DIY Chipboard Mini Scrapbooks With Ring Binding

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    Gather Your Supplies

    Pocket Mini Scrapbook Supplies
    Rebecca Ludens

    Mini scrapbooks are quick little projects that you can finish in a day or a weekend. This mini scrapbook has pages that are 6 inches wide and 8 inches tall. Each one has a large pocket that can hold recipe cards, memorabilia, matted photos, or greeting cards. You can use it as an organizer or a creative scrapbook.

    To begin, you will need two sheets of chipboard that are cut to 8 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches. To cover the chipboard you will need 4 sheets of patterned paper also cut to 8 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches. For the inside pages, you need 6 sheets of 12x12 inch double-sided patterned paper, cardstock weight will work best. The paper shown here is all from the Charlotte collection from Scenic Route Paper Co.

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    Cover the Chipboard

    Cover the Chipboard
    Rebecca Ludens

    Cover both sides of the chipboard with patterned paper. If your chipboard happens to be white on one side you could leave the white side as the inside of the covers of your book. Once you have covered the pieces with paper, you may choose to add further embellishments such as handmade flowers, buttons, ribbon, and a title. You can get complete coverage of adhesive and the glue from the glue stick works well with the fibers of the chipboard.​​

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    Measure and Mark Inside Pages

    Measure and Mark
    Rebecca Ludens

    For each inside page, you start with a full size 12x12 inch sheet of patterned, cardstock weight paper. Use a ruler to measure up each sheet 8 inches from the bottom and make a pencil mark on both the right and left-hand side of the paper as it is facing you.

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    Fold Pocket of Inside Pages

    Fold the Pocket
    Rebecca Ludens

    Using your pencil marks made in the last step as a guide fold up the bottom edge of the paper 8 inches. Bring the bottom edge up to the pencil marks and press firmly to fold. This will give you a 4 inch pocket along the bottom edge of the paper.

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    Fold the Pages in Half

    Folded Inside Pages
    Rebecca Ludens

    Turn your paper over so that the new 4-inch pocket that you made in the last step is facing the table surface. The pocket should still be on the bottom edge of the paper with the non-folded top edge furthest from you. Take the right-hand side of the paper and fold it over to meet the left-hand side.

    Line up the edges precisely and press to fold. You will now have an inside page that is 6 inches wide by 8 inches tall and will have a pocket on the front and back. You can use a little photo tape on the edges to hold the page together and also on the open sides of the pockets. The photo taped edges will make the pages sturdier in the finished book.

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    Punch Holes to Bind the Mini Scrapbook

    Punch Holes
    Rebecca Ludens

    Once you have created as many pages as you would like. You will place the pages between the chipboard covers and mark where you would like to punch holes to bind the book with the rings. If you are using a Crop-A-Dile hole punch tool, you may be able to punch the holes through all of the sheets at one time.

    If you are using a regular hole punch, you will want to punch the holes in the cover and then use a pencil to mark through those holes to show where to punch on each of the inside pages and back cover. Instead of binding the book with rings, you can at this point take it to your local copy center and have it spiral bound.

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    Add the Binding Rings

    Add the Binding Rings
    Rebecca Ludens

    To bind the book, slip the rings through each of the sets of holes. You will need at least three rings as shown here.

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    Completed Book Ready for Embellishment

    Finished Book Inside Pages
    Rebecca Ludens

    Now you have completed the construction of the book and you are ready to add further embellishment. You can turn this book into a scrapbook, card organizer, recipe book, travel album, or anything that your creativity dreams up.