How to Make a DIY Bulletin Board

DIY bulletin board

The Spruce / Caylin Harris

Getting Started

A hand placing a photo on a bulletin board
The Spruce / Caylin Harris

Not only do bulletin boards serve as practical items, but they allow us to pin up things we find inspiring and beautiful—in real life. While there will always been a place for digital ways to store ideas, think of these handy boards like your highlight reel. While it can be entirely practical, hanging up reminders and things you might need on your way out the door, it can also be entirely full of inspiring mantras and artwork. Whatever you use it for, we do know that it's way more fun to make your own than picking up a pricey version from the store that's a little lackluster aesthetically. Plus, it's affordable and easy too!

Gather Your Supplies

Supplies for a cork board
The Spruce / Caylin Harris

Like we said, creating your own version is easy. Here's what you'll need:

  • Soft wood board or foam insulation board
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Spray adhesive
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tacks (optional)

You have some options when it comes to the base of your bulletin board, as long as you have the hardware to hang it and you can push thumbtacks into it, you can pretty much make it work. But you also want to make sure whatever you use is thick enough that the tack wouldn't push all the way through. A lot of cork board for sale isn't thick enough to protect the walls. It's also very important to choose a great fabric. Sure you can keep it neutral, but imagine how much fun a bold, colorful pattern will look on your wall?

Cut the Fabric Down

Hand cutting fabric
The Spruce / Caylin Harris

Place your fabric print down on the floor, and place your board on top. Using a pair of sharp scissors cut the fabric so there's enough overhang that it can be wrapped around the sides of the board and then attached to the back. Iron the fabric to remove the wrinkles and then place it down on the floor again.

Attach the Fabric

A hand spraying a board
The Spruce / Caylin Harris

In a well-ventilated area, spray your wood or foam surface thoroughly with a thin coat of spray adhesive. Checking to make sure that the fabric pattern is straight and right side up, smooth it over your surface. Be thorough and really smooth down every piece of the fabric, from corner to corner with your hand. Give it a few minutes to dry.

Finish the Back and Enjoy

A glue gun gluing fabric
The Spruce / Caylin Harris

Flip the board around so the back is facing up. Gather the excess fabric and check to make sure that you have enough to finish this off, but not so much that you'll end up with lumps and bumps of excess fabric. Using your hot glue gun, liberally apply the hot glue to the first edge of one of the sides. Make sure it's completely glued down. Do the same thing with the side across from this one. Then fold the top edge like a present so the corners look neat glue the top and bottom edges. If you're feeling like you want a little extra security place a thumbtack in at each of the four corners. Depending on how you want to hang it, you might want add framing hardware to the back, if it's light enough you can also use Command hanging strips too.

Enjoy your new piece of wall art!