Paper Tulip Tutorial for Spring

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    How to Make a Paper Tulip Spring Floral Arrangement

    Paper tulips made out of coffe filters
    Rita Shehan

    Let's celebrate the season of spring with paper crafting. These beautiful paper tulips from white coffee filters will add a touch of brightness to your home or can be given as a gift. Either way, you will enjoy making this Paper Tulip Spring Arrangement.

    Supplies Needed

    • White coffee filters
    • Template and Die Cut Files for this project
    • Scrap card stock
    • Dark green card stock
    • Pen
    • Scissors
    • Acrylic paint (Your choice of colors)
    • Paint brushes
    • Fabric stiffener
    • Floral wire
    • Brown floral tape
    • Green floral tape
    • Dry floral foam block
    • Green floral Spanish moss
    • Green ribbon
    • Printed tags
    • 4 inch round pot
    • Hot glue gun
    • Floral pins
    • Hair dryer (optional)
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    Cut Out and Trace the Paper Tulip Template

    coffee filter and template
    Rita Shehan

    Cut a petal template from left over card stock.

    Trace the petal shape onto the coffee filter with a pen, as in the photo above.

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    Each Tulip has 7 Petals

    Coffee Filter Tulip Petals
    : Rita Shehan

    Cut seven coffee filter petals with scissors for each tulip made.

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    Paint the Tulip Petals with Acrylic Paint

    Painted tulips petals
    : Rita Shehan

    Place the petals onto a surface that is protected from paint spillage.

    Paint each petal as desired with acrylic paints. Use a photo of a real tulip to help guide you in your color choices and design. I used red for the top and centers of each petal, and orange for the bottom and sides.

    After you paint the petals, spray the petals with fabric stiffener and let dry.

    If you wish you can help speed up the drying process with a hair dryer.

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    Twist the Petals to Add Texture

    Twisted tulip petals
    Rita Shehan

    Take each dried petal and twist into a sausage roll shape. This will give the petal texture and vertical design.

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    Unroll the Petals

    Textured coffee filter tulip petal
    Rita Shehan

    Gently unroll each petal and shape into a flower petal.

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    Paper Tulip Spring Floral Anther and Filament

    Floral wire covered with brown floral tape
    Rita Shehan

    Wrap three pieces of floral wire with brown floral tape.

    Wrap a little extra brown floral tape onto the top of each piece of floral wire to form the "anther and filament" of the tulip.

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    Wrap Three Pieces of Floral Wire Together

    Floral wire stem
    Rita Shehan

    Wrap the three pieces of floral wire together with green floral tape.This will make the tulip stem wider and give it realism.

    Leave the top one and one half inches of brown floral wires unwrapped.

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    Arrange the Petals Into a Tulip

    Paper Tulip
    Rita Shehan

    Arrange three floral petals around the top of the wrapped floral wire.

    Secure to stem by wrapping with floral tape.

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    Continue Arranging the Petals Around the Bud

    Paper Tulip
    Photo: Rita Shehan

    Arrange four more petals around the flower and secure these to the stem with floral tape.

    *Optional You can spray the petals with fabric stiffener once again to give the petals some extra stability and shape.

    Let the flower dry completely.

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    Cut the Tulip Leaves from Cardstock

    Paper Tulip
    : Rita Shehan

    Cut the tulip leaves out of green card stock.

    Pinch the bottom of the first leaf and glue to the stem with hot glue.

    Pinch the bottom of the second leaf and glue it to the stem with hot glue onto the opposite side of the stem.

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    Insert and Glue Dry Floral Foam into Flower Pot

    Clay pot filled with dry floral styrofoam
    Rita Shehan

    Cut dry floral foam down so that it fits into the floral pot of choice.

    You may secure the foam to the pot with hot glue if you desire.

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    Cover the Floral Foam with Spanish Moss

    Flower pot filled with fake grass
    Photo: Rita Shehan

    Cover the floral foam with green Spanish moss.

    You can either carefully hot glue the moss to the foam, or secure it with floral pins.

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    Arrange the Tulips in the Pot As Desired

    Rita Shehan

    Place three tulips into the foam and arrange as desired.

    Tie some pretty ribbon around the top of the pot if desired.

    Add some tags with the sentiment of your choice if desired.

    Printable versions of the tags may be downloaded here.