Decoupage a Thrift Store Plate

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    Turn a Cheap Thrift Store Plate Into Beautiful Wall Decor

    decoupage plate craft
    The Spruce / Rita Shehan

    It's amazing how something that only costs a few pennies can be transformed into timeless wall decor. These red plates were thrifted and completely transformed into trendy decoupage plates. 

    These black and white printable leafs are perfect for the plate decoupage project and also would work just as well with other types of papercraft endeavors. They would, for example, be cute accessories for card and scrapbooking craft projects.

    Supplies Needed

    • 8.75-inch plate
    • White spray paint
    • Decoupage medium
    • Foam brush
    • Scissors designed for precision cutting
    • Leaf template PDF download (download here)
    • Clear acrylic craft spray
    • Drop cloth or scrap cardboard
    • Painting respirator
    • 400# sandpaper
    • 0000# steel wool
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    Paint the Plate White

    picture of painted white plate
    The Spruce / Rita Shehan
    1. Place the plate onto a drop cloth or leftover cardboard.
    2. Paint the plate with white spray paint that contains primer on one side of the plate. It is a good idea to use a painting respirator while working with spray paint.
    3. Let the paint dry.
    4. Turn the plate over and spray the backside of the plate with the white spray paint.
    5. Let the plate dry.
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    Download and Print out the Leaves

    black and white leaf printalbe
    The Spruce / Rita Shehan
    1. Download the decoupage leaf PDF.
    2. Print the sheet template with a laser printer onto regular computer paper.
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    Cut out the Leaves

    black and white printable leafs
    The Spruce / Rita Shehan

    Cut the leaves from the decoupage template printable with scissors designed for precision cutting.

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    Arrange the Leaves

    leaf on white plate
    The Spruce / Rita Shehan

    Arrange the leaves around the edge of the plate as in the photo above. When you are pleased with the placement, you are ready to apply the decoupage medium.

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    Apply the Decoupage Medium

    black and white decoupage plate
    The Spruce / Rita Shehan
    1. Apply the decoupage medium to the plate with a foam brush.
    2. Use your fingers to smooth down the decoupage leaves on the plate.
    3. To get a flat surface, apply at least five coats of decoupage medium letting each coat dry 15 to 20 minutes between each coat.
    4. Wet sand the front of the plate with 400# sandpaper until the finish is smooth.
    5. Polish the plate with 0000# steel wool.
    6. Spray with acrylic sealer and let dry.
    7. Hang the plate onto your wall with a plate hanger, or place on a stand for display.

    Note: These plates are strictly for decorative use. Do not eat from these plates or try to clean them in a dishwasher. If you wish to clean the plates dust them lightly with a damp cloth.