Easy Do-It-Yourself Bubbles Recipes for Families

5 Different Recipes for Bubble Fun

Choose do-it-yourself bubbles recipes for families that will have your kids bubbling over with fun. In minutes, they'll be outside having a bubble party right in your own backyard.

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    Little Girl Blowing Bubbles
    Try some DIY bubbles recipes with household items to whip up a batch of fun in minutes. Photo © Kick Images/Digital Vision/Getty Images
    This may become your go-to bubbles recipe because it's so easy to make. All you need is water, some liquid dishwashing detergent and a couple of teaspoons of sugar. Kids will be tempted to taste the bubbles because of the sugar inside. Just be sure to remind them there's also soap in the mix.
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    Bubbles Recipe Using Syrup

    A picture of a girl blowing bubbles
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    Got Karo Syrup in your pantry? Then you've got one of the ingredients to make this bubble mixture. Dishwashing liquid and water are the only two other ingredients you'll need. To make this recipe safer around baby's sensitive eyes and skin, use tear-free baby shampoo or baby wash instead of dishwashing liquid.
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    Bubbles Recipe Using Glycerin

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    Make a batch of bubbles with liquid dishwasher detergent and glycerin. You can usually find glycerin in drug stores or at retailers like Target and Wal Mart. This bubble solution mixture yields about 5 cups. Use it as a base for the next two recipes on this list to add some extra flair to your bubbles.
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    Bubbles Recipe for Glowing Bubbles

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    Make your bubbles glow! This method is safe and non-toxic, making it perfect for every child to enjoy. After you prepare the bubbles recipe above, mix in washable glowing paint or soak the felt of a highlighter to make a glow in the dark solution. Look for washable glowing paint at toy stores or hobby stores. Highlighters will have to be cut to retrieve the felt inside so an adult will have to help with this recipe.
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    Bubbles Recipe for Colored Bubbles

    A picture of colored bubbles
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    After you mix your bubble solution base, turn your bubbles into a fun chemistry lesson. Add sodium hydroxide to make colorful bubbles that won't stain when popped, unlike bubbles that use food coloring as a tint. You can find sodium hydroxide at most home improvement stores. This recipe is better for older kids who want to blow bubbles because sodium hydroxide is a strong chemical. You'll want to make sure no one comes in direct contact with the sodium hydroxide.