17 DIY Bookmarks

Tassel and Pom Pom Bookmark

The House That Lars Built

While spending an afternoon curled up with a good book and a warm mug of tea might seem like the most perfect way to have a self-care day, choosing from a selection of your own handmade bookmarks might just make that experience even more enjoyable. Also, a targeted bookmark craft time pre-reading session can also help your little ones feel more ownership toward their own reading goals -- and help them focus longer. To prepare for your next read, whether it’s a few pages before bed or ticking off another assigned summer reading book, try a few of the tutorials below to create your own customized bookmarks to make your experience a little more special.

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    Colorful Cardstock Bookmarks

    Cardstock Bookmark

    Crafts Unleashed


    Simple, colorful cardstock with geometric cut-outs looks chic and professional as a set of DIY-ed bookmarks. Opt for pastel hues a lá Crafts Unleashed to motivate yourself to crack into your Spring reading list. 

    Colorful Cardstock Bookmarks from Crafts Unleashed

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    Brass Clip Bookmark

    Brass Clip Bookmark

    Your DIY Family

    Especially if you love to keep your novels in pristine condition, select a minimal, modern, homemade book clip to save your spot. There’s no risk of color transfer or sticky pages with a simple brass clip. 

    Brass Clip Bookmark from Your DIY Family

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    Fabric and Elastic Bookmark

    Fabric and Elastic Bookmark

    Crazy Little Projects

    For a clever way to put your fabric scraps to use, create a few elastic bookmarks. This craft can definitely be hand-stitched, but break out the sewing machine if you plan to make more than one; you’ll save yourself a ton of time. 

    Fabric and Elastic Bookmark from Crazy Little Projects

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    Lightsaber Bookmarks

    Lightsaber Bookmarks

    Crafts by Amanda

    To encourage kids to dive-in to their independent reading books, host a bookmark craft session first. These easy lightsaber versions are super simple -- use washable markers to decorate craft sticks and add a bit of metallic detail. Don't have a young Star Wars fan in your household? Try making craft stick animals, flowers, or people instead.

    Lightsaber Bookmarks from Crafts by Amanda

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    DIY Tassel Bookmarks

    Tassel Bookmark

    Apricot Polkadot

    Making your own tassels is meditative and effortless, especially when you employ a plastic tassel maker. Take a cue from Apricot Polkadot and create two-tiered tassels for a little extra oomph. Whip up a few to top strips of fabric (or sturdy cardstock) to fashion a complete set of cute DIY-ed bookmarks. 

    DIY Tassel Bookmarks from Apricot Polkadot

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    Cat Bookmarks

    Cat Bookmarks

    DIY Candy

    These playful kitties pop over your book’s pages with the help of some clever cutouts. Use a sharp craft knife to release each cat’s paws, and bend them forward slightly before sneaking into your novel.

    Pro tip: Use a very heavyweight construction paper or cardstock for this craft to prevent ripping and ruining your cute cats. 

    Cat Bookmarks from DIY Candy

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    Rainbow Corner Bookmark

    Rainbow Bookmark

    Red Ted Art

    A perfectly accessible do-it-yourself for children, this paper rainbow corner bookmark provides a colorful way for kids to further engage in their first chapter books. For a craft with a little more longevity, run this paper creation through the laminator and trim tightly around the edges. 

    Rainbow Corner Bookmark from Red Ted Art

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    Faux Leather Personalized Bookmarks

    Faux Leather Bookmark

    Your DIY Family

    Mimic the look of real leather with textured polymer clay. Clay is much easier to work with than leather for beginners and can be easily customized with alphabet stamps. Don’t forget to bake your finished bookmarks for the instructed time for a project that lasts. 

    Faux Leather Personalized Bookmarks from Your DIY Family

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    Shark Fin Bookmark

    Shark Fin Bookmark

    Simplistically Living

    Perfect to slip inside of a novel, this shark fin craft stick bookmark lends a fun aquatic illusion to a classic adventure story (think: Peter Pan or Treasure Island). Don’t skip the glittered wave detail, by the way, it really brings this whimsical project to life. 

    Shark Fin Bookmark from Simplistically Living

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    Bear Bookmarks

    Bear Bookmarks

    The Inspiration Edit

    Strategically-assembled paper bears peek from your books’ pages thanks to this easy tutorial. This is a great project for kids working on their scissor skills, but is definitely doable for littler ones, too. Be sure to have an adult wield the scissors before encouraging kids to paste each part together to successfully build each bear. 

    Bear Bookmarks from The Inspiration Edit

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    Felt Earth Elastic Bookmark

    Felt Earth Bookmark

    Crafts Unleashed

    Felt is a fantastic medium for beginning-sewers, and this straightforward bookmark craft is a terrific exercise to strengthen hand-stitch skills. Use your finished felt earth elastic bookmark in a textbook or academic tome -- it works especially well in a thicker volume. 

    Felt Earth Elastic Bookmark from Crafts Unleashed

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    Pressed Flower Bookmarks

    Pressed Flower Bookmark

    Lovely Indeed

    Bring a bit of natural beauty to your bookcase with a set of pressed flower bookmarks. This particular pretty project uses clear contact paper to truly showcase the organic beauty pressed blooms -- no background color or pattern needed.

    Pressed Flower Bookmarks from Lovely Indeed

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    Tassel, Pom Pom, and Patterned Bookmarks

    Tassel and Patterned Bookmark

    The House That Lars Built

    Clear your leftover craft supplies by creating a coordinating set of multi-patterned, color-clashing bookmarks. Stick to either bold hues, pastels, or neutrals for a bit of cohesion, and don’t hesitate to make your own tassels and pom poms from extra bits of embroidery floss. A collection of harmonized bookmarks makes a wonderful gift, too. 

    Tassel, Pom Pom, and Patterned Bookmarks from The House That Lars Built

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    Fruit Corner Bookmarks

    Fruit Bookmark

    Hey, Let’s Make Stuff

    These adorable fruit-inspired corner bookmarks look positively professional thanks to a digital cutting machine, but a sharp craft knife and a bit of patience can substitute for the machine just as well. Spray your finished pieces with a non-corrosive clear coat to add a little shine and keep your cardstock from bending. 

    Fruit Corner Bookmarks from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff

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    Mermaid Tail Bookmark

    Mermaid Bookmark

    Six Time Mommy

    Craft foam is a fantastic kids’ craft medium: it’s more durable than paper, doesn’t fray like fabric, and comes in a ton of different colors. Use cookie cutters to trace fun shapes onto medium-weight craft foam, then decorate and paste onto a craft stick for a fast, easy, kid-friendly bookmark. 

    Mermaid Tail Bookmark from Six Time Mommy

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    Chain Tassel Metal Bookmark

    Chain Tassel Bookmark

    Goody Beads

    Opt for simplicity here with a prefab metal spine-style bookmark. Add a touch of individuality by attaching a charm or tassel using a basic jump ring. 

    Chain Tassel Metal Bookmark from Goody Beads

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    Paint Chip Bookmark

    Paint Chip Bookmark

    Mama Miss

    For an eye-catching ombre-effect bookmark, start with a gratis paint chip courtesy of your hardware store. These make sturdy bookmarks thanks to their textured, durable paper, but seal them in clear sticky paper to make sure they last through many different novels. 

    Paint Chip Bookmark from Mama Miss