16 DIY Cork Board Projects

Ornamental cork coasters on marble background
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You can make a traditional DIY cork board by putting a piece of cork in a frame and hanging it on the wall. But where's the fun in that? These cork board DIY projects take that concept one step further.

We put together a ton of cork board crafts that can work in your office or other parts of your home. All you need to get started are some cork board sheets, perhaps a wine cork or two, and some out of the box thinking.

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    Add Pockets for Extra Storage

    diy cork bulletin board
    Caylin Harris

    This clever cork board includes fabric pockets, so it doubles as a small storage space as well as memo board. With a few simple supplies, you can transform a $10 craft store cork board with fabric and paint for a piece that's both cool and functional.

    DIY Cork Board from The Spruce

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    Paint on White Geometric Patterns

    diy cork board tutorial
    The Beauty Dojo

    To create a simple and modern cork board, use painter's tape to make of a variety of asymmetrical shapes. Next, fill in the areas not covered in tape with matte white paint. You don't even need to wall mount this one. Simply lean the finished cork board on your desk. 

    DIY Geometric Painted Cork Board from The Beauty Dojo

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    Collect Wine Corks to Make This DIY Cork Board

    diy cork board with wine corks
    Pastels and Macaroons

    You don't have to drink a bottle of wine a night to complete this DIY cork board project. Instead, ask friends and family members to collect their wine corks, and you'll have enough before you know it. If you really want to try this project out but don't have a wine cork collection just yet, you can buy an assortment of unused corks online.

    DIY Cork Board from Pastels and Macaroons

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    Install Cork Board Inside a Kitchen Cabinet

    diy cork board inside kitchen cabinets
    Two Twenty One

    Some people don't have the space for a home office so they utilize command centers. However, these organizers can get cluttered and look messy. Hide the mess by installing a cork board on the inside of a commonly used kitchen cabinet. This way, you will be reminded of your tasks multiple times a day, but won't necessarily have it in your face all the time. 

    Hidden Kitchen Command Center from Two Twenty One

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    Place Cork Board Pieces in a Herringbone Pattern

    diy herringbone cork board
    Little House of Four

    To remake this DIY cork board, roll out a sheet of cork and cut it into 3x6 inch rectangles. Adhere the cork tiles on a white plywood base in a herringbone pattern using spray adhesive. Once hung on the wall, layer on a variety of accessories, pictures, and functional notes.

    DIY Herringbone Cork Board from Little House of Four

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    Document Your Travels on a DIY Cork Board Map

    diy cork board map

    This is a fun cork board project to tackle for anyone that experiences occasional or frequent wanderlust. Get inspired by exploring new places you want to travel and tack off the ones you've already visited. You could even create a color system with pins that can rank destinations based on desirability. 

    DIY Corkboard Map from Fiskars

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    Organize Jewelry Using Four Square Cork Boards

    diy cork board jewelry organizer
    Katelyn Brooke

    It's simple enough to frame a cork board and use that to hang jewelry. However, to make the organizer a focal point in a room, create a large square using four cork boards. Next, use stencils and paint to add different patterns to each board. 

    DIY Jewelry Organizer from Katelyn Brooke

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    Hang a Giant Cork Board for Kids' Art

    diy cork board accent wall
    Young House Love

    It's one thing to put up a cork board on the wall for your child's art. It's an entirely different thing to create an accent wall for said art. Pick a large space between two windows and use cork board squares to recreate this feature wall. 

    Giant Cork Board Wall from Young House Love

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    Repurpose Round Cork Plant Coasters to Make a Wall Organizer

    diy cork board project
    Bre Purposed

    Buying a cork board organizer in the store is relatively effortless, but most of them look exactly the same. This DIY cork board project utilizes round cork board plant coasters to make this feminine and chic wall organizer. 

    DIY Round Cork Board Holder from Bre Purposed

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    Personalize Cork Coasters Using Paint

    diy cork board coasters
    Hip Mama's Place

    To complete this DIY cork board project, you can either buy cork coasters or purchase a sheet of thin cork and cut them out yourself. Next, pick two or three colors of acrylic paint and use stencils to make the coasters your own. 

    Personalized Cork Coasters from Hip Mama's Place

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    Cut a Monogram Out of a Sheet of Cork Board

    diy cork board monogram
    Look What I Made

    This monogram cut out is functional, and it's nice to look at on a desk. To make the project your own, go online and pick out a simple yet decorative font. Print a large and bold version of the letter and use that as your stencil. 

    A Pinboard DIY from Look What I Made

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    Wrap a Glass Planter in Cork

    diy cork board planter
    The Inspired Hive

    Coordinate your office decor with your wall cork boards with this next tutorial. This clear glass planter is completely transformed using a roll of cork and some white paint. If the white is too simple, try out different colors like black chalkboard paint for a different feel. 

    DIY Cork Wrapped Succulent Planter from The Inspired Hive

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    Upcycle an Old Shirt and Cork to Make an iPad Case

    diy cork board ipad case
    Creme de la Craft

    This cork sheet tutorial can be reimagined into other pouches like a laptop case or a purse. The cork is soft yet durable enough to protect electronics from basic wear. If you drop expensive electronics often, consider adding an extra layer of padding.

    DIY iPad Case From Cork from Creme de la Craft

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    Glue Circular Cork Boards Together to Make a Pencil Holder

    diy cork board pencil holder
    Design for Mankind

    These cork trivets are transformed into a functional desk accessory using glue and a drill. If you have enough space on your desk, make the organizer large enough so you can pin on notes to yourself. 

    DIY Cork Board Pencil Holder from Design for Mankind

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    Fit Together a Bunch of Hexagon Cork Boards

    diy hexagon cork board

    Hexagon cork boards can be put together in a variety of ways. Keep it simple or consider layering the boards in an asymmetrical pattern. To add another element to this DIY cork board, paint half of each hexagon a different color that will coordinate with your decor.

    DIY Painted Hexagon Cork Board from Julep

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    Spell Out an Inspirational Word Using Cork Boards

    diy cork board project
    Kojo Designs

    We love this last cork board idea! First, pick out a powerful, short word for your cork board. The word "make" works well for a craft room, but you might opt for a word like "work" for an office setting. You could also use the word "play" for a playroom or "bake" for a kitchen. Next, pick a simple font, create a stencil, then cut out the letters from a cork board sheet.

    DIY Polka Dot Cork Letters from Kojo Designs

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