How to Make an Origami Corner Bookmark

Folding different origami patterned paper
Daniela Pelazza/Getty Images

Why Should You Make One?

origami corner bookmark
Rita Shehan

Although many people own digital e-readers, nothing will ever be the same as holding a book in your hands and feeling the pages. These bookmarks are the perfect small, inexpensive presents for the book lovers in your life. Many book lovers think it is a sin to crease the page corners so a handmade bookmark will be an appreciated gift. 

You can use a variety of paper for this whether it be plain or colorful, matte or shiny, anything is possible. Construction paper, crepe paper or tissue paper are common to use for this project but if you want something fancier you can go to your local artist supply store.

So make some bookmarks for yourself and your book-loving friends. They will truly appreciate your handmade gift.

Supplies Needed

  • A sheet of scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder (optional)
  • A floral embellishment of your choice​

Cut a 7 Inch Square From Paper

Origami Corner Bookmark Step 1
Rita Shehan
  1. Cut a seven inch square from the scrapbook paper of your choice.
  2. Place the square printed side down.

Fold the Square Over

Origami Corner Bookmark Step 2
Rita Shehan

 Place the square printed side down and fold in half as in the picture above.

Fold the Paper Again

Origami Corner Bookmark Step3
Rita Shehan
  1. Open the paper square, printed side down.
  2. Fold the left corner inwards at the centerfold, and then fold the right corner at the centerfold. Use the above photo as a guide. Make sure you have crisp creases. A bone folder will help you get the creases as crisp as possible.

Make Sure the Printed Side of the Paper Is Visible

Origami Corner Bookmark Step 4
Rita Shehan

Fold the square in half again. The printed side should be on both sides of the bookmark.

Fold the Project Again in the Middle

Origami Corner Bookmark Step 5
Rita Shehan
  1. Determine the middle point of the folded long edge.
  2. Take the right end and fold it downwards at the middle point.

Fold the Paper Downward

Origami Corner Bookmark Step 6
Rita Shehan

Fold the left end downwards at the middle point. Your origami project should now look like the photo above.

Tuck and Crease the Bookmark

Origami Corner Bookmark Step 7
Rita Shehan
  1. Pick up the origami project and open up on the bottom.
  2. Tuck the right end into the opening and crease sharply.

Tuck and Crease the Left Side

Origami Corner Bookmark Step 6
Rita Shehan

Tuck the left end into the bottom opening and crease sharply.

The Completed Look

Completed origami bookmark without embellishments
Rita Shehan

Your bookmark should look like the picture. If it doesn't don't despair! It can take a couple of tries to get it right. Once you get the hang of it you can make this in under a minute.

Add Embellishments

Completed origami bookmark with embellishment
Rita Shehan

If you want to jazz up your bookmark you can glue on an embellishment of your choice. We think the white paper flower make the bookmark extra special.

Package the Bookmarks

Origami bookmarks in a plastic package
Rita Shehan

Give your bookmarks to your friends and acquaintances as gifts. The right kind of packaging makes the marker look that much more unique. Just put them in a clear plastic gift bag, then staple the bag together at the top. Add a printed bag topper with your particular sentiment. The bookmarks look like they came from a boutique gift store! 

Get ready for the compliments coming your way after you give the bookmarks to your friends! This present will cost next to nothing to make, and your friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness and crafty skills.