25 DIY Couples Halloween Costumes

two people dressed in "Stranger Things" costumes

Shrimp Salad Circus

Coming up with a Halloween costume for yourself is hard enough. But if you are paired up this Halloween, deciding on a couples costume can feel downright impossible. However, there are many iconic pairs that you and your partner can dress as. And with just a little imagination and crafting skills you can make most of these costumes yourself.

Here are 25 DIY couples costume ideas to inspire you.

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    ‘Broad City’ Halloween Costumes

    "Broad City" couple's costume


    Are you Abbi but secretly wish you were Ilana? Or maybe it's the other way around. In any case, you'll have fun playing the part of this "Broad City" duo and dropping lines from your favorite episodes. And you can put together much of these outfits from thrift store finds if you're not handy with the sewing needle.

    "Broad City" Halloween Costumes from Brit+Co

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    'The Princess Bride' Costumes

    DIY Princess Bride couples costume

    A Beautiful Mess

    If you and your partner are fans of "The Princess Bride," these are the costumes for you. Dress as the Dread Pirate Roberts (Westley) and Buttercup with this easy-to-assemble couples costume idea. Find a sewing pattern for a long dress with sleeves, and make sure the sleeves are extra billowy. The Westley character simply needs an all-black ensemble with tall black boots.

    "The Princess Bride" Costumes from A Beautiful Mess

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    Bandits Costume

    DIY bandits couples costume

    Say Yes

    Break out your black-and-white striped shirts and comfy black jeans for these cartoon bandit costumes. Create black masks to cover your faces either out of felt or another material. And don't forget a sack with a dollar sign in which to carry your spoils—or trick-or-treating candy.

    Bandits Costume from Say Yes

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    Milkshake Costumes

    DIY milkshake and soda jerk couples costume

    Studio DIY!

    This couples costume is extra sweet. You can either dress as milkshakes in two different flavors. Or one person can dress as a milkshake while the other can be a soda jerk. You might already have clothing that will work for these costumes. Then, you can make the whipped cream out of white cotton batting with a red balloon cherry on top.

    Milkshake Costumes from Studio DIY!

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    James Bond Costumes

    DIY James Bond and Bond Girl couples costume

    Say Yes

    Play it cool this Halloween, and transform yourselves into the sophisticated James Bond and a Bond girl. The Bond character should simply wear a dark suit. And the Bond girl character should wear a retro-inspired dress. You might be able to find a good dress option at a thrift store or make it yourself from retro print fabric.

    James Bond Costumes from Say Yes

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    Pantone Color Combo Couples Costume

    DIY Pantone color combo couples costume

    Sugar & Cloth

    For an original couples costume idea, get dressed up as your favorite Pantone colors. Simply find or make clothing that's a single solid color of your choice. And make sure to add a Pantone label somewhere on it.

    Pantone Color Combo Couples Costume from Sugar & Cloth

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    Lumberjack and a Tree

    DIY lumberjack and tree couples costume

    Fish & Bull

    For a last-minute couples costume idea, dress up as a lumberjack and a tree. The costume is quick and easy to make. The lumberjack should wear a flannel shirt and carry an ax prop, which you can make out of cardboard. And the tree should wear all brown with a leaf garland crown; you can find faux leaves at most craft stores.

    Lumberjack and a Tree from Fish & Bull

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    'Star Wars' Costumes

    DIY Star Wars couples costume

    Say Yes

    Take your Halloween costumes to a galaxy far, far away with this “Star Wars” couples costume idea. Dress as your favorite “Star Wars” duo, whether it’s Han and Leia or R2-D2 and C-3PO. Use clothing from thrift stores or items you already have, and add store-bought lightsabers and blasters as accessories. 

    ‘Star Wars’ Costumes from Say Yes

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    ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ Couples Costume

    DIY Grand Budapest Hotel couples costume

    Sugar & Cloth

    This Halloween, transform into Agatha and Herr Mendl from the film "The Grand Budapest Hotel." Make your own Mendl coat and boxes by using transfer paper to create costumes for you and your partner.

    "Grand Budapest Hotel" Couples Costume from Sugar & Cloth

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    'Grease' Costumes

    DIY Grease couples costume

    Say Yes

    For a classic couples costume, dress up as Danny and Sandy from "Grease." All you need are black jeans (the tighter the better) and black tees. Then, be prepared to do a lot of singing and dancing as you celebrate Halloween.

    "Grease" Costumes from Say Yes

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    Pacman Costumes

    DIY Pacman couples costume


    Go retro gamer this Halloween with DIY Pacman costumes. These fun costumes are made from inexpensive foam board that can be found at most craft stores. Make sure to get enough bright yellow paint to cover the board, and add the faces of your choice.

    Pacman Costumes from Unblushing

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    'Stranger Things' Costumes

    DIY "Stranger Things" couples costume

    Shrimp Salad Circus

    If you and your partner are fans of "Stranger Things," bring your love of the series to your Halloween costumes. It's easy to DIY these Eleven and Mike costumes from thrift store clothing or pieces you already have. If you don't have Eleven's short hair, you can always buy a wig and give it the appropriate haircut.

    "Stranger Things" Costumes from Shrimp Salad Circus

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    'Mary Poppins' Costumes

    DIY Mary Poppins and Bert

    Say Yes

    Dress up as Mary Poppins and her best friend Bert the chimney sweep with this supercalifragilistic couples costume idea. The chimney sweep is made from a long dowel with a styrofoam ball at one end that has several pipe cleaners inserted in it. And Mary Poppins’ hat is a plain black hat with fake flowers glued to it.

    "Mary Poppins" Costumes from Say Yes

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    '50 Shades of Grey' Costumes

    DIY '50 Shades Of Grey' couple costume


    Instead of dressing up as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele of "50 Shades of Grey," ​wear 50 different shades of gray on your clothes. It doesn't matter the type of clothing you wear, as long as it's all in gray tones. Then, see whether people can guess your costumes.

    "50 Shades of Grey" Costumes from Instructables

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    Pizza Slice and Delivery Person Couples Costume

    DIY pizza slice and delivery guy costumes

    Studio DIY!

    Who doesn't love pizza delivery? Create this original couples costume idea with one person dressed as a pizza slice and the other playing the role of pizza delivery person. Make the slice out of cardboard covered in felt or other material. And either reuse a pizza box or make one out of cardboard.

    Pizza Slice and Delivery Person Couples Costume from Studio DIY!

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    Camp Counselors Costumes

    DIY camp counselors costumes

    Say Yes

    Play up the idea of a summer romance with you and your partner dressing as summer camp counselors for Halloween. You simply need a casual T-shirt, shorts, and a clipboard to create the look. And add some fun sweatbands and whistles as accessories.

    Camp Counselors Costumes from Say Yes

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    'Where's Waldo?' Costumes

    DIY Where's Waldo and Wilma costumes

    Meaningful Mama

    You'll always be able to spot your significant other at a Halloween party with this couples costume. Turn yourselves into "Where's Waldo?" characters with basic red-and-white striped shirts. Add matching hats, glasses, and jeans to complete the look.

    'Where’s Waldo?' Costumes from Meaningful Mama

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    'Men in Black' Costumes

    DIY "Men in Black" costume


    Dress up as the "Men in Black" leads by wearing suits and sunglasses just like the secret agents in the movie. And carry some oversized alien-hunting weapons as accessories. Bonus points if you can enlist some friends to dress as aliens to play off your costumes.

    “Men in Black” Costumes from Instructables

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    Chef and Croquembouche Costumes

    DIY chef and croquembouche costumes

    Studio DIY!

    This one-of-a-kind chef and croquembouche costume is très magnifique for any couple that loves to cook—or eat French pastries—together. For the chef’s costume, look for a jacket and hat at a restaurant supply store. Then, for the croquembouche, make the pastry puffs out of tissue paper, and hot glue them to a hoop skirt.

    Chef and Croquembouche Costumes from Studio DIY!

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    Tetris Costumes

    DIY Tetris pieces costumes


    For the classic gamer duo, craft yourselves some Tetris costumes. Use cardboard boxes to create the pieces, painting them in different colors for each costume. Create pieces that fit together for the perfect couples costume.

    Tetris Costumes from Instructables

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    Tooth and Tooth Fairy Costumes

    tooth and tooth fairy costumes


    You and your partner will be memorable on Halloween with this tooth and tooth fairy costume. To make the tooth, sew pillows together in a cube shape with longer corners to form the tooth roots. The tooth fairy can dress in any white sparkly ensemble they want, as long as they have wings and a tooth-shaped wand.

    Tooth and Tooth Fairy Costumes from Unblushing

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    Magician and Rabbit

    DIY magician and white rabbit costumes

    Say Yes

    Add some magic to your Halloween celebration by dressing as a magician and a rabbit. The magician can simply wear formal attire with a top hat. And the rabbit should dress in soft white clothing with store-bought or DIY bunny ears. DIY ears can be made out of a headband, pipe cleaners, and white material.

    Magician and Rabbit from Say Yes

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    Bob Ross and Tree Couples Costume

    DIY Bob Ross and tree costumes


    You and your partner will be the hit of the Halloween party dressed as Bob Ross and one of his happy little trees. The person dressing as Bob Ross needs to carry a paint palette. And the tree needs plenty of pretty faux leaves attached to their clothing. If the costumes don't come out quite right, well, according to Ross we don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.

    Bob Ross Couples Costume from C.R.A.F.T.

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    Inspector Gadget and Penny Costumes

    DIY Inspector Gadget and Penny costumes

    Persia Lou

    Pay homage to the classic '80s cartoon by dressing as Inspector Gadget and his niece Penny. You can find suitable clothing, such as the trench coat and red dress, at thrift stores. Then, DIY some tech gadgets to help you solve any unexpected Halloween mysteries.

    Inspector Gadget and Penny Costumes from Persia Lou

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    Fred and Wilma Costumes

    DIY Fred and Wilma Flintstone costumes


    Dress as everyone's favorite Stone Age couple, Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Start with plain orange and plain white fabric for each costume. Add felt triangles to the Fred costume, along with a felt tie. And use styrofoam balls to make Wilma’s necklace.

    Fred and Wilma from C.R.A.F.T.