24 DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments


Add a homemade touch to your tree this year with one (or more!) of these DIY Christmas ornaments. From classic to modern, there is no shortage of ideas in this roundup of ornaments that you can make.

Looking for even more ideas? Check out these creative ways you can fill a clear bulb ornament.


The DIY Ornaments Your Tree Deserves

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    Charlie Brown Ornaments

    charlie brown christmas tree ornaments
    Leah Jubara

    The classic Peanuts characters come to life in this easy DIY. Put on A Charlie Brown Christmas, pop some popcorn, and get the whole family together to make these easy felt ornaments, which would look adorable on any tree, no matter how small or sad looking (after all, thanks to Linus, we know the true meaning of the holiday isn't about the tree!).

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    Clear Ornament Place Card

    diy clear ornament place card

    Caylin Harris

    These DIY ornaments double as place cards. Make one for each of your guests at your next holiday event, and they can take them home as party favors to hang on their tree. Just don't forget to make one for your own family!

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    French Macarons Ornament

    DIY French Macarons Ornament
    Creative Juice

    If love French macarons why not add a handmade macaron ornament to your tree to make you smile.

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    Glittery Pine Cone Ornament

    How to make glitter pine cone ornaments

    Lovely Indeed

    Gather pine cones outdoors and add glitter onto them to create ornaments for your Christmas tree. Simple, inexpensive, and goes with every tree!

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    Paper Ornaments

    paper christmas tree ornments
    Deirdre Sullivan

    These DIY paper ornaments really couldn't be any easier. Play with a large array of bold colors and prints for a whimsical Christmas tree.

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    Felt Hot Chocolate Ornament

    DIY Felt Hot Chocolate Ornament
    A Glimpse Inside

    This adorable mug of hot cocoa can easily be made using some piece of inexpensive craft felt.

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    Mini Embroidery Hoop Ornament

    Embroidery Hoop Ornament
    Mollie Johanson

    Calling all needlecrafters! These mini hoops are adorable and easily customized with any stitching or pattern. Make these for your tree or give them as a gift.

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    Coffee Cup Ornament

    DIY Coffee Cup Ornament
    One Artsy Mama

    Make this coffee cup ornament for the coffee lover in your home.

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    Quilted Christmas Ornament

    A quilted ornament hanging in a tree

    Stacy Fisher

    Despite being called "Quilted," these ornaments are actually no-sew! Follow this tutorial to learn how to create the classic layered pattern. Once you make one, the rest come together quickly, and you can craft a whole bunch of these to give away as gifts!

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    Forest Animal Ornament

    DIY Forest Animal Ornament
    Wolves in London

    Give your Christmas tree a woodland animal theme by making these wonderful animal ornaments.

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    House Key Ornament

    DIY House Key Ornament
    Unoriginal Mom

    String an extra copy of a house key up on your tree to celebrate the memory of your first home together as a couple.

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    Painted Ornament

    DIY Painted Ornament
    Sarah Hearts

    Pour paint inside a clear ornament to give them some color.

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    Diamond Ornament

    DIY Diamond Ornament
    A Beautiful Mess

    Celebrating your first year engaged or married, or simply love diamonds than this ornament is perfect for you.

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    Knit Ornaments

    knit christmas tree ornaments
    Leah Jubara

    These adorable knit ornaments would add a cozy, homemade touch to any tree. From classic Christmas symbols like a Santa hat and bell to a more nostalgic winter staple (when's the last time you bought a pair of mittens held together by a string?), you'll feel compelled to stitch all three!

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    Scrabble Ornament

    DIY Scrabble Ornament
    Crafts by Amanda

    Glue scrabble pieces together to create ornaments that spell holidays words or phrases.

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    Cinnamon Scented Ornament

    DIY Cinnamon Scented Ornament
    Simply Kierste Design

    Help your house smell like freshly baked gingerbread cookies with these fun cinnamon scented ornaments.

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    Recycled Broken Jewelry Ornaments

    broken jewelry christmas ornaments
    Lisa Yang

    From that necklace with the missing gem that you love and can't bear to throw away to your one earring that lost its pair, take your broken bling and transform it into holiday decorations for your tree!

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    Silver Reindeer Ornament

    DIY Silver Reindeer Ornament
    Tonya Staab

    Add a touch of silver to your Christmas tree with this simple-to-make DIY ornament.

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    Monogram Ornament

    DIY Monogram Ornament
    She's Crafty

    Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree by making a monogram ornament to hang in your tree.

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    Gingerbread Man Ornament

    DIY Gingerbread Man Ornament
    It Happens in a Blink

    Give your Christmas tree a sweets theme by making these gingerbread cookie ornaments.

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    Origami Diamond Ornament

    DIY Origami Diamond Ornament
    How About Orange

    Using decorative paper fold an origami diamond in your choice of color.

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    Glittering Initial Ornament

    DIY Glittering Initial Ornament
    Aunt Peaches

    Create a glittering letter for the first letter of your name and hang it in your Christmas tree.

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    Beeswax Ornament

    DIY Beeswax Ornament

    Try working with beeswax for this original do-it-yourself Christmas ornament.

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    Sea Glass Ornament

    DIY Sea Glass Ornament
    Sand & Sisal

    Make your ornaments look like beautiful sea glass with this do it yourself project.