10 DIY Cat Costume Ideas for Halloween

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    Have a Purr-fect Halloween!

    A cat dressed as a lion for Halloween.
    Mer Almagro / Ravelry

    Trick-or-treating. Scary movies. Super fun, spooky parties. All the candy you can eat before you pass out in a pile of discarded wrappers. There’s no denying it—Halloween is a total blast. But, if you can believe it, there’s one thing that can make it even more fun: Kitties in homemade Halloween costumes!

    These do-it-yourself Halloween costumes for cats are perfect for All Hallow’s Eve. Or just any time you want to embarrass your cat or share a hilarious Instagram post with your followers. 

    One thing we can’t help with? Making your cat leave the costume on for more than 30 seconds.

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    DIY Mounted Moose Costume for Cats

    There’s a long line of hilarious costumes that involve sticking your cat’s face through random objects. First, there was cat breading. Then, there was the pizza cat. What’s next? Turning your kitty into a wall-mounted moose. A few common crafting supplies—like felt, cardstock, and a hot glue gun—as well as some wood grain-patterned paper can transform your domesticated house cat into an adorable, wild woodland creature. 

    The Incredible Mounted Cat-Moose Costume from EAT+SLEEP+MAKE

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    DIY Soup Dumpling Costume for Cats

    A cat dressed as a soup dumpling for Halloween.
    Crazy_Cat_Lady / Instructables

    Sushi cats have been dominating the kitty costume game, but this year, sushi cat has met its match: Soup dumpling cat. Not only can you dress your cat as one of this year’s biggest food trends, but you can also laugh the night away when you realize how truly ridiculous he looks wearing a homemade soup dumpling costume. A sewing machine will make this DIY project super quick and easy, but you can use hand sewing or a hot glue gun, too.

    DIY Cat Costume: Soup Dumplings from Instructables 

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    DIY Princess Leia Costume for Cats

    A cat dressed up as Princess Leia for Halloween.
    2 Cats & 1 Doll / Youtube

    Does your cat skew towards the good side? If so, why not dress her up as the most famous, most fearless, and most badass princess in all of the galaxies? You only need an old t-shirt, an easy-to-follow pattern, and a few simple stitches to recreate a pair of Princess Leia’s infamous buns in perfect, kitty-sized proportions. Bonus points if you have a Yorkshire terrier you can dress up as a Wookie (or, our favorite, a Brussels Griffon as an Ewok!).

    DIY Star Wars Princess Leia Cat Costume from​ 2 Cats & 1 Doll/Youtube

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    DIY Devil (Or Angel!) Costume for Cats

    A cat wearing devil horns for Halloween.
    Vicky Bermudez / Youtube

    If your cat skews towards the dark side, however, a tiny, kitty-sized pair of homemade devil horns is probably more appropriate. This DIY costume only requires a few everyday crafting supplies—like felt and elastic band—so the hardest part is going to be getting your cat to sit still long enough to measure her head. 

    This video tutorial also includes instructions to craft an angel headband for your, ahem, better-behaved cat or even your doggo.

    Angel & Devil Headbands from Vicky Bermudez/Youtube

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    DIY Peacock Costume for Cats

    A cat dressed as a peacock for Halloween.
    Christiana V. / Coolest-Homemade-Costumes

    Most cats love to watch birds, so it only makes sense to dress her up as her favorite pastime, right? Although this costume may be a bit pricier to DIY—the original artiste spent about $30 on her crafting supplies—it’s worth every penny to see your cat strut around like a giant peacock. Not to mention, it’s a pretty glam costume for the diva cat in your life. Head to the local craft store and round up some turquoise felt, peacock feathers, cardboard, and Velcro to craft this costume. And if you're having trouble with sizing, use your cat's harness or another accessory (if you have one) to figure out the right fit for the costume. 

    Pretty Peacock Cat Costume from Coolest Homemade Costumes

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    DIY Witch Costume for Cats

    A kitten dressed up as a witch for Halloween.
    Babble / Youtube

    Here’s some feline history for you: Cats—especially black cats—have been linked to witches and witchcraft since the Middle Ages. Some people believed black cats were cohorts to witches or even witches that had taken on another form. Unsurprisingly, these wide-spread beliefs are not true—but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress your cat up as a spooky witch for Halloween! The best part of this DIY? You don’t have to whip up a spell to create it; making this costume is as easy as looping strips of tulle around an elastic band.

    Cute Cat Halloween Costume from Babble DIY/Youtube

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    DIY Lion Costume for Cats

    A cat dressed as a lion for Halloween.
    Mer Almagro / Ravelry

    This Halloween, help your cat channel his ancestors by dressing him up as a ferocious lion. A few skeins of orangey, brown yarn and this super simple (free!) pattern can transform your cat from house cat to king or queen of the jungle. Don’t be surprised if he starts bringing you dead mice and meowing The Circle of Life, though. You've been warned!

    Cat's Mane from Mer Almagro, Ravelry

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    DIY Shark Costume for Cats

    A cat dressed as a shark for Halloween.
    jessyratfink / Instructables

    If you have a cat, you know the song that plays in your head when she’s getting dangerously close to knocking your iPhone, a vase, or some other fragile object off an edge: The Jaws theme song. Your cat may not be as terrifying as a great white, but with the right accessories—like a dorsal fin and shattered phone screen—she most certainly can be. You only need a few pieces of grey felt to make her the most terrifying, predatory, yet somehow adorable sea creature on four legs.

    Shark Week Cat Costume from Instructables

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    DIY Minion Costume for Cats

    A cat dressed as a Minion for Halloween.
    2 Cats & 1 Doll / Youtube

    Did you hear that sound? It was the internet exploding because someone combined two of the Internet's heaviest hitters: Cats and Minions, of Despicable Me and Minions fame. You can create your own internet sensation with a few pieces of felt, some simple hand stitching, and this easy-to-follow tutorial from 2 Cats & 1 Doll. This costume is guaranteed to make trick-or-treaters lose their marbles—kids are obsessed with Minions.  

    Minion Cat Costume from 2 Cats & 1 Doll/Youtube

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    DIY Pikachu (Or Cheshire Cat!) Costume for Cats

    A cat dressed as Pikachu and the Cheshire Cat for Halloween.
    Mey Lynn / Youtube

    Once you learn how to craft this adorable tiny, kitty-sized hoodie, the costume possibilities are endless. This particular tutorial will show you how to, first, make the hoodie that serves as a blank canvas for your cat’s Halloween costumes. Then, Youtube user Mey Lynn explains how to use the hoodies and felt to create Cheshire Cat and Pikachu costumes. But you don’t have to stop there! With the right materials, you can use these simple hoodies to turn your cat into a dinosaur, fish, superhero, and more.

    DIY Pikachu, Hoodies & More from Mey Lynn/Youtube