15 Pretty DIY Candle Holders

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    Upgrade Your Basic Candles With One of These DIYs

    Marble DIY Candle Holders
    Once Wed

    There's nothing quite like the ambiance of a wax candle. Unlike the faux battery-operated options, a candle's warm glow is timeless and elegant. Homemade candle holders add to the charm of this age-old home essential by taking the candle's design one step further.

    Want a simple craft project you can do in a couple of hours that will markedly improve your space? Try one of these DIY candle holder ideas the next time you're feeling inspired.

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    Add Varying Heights to Taper Candles

    If you use candlesticks a lot when entertaining, consider this DIY taper candle holder, which is as sleek as it is modern. The key to this craft project is to vary the height of each holder and create a large grouping of more than five candles. If creating an arrangement intimidates you, follow the instructions and pattern provided exactly.

    DIY Multiple Taper Candleholder from Inspired by Charm

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    Use Plaster and Fresh Flowers to Make This Votive Holder

    Plaster dipped flowers are so interesting to look at because no two turn out the same. The process is messy and imperfect, but the results are ethereal and well worth the effort. Make sure to get a bouquet with a variety of flowers so you can experiment.

    Plaster Flower Votives from Design Mom

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    Wrap a Candle With Cork Ribbon

    Many pillar candles are best kept inside glass hurricanes for safety reasons. However, if your style is a bit more rustic or eclectic, hurricanes can feel a bit drab. Upgrade a standard glass candle holder by simply wrapping it with cork ribbon.

    Cork Wrapped Candle Holder from By Stephanie Lynn

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    Update Thrift Store Candlesticks Using Spray Paint

    Sometimes when you buy things from the thrift store, they don't look charming and vintage. They just look dated. Such is the case with a lot of the brass candlesticks from the 1980's and 90's. Revitalize these inexpensive finds using spray paint in a color and finish that is on trend and works well with your decor.

    Thrift Store Candlestick Update from On Sutton Place

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    Craft a Boho Candleholder Using Balsa Wood

    This candleholder works best with small votives inside glass jars. Don't be turned off by this project just because it requires some basic woodworking to get started. Working with wood doesn't have to be intimidating, and this project is relatively easy once you master the panel cutting.

    Paint Dipped Balso Wood Candleholders from A Beautiful Mess

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    Repurpose an Old Tin Into a Candle

    DIY candleholder ideas
    @dillyorme / Instagram

    Candle holders come in all shapes and sizes, and many of them might already be around your house serving other purposes. You can either place votives inside old tins or pour wax into the tin to create your own candle. Just be sure to use a hot plate since the metal can heat up and damage the surface underneath.

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    Upgrade a Candleholder Using Copper Accents

    This candle holder idea is inspired by a much more expensive copper-lined votive holder that cost around $70 to buy. For just around $20, you can make this knock-off using copper tape, glass, and some glue. We bet most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

    Copper Rimmed Glass Candleholder from Earnest Home Co

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    Adhere Some Glitter to a Jar Candle

    The nice thing about this candleholder tutorial is that it shows you how to decorate the candle jar with glitter, but it also shows you how to pour the candle from scratch. Create your own colors and fragrances to make this project more personalized.

    DIY Pink Candles and Glitter from Bird's Party

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    Make Hurricane Lanterns From Dollar Store Frames

    Large hurricane lantern candle holders make great home decor accents on the front porch, on an outdoor table, and even inside on the dining room table. However, most lanterns are cost prohibitive. This ingenious DIY project reimagines five frames that cost $1 apiece.

    DIY Hurricane Lanterns from Grosgrain

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    Transform Wood Blocks Into Taper Candleholders

    The best taper candle holders have a wide base to catch all the dripping wax so it doesn't get all over the dining room table. This candleholder idea is ideal for that since the wood blocks create a large enough base around the bottom of the taper candle.

    Wood Color Block Candleholders.from Inspired by Charm

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    Create a Centerpiece Using Birch and Airplants

    Want a live centerpiece for your dining room? Airplants are an easy way to add live greenery to pretty much any craft project since they are very resilient. Incorporate your taper candles into a piece of white birch and use airplants and succulents to fill in the gaps.

    Birch Log Centerpiece from Sand and Sisal

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    Use Produce as a Candle Holder

    Would you make a candle inside of fresh produce? Perhaps this crafter is onto something since this project is both pleasant to look at and environmentally friendly. This DIY candleholder idea is most suitable for fall when pumpkins and gourds are plentiful.

    DIY Mini Pumpkin Soy Candles from Paper & Stitch

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    Paint Candle Holders in a Moroccan Style

    All you need to tackle this candle holder idea is some inexpensive glass jars, paint, and a little bit of patience. To master the Moroccan style, practice some simple designs and patterns on paper first. Then, take some puffy paint and get creative!

    DIY Moroccan Candle Holders from Creme de la Craft

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    Repurpose a Vintage Teacup Into a Candleholder

    Have you ever had a stray teacup that you weren't sure whether or not you should keep it? One idea is to use the vintage porcelain as a small planter, which would work well for indoor herbs. You can also learn how to pour wax into the teacup to create a charming candle like you see here.

    DIY Vintage Teacup Candles from Hey Gorgeous

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    Marbleize the Inside of Candle Holders

    Marble DIY Candle Holders
    Once Wed

    This is a fun project whether you need a ton of colorful votive candles for a wedding or you're just looking to add some pattern to your home. If you decide to make these candle holders for a wedding, they also would double as wonderful party favors.

    DIY Painted Votives from Once Wed