DIY: Coffee Filter Dragonfly Craft

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    DIY: Coffee Filter Dragonfly Craft

    We're all about bugs and insects lately. Dragonflies are such beautiful creatures and kids love to learn about them so I knew we had to make a fun dragonfly craft! This easy coffee filter dragonfly craft is not only super cute but it's also a great fine motor activity for preschoolers. You only need a few items from your craft supply closet to create this fun summer craft and in no time you'll have a house full of colorful dragonflies!

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    Supplies for Coffee Filter Dragonfly Craft

     Materials Needed

    • Coffee Filter
    • Plastic Spoon
    • Liquid Watercolors
    • Glue
    • Googly Eyes
    • Yarn
    • Scissors
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    First Step for Coffee Filter Dragonfly Craft

    To create the dragonfly wings use droppers or pipettes to add liquid watercolors to your coffee filter. It's a great way to explore color mixing with kids!  If you don't have droppers or liquid watercolors on hand you can also use regular watercolors and then brush with water.

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    Second Step for Coffee Filter Dragonfly Craft

    While your coffee filters dry it's time to work on making the dragonfly's body. For this part, you will need yarn, a plastic spoon, and some scissors. Tie the yarn onto your spoon and then wrap around the handle. When you've covered as much as you want, tie off the string and cut off any excess.

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    Third Step for Coffee Filter Dragonfly Craft

    When your coffee filter is dry grab some scissors and cut out your dragonfly wings.

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    Fourth Step for Coffee Filter Dragonfly Craft

    The last step is to add your googly eyes and wings to your dragonfly craft. Simply glue onto the spoon with white glue or hot glue. That’s it!

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    Finished Coffee Filter Dragonfly Craft

    Isn’t this dragonfly craft just so cute? They look great in windows, just add some double sided tape, or glue them to a stick and you have beautiful garden stakes!