10 Disney-Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Tinkerbell cross stitch pattern
Everything Cross Stitch

There is no other franchise that makes more people happy than Disney. Their characters have entertained generations and continue to delight children of all ages. The cross stitch patterns below are a small sample of homages to Walt Disney and the world he created. 

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    Snow White


    Who says that a Disney princess has to be prim and proper? Snow White has updated her look with fresh tattoos and her favorite band t-shirt. Stitchering has taken our beloved Disney princesses and updated them with a modern look. Hipster glasses, tattoos and body jewelry are just a few changes that you will see. This pattern is great for those who like their Disney with an edge to it. It would look great on a tote bag, backpack or jacket.

    Snow White, $4.95, Stitchering

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    Jack Skellington


    No other Disney characters have a cult-like following that can compare to that of Jack Skeleton from Nightmare Before Christmas. He is beloved by kids of all ages. For certain holidays, the Haunted Mansion at Disney resorts change over to Halloween Town from the movie. Kyotiutsukushii created this pattern to celebrate the pumpkin king in all of his finest. This pattern is free for download but, please be respectful of the original poster's work.

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    Wonderful World of Disney

    DigiPoint http://www.etsy.com/shop/DigiPoint?ref=l2-shopheader-name

    Walt Disney has created so many wonderful characters. While everyone has their favorite; none would be possible without that delightful little mouse. DigiPoint has this whimsical Wonderful World of Disney pattern that includes all of your beloved characters surrounded by Mickey Mouse. This pattern is a must for any Disney fan. 

    Wonderful World of Disney, $2.00, DigiPoint

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    Jake and the Neverland Pirates

    Squirrely Stitcher

    If you have a little one in your house, more than likely you know who Jake and the Neverland Pirates are. These rascals hit the airwaves and took off like a storm. This interactive TV show focuses on Jake and his friends' adventures with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. Squirrely Stitcher shares this free pattern of Jake for you to cross stitch for your favorite little pirate. Cross stitch this on a bag, lunchbox or wall hanging for a room. 

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    Little Stitcher Shop

    So many Disney stories are from wonderful old fables. Cinderella is a perfect example. Her story has been told for centuries in many different forms, but the Disney version is one that sticks with us. The beautiful animation and wonderful songs have stood the test of time. Little Stitcher Shop's cross stitch pattern showcases Cinderella's dress and pumpkin coach with a primitive design all her own. 

    Cinderella, $11.00, Little Stitcher Shop

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    U Create Craft

    Some people think Disney princesses are mild and meek. Not true at all! They are strong, smart, and caring. The folks at U Create Craft share their pattern for Disney Princesses for free. Although this pattern is for perler beads, it can easily be used for cross stitching. Just remember that it does not have a color pallet to stitch with, so you can use any color floss you wish. 

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    Beauty and the Beast

    123 Stitch

    The story of Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time; or at least that is how the song goes. This movie, both the animated version and the live action one, has inspired so many beautiful cross stitch patterns, like this pillow by 123 Stitch. It showcases the wonderful rich characters of the story, from Mrs. Potts and Chip to Cogsworth and his best friend Lumière. This project is not just a pattern, but an entire pillow kit. 

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    Disney Alphabet

    My Cross Stitch Pattern

    The Disney font is well known throughout the world. My Cross Stitch Patterns shares their Disney Alphabet for free on their website. You can use this pattern to customize any project, Disney or otherwise, to create a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special. This pattern would be perfect for a child's room or for a Disney wedding couple. 

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    Everything Cross Stitch

    Tinkerbell used to be just a sidekick until fans decided that she was perfect on her own. She has had her own adventures with her friends in Pixie Hollow. She is smart, free spirited and kind. Everything Cross Stitch celebrates this adorable little pixie with this cross stitch pattern. This pattern would look great on a jean jacket or a totebag. It is a simple project that is an excellent choice for beginners. 

    Tinkerbell, $12.99, Everything Cross Stitch

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    Mickey and Minnie

    Natali Needlework

    Is there a better couple than Mickey and Minnie? Their love has stood the test of time. Show that someone special how much they mean to you with this adorable Mickey and Minnie cross stitch pattern from Natali Needlework. This pattern is a whimsical nod to the king and queen of Disney. Cross stitch it up for a fun wedding or anniversary present. Add names and dates for an added customized piece. 

    Mickey and Minnie, $4.95,Natali Needlework