DIY Hanging Bead and Wire Plant or Candle Holder

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    A Pretty Project for All Your Plants & Candles

    Bead and Wire Candle Holder
    Lisa Yang

    Dollar store craft finds never looked as sweet as they do in these hanging glass containers that are a perfect candle or plant holders. If your local dollar store doesn't carry the materials for this project, you can also find the necessary supplies at your local hardware store. Don't worry if you can't find the exact same shape or size glass bowl since this design is flexible enough to work with most similarly sized containers.  

    You can substitute copper wire for the aluminum wire used in this project, although it may be a little harder to coax into shape.

    This project is worked in two parts: first, you make a wire frame to hold the glass container, and then you make a chain to hang the container from and add decorative embellishments.

    The materials and tools you need to make the wire frame are:

    • 16 gauge aluminum wire
    • glass candle holder or terrarium bowl approximately 3.5 inches
    • rubber band
    • jewelry making pliers
    • wire cutters
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    Twist the Wires Together Above a Loop

    make loop at bottom
    Lisa Yang
    1. Cut two pieces of aluminum wire about 30 inches long.  
    2. Using a sharpie or similar sized round item, wrap the two wires around the sharpie barrel so they meet at the top, and twist them together at least three or four turns to secure the wires around each other.
    3. Remove the marker and you're left with a loop and two groups of double wire.
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    Separate the Wires to Make an X

    arrange wires
    Lisa Yang

    Separate and arrange the wires into an 'X' shape so they are evenly spaced as shown in the picture. These wires will form the main frame that holds the glass container.

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    Shape the Wire to Your Glass Container

    shape wires around glass
    Lisa Yang

    Shape the wire around your glass container. Keep the loop centered on the bottom of your glass container while you move the wire around the glass.

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    Make Spirals at the Wire Ends

    make loop
    Lisa Yang

    Remove the wire frame from the glass container. Using round nose pliers, make a small loop at the end of the wire. Use your fingers or the pliers to wrap the wire around the small loop to make a spiral.  

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    Repeat Making a Spiral on Each Wire End

    wire swirls
    Lisa Yang

    Repeat this process on each wire end. You will adjust the spiral size and wireframe to fit the glass container in the next step.

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    Adjust the Wire Spirals.

    Fit wire frame to candle holder
    Lisa Yang

    Fit the glass bowl inside the wires. Continue to spiral the wire until they are just above the lip of the glass container.

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    Hold the Frame in Place With a Rubber Band

    candle holder wire frame
    Lisa Yang

    Slip the elastic band over the base of the wire and container and roll it up the sides so it holds the four wires in place around the glass container. Adjust the wires so they are equally spaced. Keep the loop centered at the base of the bowl.

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    Wrap with Wire to Keep the Frame in Place

    Candle Holder
    Lisa Yang
    1. Cut a length of 16 or 18 gauge aluminum wire at least 12 inches long. Wrap the wire around a frame wire just beneath the spiral, above the lip of the container.  
    2. Shape the wire around the lip of the glass container (mine is round) and wrap it around the next wire in the frame, just underneath the wire spiral. Try not to let the frame wires get pulled off center. Ideally, the mainframe wires need to stay equally spaced apart.​
    3. Continue to shape and wrap around the frame wires until you return to the first wire. Wrap around the first wire a second time and trim the ends. Even if you are using a slightly different shaped glass container, the wireframe should resemble the picture and your glass container will be held in place.
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    Make a Decorative Chain

    candle holder materials
    Lisa Yang

    To hang the candle holder, you will make a bead chain using smaller diameter aluminum wire. The materials for this next part are:

    • 18 or 20 gauge aluminum wire
    • 1-step looper (lg size) or round nose pliers
    • 6 mm faceted glass beads

    We used the 1-step looper pliers because they make bead chains like this quickly and easily. The one tool bends the loop and cuts the wire to the right size. It will take more time to make wire chain using simple loops, but it is good practice for any jewelry maker.

    You can also buy chain or use wire if you want to make this more quickly.

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    Make Wire Loops

    Bead chain components
    Lisa Yang

     Following the instructions for the 1 step looper, make individual bead components.  

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    Join the Bead Components

    Making wire bead chain
    Lisa Yang

    Join the bead components by opening the loop to the side. This is the same way that you open jump rings to avoid them bending out of shape.

    Each bead chain should be the same size–at least 6 inches long.

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    Attach the Chains to the Wire Frame

    attach bead chain with jump ring
    Lisa Yang

    Attach each bead chain to the wire frame in the outer loop of the wire spiral using a jump ring.

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    Join the Bead Chains

    Chain for candle holder
    Lisa Yang

    Use a large jump ring to join the bead chains together. The large jump ring will provide a way to hang the candle holder.

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    Make Bead Dangles

    Beaded Dangles
    Lisa Yang

    You can add more decorations to your glass candle holder if you'd like. 

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    Add a Candle or Plant

    Bead and Wire Candle Holder
    Lisa Yang

    When you are satisfied with your design, add a candle or plant to the glass container. It can be hung outside or inside.