Denise Van Patten

Photo portrait of Denise Van Patten, Doll Collector and Writer
 Denise Van Patten

Denise Van Patten is a writer and collector of dolls. She's also a dealer of modern, vintage, and antique dolls. Her expertise has allowed her to write everything from price and value guides to explainer pieces on different types of dolls.


  • Former owner of Katherine's Cottage, a brick-and-mortar doll and toy store 2001–2011.
  • Editor of the Doll Reader magazine web site from 2001–2002


Denise Van Patten is a former writer for The Spruce Crafts. A long-time collector of dolls and a dealer of modern, vintage and antique dolls, she is also the author of The Official Price Guide to Dolls from Random House. Denise owned Katherine s Cottage, a brick-and-mortar doll and toy store in Chico, California, from 2001–2011. Today, she sells modern dolls at Katherine's Cottage online, vintage and antique dolls through Denise Van Patten Dolls on Ruby Lane, and a wide variety of dolls through Ebay. She also blogs about dolls and doll collecting on her website, 



Denise is the author of "The Official Price Guide to Dolls" from Random House.


Expertise: Doll Collecting
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