25 Fresh Cross-Stitch Patterns for Spring

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    Spring Forward

    Hello spring circular counted cross-stitch design

    The world comes alive when spring decides to grace us with her presence. Mother Nature awakens from her slumber and shows us all that she has to offer by gracing us with beautiful flowers, budding trees, and singing birds. Celebrate the changing of seasons with a spring-inspired cross-stitch pattern. Enjoy these projects not just now, but all year round.

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    The Birds Are Singing

    Circular cross-stitch design with birds and flowers

    When spring arrives, you will know it by a bird's song. It could be the chirp of a robin or a peep of a baby chick. Celebrate the return of our feathered friends with this Spring Beauty cross-stitch pattern by ThuHaDesign. You can stitch it as an entire hoop or individual projects.

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    Floral Basket

    Square cross-stitch with a vase of blue flowers.
    Alice Okon

    Are you looking for a more traditional way to celebrate the season? Download this free Floral Basket pattern by Alice Okon. You can change the color scheme to fit your decor. It would be a beautiful addition to a formal dining room or sunroom.

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    Signs of Spring

    Spring cross-stitch design with various spring-themed words.

    What words come to mind when you think of spring? Flowers? Bunnies? Birds? Fresh air? Stitchery Stitch created a Signs of Spring pattern that includes every happy word that is associated with spring. This project would be wonderful on a mantle with fresh-cut daffodils.

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    Happy Bird

    Pink cross-stitch spring design with blue flower on a flower.
    Aliolka design

    Share your love of spring with a bright and fun Happy Bird card courtesy of Alioka design. This pattern is free to download from her blog and can be used not only for cards but also for small-framed samplers.

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    Spring Makeover

    Cross-stitch design of sheep.

    Spring is the perfect time for a makeover. Even little sheep need a new hairdo to welcome the season. Just a little off the top, please! MadameChantillyxxx's Spring Makeover pattern is a great mix of primitive and whimsical designs.

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    Spring Matroyshka

    Cross-stitch design of doll with pink birds
    The Tiny Modernist

    Russian nesting dolls come in a variety of styles and themes. The Tiny Modernist shares her version with a free Spring Matryoshka pattern. This can not only be stitched up for spring, but also for Valentine's Day. It is like getting two free patterns in one, just like a nesting doll!

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    Chalkboard Spring

    Hello Spring counted cross-stitch design.
    123 Cross Stitch

    Chalkboard themed cross-stitch patterns are very popular. The white floss pops against the grey fabric. There are other season and holiday-themed patterns to accompany the Spring Chalkboard project. Make one for each season to hang on your door or mantle.

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    Spring! cross-stitch design with hatching chickens.
    Hancock's House of Happy

    We wait, and wait and wait and finally POP! Spring is here! These cute little chicks are perfect for expressing our feelings of spring. This pattern is free to download and can be stitched in a variety of colors. This pattern would make a great baby shower gift.

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    Singing in the Spring

    Singin' in the Spring counted cross-stitch design with three birds in cages.
    123 cross stitch

    It doesn't matter if you have a great voice or not, spring is here and it is time to shout it from the rooftops or the birdcage as it is, with this Singing in the Spring cross-stitch pattern. This pattern will lift spirits and be a colorful addition to anyone's decor.

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    Daffodil Sampler

    Counted cross-stitch design with daffodils and alphabet
    DMC UK

    This Daffodil Sampler is the perfect mix of traditional flowers with a modern font. It is free for download from DMC UK and can be customized in any color of your choosing.

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    Lavender Spring Garden Pixie

    Cross-stitch design of woman with butterfly wings.
    123 Cross Stitch

    Spreading her wings and taking to the spring skies, this Lavender Spring Garden Pixie makes the most out of the season. Use iridescent floss to make her wings sparkle in the sunlight. This is one in a series of garden pixie patterns.

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    Spring Pattern

    Spring cross-stitch pattern with flowers, bird, and sun,
    The World According to Agi

    Get loud with your stitching with this free Spring pattern from The World According to Agi. If orange isn't your thing, change up the colors. You can also mix up the surrounding patterns to whatever images you like.

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    Spring Sampler

    Various spring sampler designs.
    The Frosted Pumpkin

    If you can't decide what aspect of spring you love, why not stitch them all with this cute Kawaii-inspired cross-stitch pattern from The Frosted Pumpkin. Its Spring Sampler has something for everyone. You can stitch one pattern or individual projects.

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    Floral Biscornu

    Purple flower cross-stitch design.

    Create a spring-inspired gift with this pattern for a Floral Biscornu. If you do not want to make a pincushion, why not stitch a handkerchief or a sachet full of lavender or roses.

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    Hello Spring!

    Hello Spring counted cross-stitch circular design.

    Say hello to spring with this colorful spring sampler from Happinesst. The bright colors and fun flowers welcome the new season. If you want to, dissect this pattern and use the lines of flowers as a border for other projects.

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    Sample of Spring

    Spring sampler with the alphabet and letters 1 through 10.
    Embroiderbee's Primary Hive

    Celebrating spring is as easy as ABC with this free Sample of Spring pattern. This project has it all, including a quilt-inspired pattern in the middle. You can stitch it as one or separate it to make several patterns.

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    Singing in the Rain

    Spring counted cross-stitch design of umbrellas and flowers.

    Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers. A little rain must fall to make spring flowers bloom. Don't run and hide; have fun and dance in the rain! When you can't get out and dance, stitch up some liquid sunshine with this spring umbrella-inspired pattern.

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    Pink counted cross-stitch heart with Merci in the middle.

    Merci, gracias, thank you. We should all be thankful for what and who we have in our lives. Let them know you appreciate them with this free spring Merci cross-stitch pattern.

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    Have a Nice Day

    Circular counted cross-stitch design saying Have a nice day.

    Do you need a gentle reminder to have a good day? We all need that extra little love sometimes. Stitch up the spring-inspired "Have a Nice Day" cross-stitch pattern to remind yourself that life is good and to enjoy the happiness around you including flowers and fun cross-stitch designs!

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    Spring Tulips

    Spring counted cross-stitch and colorful flowers

    If you don't have a green thumb but love spring flowers, don't give up hope; stitch them instead! This free Spring Tulip cross-stitch pattern is a pretty way to have flowers all year long. You can customize the colors to fit your liking.

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    Spring Goddess

    Spring goddess cross-stitch around flowers.

    This stunning spring goddess pattern looks more like a pattern than a cross-stitch pattern. It is a lot of work but well worth the time. You better get started now!

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    Save It for a Rainy Day

    Counted cross-stitch with cat, umbrella, and flower that reads: Save it for a rainy day.

    Rainy Days are perfect for staying inside and stitching. Every drop that falls, your flowers drink them in and prepare to bloom. Celebrate those raindrops with this free pattern.

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    Springtime in France

    French woman counted cross-stitch with alphabet.
    The Cottage Needle

    Spring isn't all about flowers and raindrops. It is about you emerging from hibernation and enjoying the fresh air. This demure French woman dresses to impress. She is loving every minute of spring. Watch her story unfold, one stitch at a time.

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    Cherry Blossom

    Cherry blossom counted cross-stitch design.

    The most beautiful sight in spring is the cherry blossom trees. When their flowers fall, it is like a beautiful pink snow. Stitch this free pattern in all black, as a silhouette, or be adventurous and add color.

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    Spring Dress

    Woman's white dress and flowers counted cross-stitch design.
    The Cottage Needle

    Time to shed those winter sweaters and grab your favorite spring dress. Dance in the clover with your favorite person. Spring has sprung!