Cute Paper Earrings Tutorial

Paper Earring
Paper earrings are great last minute gift ideas. Kate Pullen


These cute paper earrings are so quick and easy to make, you'll soon be wearing a different pair of earrings for every occasion as well as knocking a few up for friends and family. These earrings are made from scraps of paper and can be customized using rubber stamps and other embellishments. The fun thing about these earrings is that they are made using the same technique as is used to make large paper flowers, we're just working on a much smaller scale!

Because these earrings are made from paper, it is unlikely that they are going to survive decades of daily wear and be passed down through the generations. You could either regard these as disposable jewelry or treat the finished earrings with a clear varnish to help protect them.

How to Make Small Paper Earrings

You don't need much to make these earrings. Here's the basic supply list:

  • Scraps of paper (pieces approximately 3 x 1" were used to make the earrings above) - use a thin paper, you need to be able to tightly concertina fold the pieces, we used silk paper in the earrings above
  • Rubber stamps and inks to decorate the paper
  • Craft wire
  • Earring findings

Here's how to make these cute paper earrings:

  1. Trim the paper into identical rectangle shapes which are about three times longer than they are wide. Stamp decorations over the surface of the paper. Remember that the paper is going to be concertina folder, therefore don't worry too much about the placing of these images. You are using them to add color and interest.
    1. Tightly concertina fold the earrings starting at the shortest edge
    2. Take the craft wire and tightly wrap it around the center of the concertina fold
    3. Fluff out the folds to create a gathered flower effect
    4. Attach the earrings to the earring fitting (if you are using earring wires make a loop from the craft wire and use this to hang the earrings, if you are using stud earrings use a strong glue to adhere the paper earrings to the earring stud pad)
    1. Repeat this for the second earring

    ...and that's it! We said this was a quick and easy project - however if you would like to add a bit more of a challenge here are some more ideas for making cute paper earrings.

    Tips for Making Paper Earrings

    • Use your ink pad to rub along the long edge of the paper before folding it. This will give a colored edge to your flower flower shape. Try using a second, complementary color to stamp a design.
    • Choose small outline image stamps and color the inside with bright marker pens to give a strong decorations to the paper before folding the paper to make the earrings
    • Use a bright color craft wire and make a feature of it by winding it around the middle of the paper several times rather than making discrete fastening
    • Add some glitter glue or use metallic gel pens to add some shine to the earrings. It is best to use glitter glue rather than loose glitter otherwise you could end up sprinkled in unwanted glitter when you are wearing the earrings
    • Adhere a stick on jewel to make a flower center (if you have self adhesive stick-on-jewels) without a strong adhesive, add a dab of strong adhesive to make sure the jewel stays in place