DIY: Caterpillar Craft for Kids

caterpillar craft

 Where Imagination Grows

  • Total Time: 1 hr
  • Yield: 1 caterpillar
  • Skill Level: Kid-friendly

This fun caterpillar craft for kids is so easy to make! The craft is based on a favorite classic book, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Kids love this book and they can't wait to make their own very hungry caterpillar to use as a reading buddy.

You only need a few basic supplies for this easy caterpillar craft. The end result is an adorable little caterpillar that looks like it just jumped off the pages of the book.

Caterpillar craft
Where Imagination Grows

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Glue


  • Construction paper (green, red, and black)
  • Googly eyes


  1. Cut Strips of Paper

    Cut green construction paper into five or six strips of the same size. A good size for one strip could be 3 inches wide by 7 inches long.

    Cut one strip of red construction paper the same size as the green strips. This red strip will be the head of your caterpillar.

    Caterpillar craft
    Where Imagination Grows
  2. Make Your Caterpillar's Body

    Assembling this caterpillar's body is the same concept as making a paper chain.

    1. Create a circle with one green strip of construction paper and staple the ends together.
    2. Next, thread another strip through the circle you just created and staple it together in a circle shape just as you did the last one.
    3. Continue until you have a chain of green circles stapled together.
    4. Attach the red strip of construction paper last and staple the ends.
    Caterpillar craft
    Where Imagination Grows
  3. Cut Out Your Caterpillar's Face

    Cut out a triangle for the mouth using black construction paper.

    Use the black construction paper to also cut out two skinny ovals, each about 1 inch or 2 inches long for the antennae.

    Caterpillar craft
    Where Imagination Grows
  4. Glue on the Face

    Glue the mouth, antennae, and googly eyes onto the red construction paper head.

    Shape the Head

    If you desire, pinch the back of the red construction paper together slightly so that the antennae would stick up and out over the head. You can also wait until the glue dries and then bend the antennae piece upwards to create the same effect.

    Caterpillar craft
    Where Imagination Grows
  5. Let Your Caterpillar Dry

    Let the glue completely dry. Now you have a super cute caterpillar craft to display in your home or classroom.

    Caterpillar craft
    Where Imagination Grows