19 DIY Advent Calendars for Adults

Countdown to Christmas with one of these DIY advent calendars. From traditional to modern designs, there are fun and grown-up calendar ideas to try this holiday season.

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    DIY Chalkboard Advent Calendar

    DIY chalkboard Advent calendar

    Photo from The Merrythought

    Hang this lovely DIY chalkboard advent calendar in your home that you can customize with different activities to make, do or give.

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    DIY Tree Ornament Advent Calendar

    DIY tree ornament Advent calendar

    Photo from Tatertots and Jello

    Instead of the typical advent calendar countdown the days until Christmas by making huge number ornaments that say how many days there are until Christmas with this original DIY idea.

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    DIY Star Garland Advent Calendar

    DIY star garland Advent calendar

    Photo from A Beautiful Mess

    Decorate 24 paper mache star boxes and string them together to create your own star garland advent calendar that you can hang in your home. Each of the small boxes can be filled with small prizes so that each day leading up to Christmas your child gets a new gift.

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    DIY Minimal Advent Calendar

    DIY minimal Advent calendar

    Photo from Homey Oh My

    Use mini tree stickers to decorate white paper bags for each of the days on the advent calendar. The completed bags can then be filled with a prize and hung on the wall.

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    DIY Paper Bag Advent Calendar

    DIY paper bag Advent calendar

    Photo from Tell Love Party

    For an inexpensive DIY project, use paper bags to create a beautiful advent calendar for your family to enjoy opening this holiday season.

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    DIY Paper Trees Advent Calendar

    DIY paper trees Advent calendar

    Photo from A Bubbly Life

    Craft simple paper trees out of rolled paper and label each with a number to help your family count down to Christmas.

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    DIY Paper Advent Village

    DIY paper Advent village

    Photo from Delia Creates

    Using a Silhouette machine cut a variety of mini houses out of paper to create an advent village to display around your home leading up to Christmas.

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    DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

    DIY Christmas tree Advent calendar

    Photo from Sarah Hearts

    Paint a Christmas tree on plywood and from the painted tree hang metal clips to hang sheets of paper for each day with instructions on what to do along with a photo.

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    DIY Chalkboard Advent Tree

    DIY chalkboard Advent tree

    Photo from Oh Happy Day

    Hang mini chalkboard boxes that are each numbered and filled with a toy on a small tabletop Christmas tree to craft your own advent tree.

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    DIY Hanging Advent Calendar

    DIY hanging Advent calendar

    Photo from The Merry Thought

    Bring in the smell of pine trees into your home by hanging a pine branch, and tie small packaged gifts from the branch for your child to unwrap each day until Christmas morning.

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    DIY Advent Calendar for Adults

    DIY Advent calendar for adults

    Photo from Stephanie White Travels

    While typically advent calendars are aimed for children, this advent calendar is perfect for adults who want to make the most of the holiday season. For the 24 days until Christmas, there is an activity card of something fun to do that is Christmas themed.

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    DIY Paper Trees Advent Countdown

    DIY paper trees Advent countdown

    Photo from A Subtle Revelry

    Get your child excited for Christmas by having them open up a small box filled with a surprise for the 24 days before Christmas.

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    DIY Take Out Boxes Advent Calendar

    DIY take out boxes Advent calendar

    Photo from Studio DIY

    Grab a multi-pack of take out boxes and fill each box with candy or small toy and number each box to create a modern advent calendar this Christmas.

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    DIY Candy Advent Calendar Wreath

    DIY candy Advent calendar wreath

    Photo from Oh Happy Day

    Create a fun candy bonbon advent wreath using crepe paper that will add a burst of color to your holiday decor.

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    DIY Wrapped Gifts Advent Calendar

    DIY wrapped gifts Advent calendar

    Photo from North Story

    Use toilet paper rolls to act as small boxes that can be filled with a prize and decorated with a ribbon and a number. Attach the toilet paper rolls in sequential order onto a board, and the wrapped advent calendar is an affordable way to decorate your home for Christmas.

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    DIY Wooden Trees Advent Calendar

    DIY wooden trees Advent calendar

    Photo from The Merry Thought

    This weekend craft 24 mini birch plywood trees that can be used to form an advent calendar forest to decorate your home this holiday season.

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    DIY Instagram Advent Frame

    DIY Instagram Advent frame

    Photo from Thinking Closet

    Showcase your favorite memories from the year by assembling your own Instagram advent frame so that each day leading up till Christmas you reveal a new photo. Following Christmas, you will be able to continue using the Instagram frame to easily display new photos by clipping the photos to the strings running horizontally across the frame.

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    DIY Tree Boxes Advent Calendar

    DIY tree boxes Advent calendar

    Photo from Tell Love And Party

    Decorate your home for Christmas by learning how to make these minimal advent tree boxes out of card stock in shades of green and gold to display on your coffee table.

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    DIY Punch Box Advent Calendar

    DIY punch box Advent calendar

    Photo from Studio DIY

    This DIY punch box advent calendar is a fun twist on the traditional advent calendar. Each day leading up till Christmas invite your child to punch through one of the 24 circles to gain access to the small toy or candy inside that section of the box.