15 Cute DIY Christmas Stockings

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    How to Decorate a Christmas Stocking

    Decorating a Christmas stocking can be a fun project for the entire family. In fact, you don't need to make a stocking from scratch to be able to personalize it. Many store-bought stockings can be upgraded with embellishments that tie into your style. 

    These stocking decorating ideas range from easy to complex and are guaranteed to become a focal point of your holiday decorations. Whether you enhance your existing stockings or purchase new ones is up to you.

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    Personalize Stockings With Family Photos

    Most people make personalized Christmas stockings by writing the name of each family member on the rim of the stocking. Make that concept more visual by adding individual photographs of your family members instead. The overall look is more unified when you treat each photo with the same filter, which in this case is a black and white overlay. 

    Easy Sew Personalized Stockings from Fynes Designs

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    Cut Out Whimsical Creatures From Felt

    There are a ton of Christmas stocking decorating ideas geared toward children, but this is one of the more charming ones. Cut out or purchase felt shapes that are holiday inspired. Lay them all out and let your children glue them onto their stocking.

    DIY Felt Christmas Stockings from Lia Griffith

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    Create a Rustic Monogram Using Wood Slices

    If you want to make your stockings appear more rustic, add customized name tags using wood slices. All you need to do is drill a hole into the wood slice and add on a name using a felt tip pen. If your handwriting is not very good, consider using vinyl lettering instead.

    DIY Pom Pom Trim Stocking from Interiors by Sarah Langtry

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    Tie on Some Large White Pom Poms

    One very simple way to decorate Christmas stockings is to tie on two very large white pom-poms to the hook. This idea works well if the rest of the stocking is simple. Just make sure that you let one pom-pom hang a little bit longer than the other.

    Pom Pom Tie Stockings from Golden Sycamore

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    Stamp on Names and Add Festive Accents

    This Christmas stocking idea utilizes holiday embellishments you might have around the house. Did your grandmother leave you with some festive holiday brooches? Use those in the upper right-hand corner. Finish the stocking off with a hand stamped name tag.

    Burlap Christmas Stockings from EAB Designs

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    Make Monogram Pins

    Instead of embroidering on or adhering an initial to a stocking, consider using a pin. This way you aren't committed to one design that could go out of style. You can easily change out stockings or styles as the years go on. 

    Christmas Stocking Monogram Pins from Blue I Style

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    Stuff Stockings With Painted Pine Cones

    Elegant Christmas stockings are usually pretty simple. They come in luxurious fabrics that have soft textures and are generally neutral toned. What makes these stockings more elegant is their stuffing. Consider adding glittery painted pine cones inside a sweater stocking to recreate this look. 

    Pine Cone-Filled Sweater Stockings from The Inspired Room

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    Dangle Chipboard Letters and Jingle Bells

    This stocking decorating idea is both festive and elegant. Pair glittery jingle bells with silver lettering that is woven into a name with a piece of yarn. The final touch is a knotted yarn bow that matches the stocking.

    Customized Stocking DIY from A Beautiful Mess

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    Convert Luggage Tags Into Stocking Decorations

    If you want to add a name tag that will withstand many years of being stuffed inside a holiday tote, consider using luggage tags. A soft brown leather luggage tag will bring a rustic element to your stocking. Print off names on a yellow toned paper so the tags look vintage.

    DIY Personalized Stocking Tags from Bless'er House

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    Fill Stockings With Faux Greenery and Ornaments

    If you have stockings you don't want to change, consider switching up what you put inside the top of the stocking. To add a farmhouse element to your stocking set up, stuff the inside with faux green boxwood along with gold and silver ball ornaments. 

    DIY Farmhouse-Style Stockings from Michelle Fritz

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    Embellish an Entire Stocking With Pom Poms

    For a whimsical boho stocking, embellish the exterior with a variety of different colored pom-poms. Instead of choosing every possible color, try to stick to between 3-6 colors all within the same tone. For instance, you might choose pastels or you might choose jewel tones. 

    Pom Pom Stocking from Hobby Craft

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    Embroider on a Name in Cursive

    One classic way to decorate a stocking is by embroidering names on the rim. Practice your font style on a scrap piece of felt so you know what the end result will look like. We like how this crafter matched the thread to one of the pom-pom accents. 

    DIY Felt Stockings With Tassels from A New Bloom

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    Craft a Boho Stocking Using Leather Trees

    In most cases, a burlap-toned fabric stocking might be considered rustic or farmhouse. In this case, the combination of leather and a drop cloth creates a very modern bohemian vibe. The easiest shape to cut out of leather would be these Christmas trees, but you can experiment with other seasonal shapes like snowflakes or candy canes.

    DIY Christmas Stockings from Kojo Designs

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    Decorate Christmas Stockings With Rickrack and Pom Pom Trim

    Trim your stocking the old fashioned way using rickrack ribbon and pom-pom trim. This idea is a fun one to take on with kids. However, if you want the stocking to look crafty yet elegant, follow the exact template you see here. 

    DIY No-Sew Christmas Stocking from Salty Canary

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    Clip on a Single Evergreen Branch

    Don't overthink stocking decorating. In many instances, editing down your decorating is a good idea. Sometimes the simplest touches will make the biggest impact. All this crafter did to elevate her stockings was clip on small evergreen branches using clothespins. The plain stocking is decorated with a simple farmhouse stamp and cursive name that are both meant to look faded.

    Simple Farmhouse Style Christmas Stockings from Twelve on Main