black by wearing a suit and sunglasses, as done by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith who portrayed secret agents in the science fiction action comedy film Men In Black.

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    DIY Chef and French Macaron Couples Costume

    DIY chef and French macaron costumes

    Photo from Studio DIY

    Love French food, or consider are you a foodie? If so with your partner dress one person up as a chef, and the other a tower of delicious sweet macarons in this one of a kind costume idea.

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    DIY Tetris Pieces Couples Costume

    DIY Tetris pieces costumes

    Photo from Instructables

    For the classic gamer couple, dress up as two Tetris pieces by shaping the pieces out of cardboard.

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    DIY Tooth and Tooth Fairy Couples Costume

    DIY tooth and tooth fairy costumes

    Photo from Julie Ann Art

    If you are looking to win a costume contest, chances are you might be able to win best costume, or most original costume by having you and your mate dress up as a tooth and a tooth fairy.

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    DIY Magician and White Rabbit Couples Costume

    DIY magician and white rabbit costumes

    Photo from Say Yes

    Add some magic to your Halloween celebrations by having one person dress up as a magician, and the other a white rabbit for the magician to try to make magically disappear. This costume is very easy to make by having the magician wear classic suit complete with a black hat, while the rabbit can dress in white with bunny ears.

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    DIY Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree Couples Costume

    DIY Bob Ross and happy little trees costumes

    Photo from C.R.A.F.T

    Bob Ross was an artist popularly known for his The Joy of Painting television show where he would teach people how to paint, often depicting happy little trees or clouds in is landscape paintings. Make this original costume by having one person dress up as Bob Ross and the other a happy little tree.DIY Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree Couples Costume from C.R.A.F.T.

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    DIY Inspector Gadget and Penny Couples Costume

    DIY Inspector Gadget and Penny costumes

    Photo from Persia Lou

    Pay homage to the 1980s classic cartoon Inspector Gadget, a detective who solves cases with the help of his niece Penny with the help of their high-tech gadgets.

    Dress up as Inspector Gadget by sporting a grey trench coat and as Penny by wearing a red and white striped shirt, then complete the look by DIYing some tech gadgets such as Penny's watch or Gadget's hat.

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    DIY Fred and Wilma Flintstone Couples Costume

    DIY Fred and Wilma Flintstone costumes

    Photo from C.R.A.F.T

    For Halloween dress up with your spouse as Fred and Wilma Flintstone from the cartoon the Flintstones about a stone age family that aired in the 1960s.