Classic Nine-Patch Quilt Block Patterns

Assembling of quilt from patchwork blocks, a basket with fabric, sewing tools
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Nine-patch quilts are deceptively simple to make. While it's not a hard pattern to master, nine-patch quilts don't have to be entire basic. In fact, the basic layout—which is simply nine evenly sized blocks stitched together—is just the starting point. In different types of patterns, blocks are often divided in various ways to create intricate layouts. 

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    Basic Block Quilt

    basic block quilt

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    Many quilt blocks work nicely when sewn side-by-side, especially if they have the same structure. This lovely example pairs a scrappy assortment of basic nine-patch quilt blocks with large squares of fabric cut to the unfinished size of the blocks.

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    Early Morning Star Quilt Pattern

    Early morning star quilt

    Janet Wickell

    Early Morning Star might not look like a nine-patch quilt block at first glance, but it does fall into that category. The quilt block comes with a perk—patchwork sashing and cornerstones are built into the design. That means you won't have to fool with sewing a sash between blocks and adding a long strip of sashing between rows. The layout works nicely for horizontal set quilts and quilts that are set on point.

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    15-Inch Nine-Patch with Logs Quilt Block

    15-Inch Nine-Patch with Logs Quilt Block

    Janet Wickell

    It doesn't take too long to make a bed-sized quilt when you work with 15-inch square quilt blocks, and this easy design can be customized in an endless number of ways to suit any decor. Use it as a theme to decorate a room—the bed, throw pillow covers, or a wallhanging, for example. 

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    Buckeye Beauty Quilt Blocks

    Buckeye Beauty quilt pattern

    Janet Wickell

    You don't have to work with just two colors (plus a white background), but a two-color layout works perfectly for this version of the Buckeye Beauty quilt block. The blocks are sewn in pairs, with colors reversed in each. Four blocks are illustrated, but the layout includes other options.

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    Eccentric Star Quilt Block Pattern

    Eccentric Star Quilt block pattern

    Janet Wickell

    Choose from two finished sizes of Eccentric Star, a 6-inch block or a 12-inch quilt block. Patchwork is quick pieced to make assembly a breeze, and the blocks work nicely in either a controlled or scrappy layout.

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    Sawtooth Quilt Block Pattern

    Sawtooth Quilt block pattern

    Janet Wickell

    This quilt block is not the same as the patchwork design you know as Sawtooth Star, although you can certainly create a star at its center. The four variations illustrated are the same quilt block and an example of the huge variations that can be created when color and color value (contrast) are altered in any quilt block. 

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    Disappearing Nine-Patch Quilt Block Pattern

    Disappearing Nine Patch quilt block pattern

    Janet Wickell

    Disappearing nine-patch quilt blocks are made by assembling the most basic of nine patches—with nine squares, and then slicing the blocks into four sections to create four smaller blocks that look completely different. The pattern includes background about the design, along with cutting instructions for three block sizes (plus the instructions needed to create additional sizes).

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    Lucky Clover Quilt Block Pattern

    Quilt block pattern of a lucky clover

    Janet Wickell

    A variation of the traditional Lucky Clover design, this pattern makes all of its patchwork rotary cuttable and to remove set-in seams. The pattern includes two finished block sizes, 6-inch square, and 12-inch square. The smaller version of Lucky Clover was used in the Backwards Medallion Sampler Quilt.

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    Album Leaf Quilt Block Pattern

    Album Leaf quilt block pattern

    Janet Wickell

    Album Leaf is a nine-patch quilt block pattern that finishes at 9-inch square. It's similar to Maple Leaf and Tea Leaves quilt blocks, but with a difference. Album leaf has a light signature panel that was used to make friendship quilts for friends and family—everyone who made a quilt block signed with a name, message, or both. Use the patch for siggies, or simply let it become part of the design.

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    Road to California Quilt Block Pattern

    Road to California quilt block pattern

    Janet Wickell

    This 9-inch quilt block is one of many patchwork designs that are called the same name. The block's diagonally oriented patchwork makes it a linking block, or somewhat of a chain, terms that describe blocks with similar movements that allow them to link-up in a quilt design. You'll always discover lots of layout options when working with this type of quilt block. 

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    The Hen and Her Chicks Quilt Block Pattern

    Hen and Chicks quilt block pattern

    Janet Wickell

    The Hen and Her Chicks is an easy nine-patch quilt blocks made from all straight grain patchwork that's quick pieced for speed and accuracy. The block finishes at 9-inch square and offers loads of opportunity for color layout.