Backpacks to Make for the New School Year

Get your child ready to head to school by replacing their old worn backpack with a brand new handmade version that is customized just for them. Allow ​your child to help pick the patterns and fabrics to give their own unique spin on the designs below as they will be sporting this bag to and from school each day while toting their lunch and school books. 

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    DIY Chevron Backpack
    Trash To Couture

    The teenager in your house might be looking for a more stylish backpack option. What they wear is so important to teens in the later years as they try to fit in.

    This modern black and white chevron backpack can easily be customized in their choice of fabric, and the leather bottom on the bag will provide extra durability when the bag is thrown into a locker each day.

    DIY Chevron Backpack from Trash to Couture 

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    DIY No-Sew Polka Dot Backpack
    Hello Bee

    Add a bit of extra flair to a plain backpack by stenciling on a design with craft paint on the front of the bag, as done in this white polka dot denim backpack by Hello Bee.

    DIY No-Sew Polka Dot Backpack from Hello Bee

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    Want to pin a bunch of badges to your backpack but don't want to put holes in it? Simply DIY this flair patch for the perfect way to decorate with pins without leaving behind unsightly holes. 

    DIY Backpack Flair Patch from The Spruce

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    DIY Houndstooth Dog Backpack
    Melly Sews

    This playful waterproof dog backpack in stylish houndstooth fabric would be perfect for your child just entering school. Head over to Melly Sews to download the free template and read the sewing instructions. 

    DIY Houndstooth Dog Backpack from Melly Sews

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    DIY Plaid Backpack
    A Beautiful Mess

    Head into your closet or a thrift store and find a plaid shirt to cut up to use to create a backpack. After you cut up the shirt you will be able to sew together the chest area of the shirt to create the bag and a drawstring will be added to the top, along with two shoulder straps to finish off the bag.

    DIY Plaid Backpack from A Beautiful Mess

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    Hand Embroidered Hexagon Backpack
    Mollie Johanson

    You can buy an ordinary canvas backpack and transform it into something unique with a little bit of stitching. This honeycomb embroidery pattern is a buzzworthy addition! 

    DIY Honeycomb Canvas Backpack from The Spruce

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    DIY Personalized Toddler Drawstring Backpack
    Say Yes

    Standard-sized backpacks would be too big on your young child to wear on their way to pre-school, but this easy to make drawstring backpack should fit them perfectly as it designed especially for toddlers. Best of all this easy to sew bag can be customized with your child's initial to help ensure they can easily find their bag when it time to pack up at the end of the day.

    DIY Personalized Toddler Drawstring Backpack from Say Yes

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    DIY Geometric Patterned Backpack
    Hart & Sew

    If you are comfortable sewing with a sewing machine this DIY geometric patterned backpack would be a great choice to make as it has tons of useful features as built-in pockets for pencils and other school supplies such as a calculator, along with a front pocket and inner section to help sort everything. The bag also has adjustable shoulder straps and a top carrying handle too.

    DIY Geometric Patterned Backpack from Hart and Sew

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    DIY Ruffle Backpack
    The Sewing Rabbit

    This ruffle backpack is super cute and is made by sewing on folded fabric circles to create the ruffle design. The beautiful bag design opens and closes with a drawstring at the top that doubles as a decorative bow.

    DIY Ruffle Backpack from Me Sew Crazy

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    DIY Monster Backpack
    What I Made Today

    Transform a standard backpack into a monster backpack complete with horns, fuzzy eyebrows and a humorous grin.

    DIY Monster Backpack from What Rachael Made Today