From Apple to Zebra: Free Cross Stitch Patterns for Everyone

Free cross stitch patterns created by Connie Barwick

Photo of Bunnies Squared Pattern
Bunnies Squared Pattern. Photo © Connie G. Barwick, licensed to

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Acorns Away pattern
African Proverb Pattern Collection
Air Symbol pattern
Alpha and Omega pattern
Alphabets, cross stitch and back stitch patterns
Am I Bugging You? Bookmark

Anniversary pattern

Another Brick in the Wall, back stitch pattern

Ant Silhouette pattern

Aries Astrological sign pattern

Artful Arrows Square

Assisi Cross

Assisi Dove

Astrological Alphabet

August - Vacation MiniSampler



Baby Bottle Baby Saying

Baby's First Easter pattern

Back-to-School Sampler pattern

Baker's Dozen Alphabet, cross stitch pattern

Banded Baby Rattle patterns

Banded Egg pattern

Banded Hearts Egg pattern

Baseball Motif pattern

Basketball Motif pattern

Be Mine pattern

Be My Valentine Heart pattern

BGB Gizmo pattern

Bible Motif pattern

Birdhouse and Flower Pattern black and white symbol pattern | color symbol pattern

Birthday Cards Collection

Blank Egg pattern

Blessing Moon pattern

Blue Brown Box Square pattern

Bodice Ripper Bookmark pattern

Bomb Motif pattern

Bride and Groom Figure pattern

Brighid's Cross pattern

Brown and Blue border pattern

Brown Beauty Square pattern

Brown Dog pattern

Brown-Blue Egg pattern

Bunnies Squared pattern

Busy Blocks Square pattern

Butterfly Blessing collection

Butterfly Fairy pattern

Butterfly Motif black and white symbol pattern | color symbol pattern



C is for Carrot pattern

Canada Day Maple Leaf Motif

Cancer Astrological sign pattern

Celtic Cross pattern

Celtic Shield Knot

Charming Alphabet Sampler pattern

Checked Band Egg pattern

Cheese Sampler

Cherries Jubilee Fairy pattern

Chi Ro pattern

Child's Tree pattern

Chinese Harmony pattern

Christian Fish Symbol

Christmas Bookmark pattern

Christmas Diamond pattern

Church Silhouette Pattern

Cinco de Mayo pattern

The Claw, back stitch pattern

Cockroach Silhouette pattern

Column Pattern Collection

Concentric Square pattern

Constricted Square pattern

Coptic Cross pattern

Criss Cross Square pattern

Cross Motif patterns

Cross Stitch card patterns

Crown Motif pattern


D is for Doll pattern
Dad's Book bookmark pattern
Daffodil and Tulip Diamond pattern
Daisy Diamond pattern
Daisy Trellis Border
Dare to Be Yourself saying
Day of the Dead Ornament patterns
Dear Diamond Square pattern
December - Believe Minisampler Pattern
December 25th pattern
Deck the Halls pattern
Delila Gerbil pattern
Detour Sign pattern
Diamond Bookmark pattern
Dilly Pattern
Divided Heart Motif pattern
Diwali pattern
Doily Collection
Dollar Sign chart
Dove and Olive Branch chart
Dove Silhouette
Dragon Bookmark pattern
Dragon Pattern Collection
Dragonfly Fairy pattern
Dragonfly Motif pattern
Duck pattern



E is for Egg pattern
Earth Symbol pattern
Easter Band Sampler
Easter Egg Charts I
Easter Egg Charts II
Easter Egg Hunt pattern
Easter Greetings Egg pattern
Easter Tidings Egg pattern
Easy Baby-Themed Cross Stitch Patterns
Easy Christmas Cross Stitch Patterns
Easy Easter-Themed Cross Stitch Patterns
Easy Halloween-Themed Cross Stitch Patterns
Egyptian-Themed Pattern Collection
Elven Star pattern
Emerald Sampler pattern
Encircled Cross pattern
Encircled Five Point Star pattern
Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends Sampler
Evil Eye Protection Collection
Eye Eye Square Pattern
Eye of Horus pattern
Eye of Ra pattern




F is for Flag pattern
Fairy in Flight pattern
Fall Down, Get Up Saying
Falling Snowflakes patterns
Feather Tree pattern
February - Love MiniSampler pattern
Fire Symbol pattern
Fire Fairy pattern
Five Point Star pattern
Fleur-di-lis Motif pattern
Floating Diamonds, back stitch pattern
Floral Diamond Collection
Floral Egg pattern
Floral Fever Square pattern
Flower Wheel Collection
Fluttery Flower Egg pattern
Football motif
Four Part Harmony Collection
Four-Petal Flower pattern
Four Spiral Square pattern
Frank Herbert Knowledge Quote pattern
Friendship Saying (Aristotle) bookmark pattern




G is for Grass pattern
Gather Ye Rosebuds - Kitties
Gather Ye Rosebuds - Puppies
Gather Ye Rosebuds - Scotties
Gemini Astrological Sign pattern
Girlie's Garden Patterns
Give Thanks pattern
Golden Horn Ornament
Golden Ornament Collection
Golf Ball motif
Graduation, mix-and-match patterns
Grandmother's Quilt Saying pattern
Graphic Sampler pattern
Gratitude Saying pattern
Greek Cross pattern


H is for Hay
Halloween Trio Border pattern
Handcuffs pattern
Handprints Pattern Collection
Happy Birthday Design
Happy Birthday, mix and match patterns
Happy Easter Basket pattern
Happy Easter Egg pattern
Happy Halloween Saying patterns
Happy Hanukkah pattern Happy Holidays, back stitch pattern
Happy Holidays, Cross Stitch pattern
Happy Mother's Day pattern
Happy New Year
Happy Sun pattern
Happy Thanksgiving pattern
Happy Thanksgiving Cornucopia Banner pattern
Hardanger Heart pattern
Harmony pattern
Have a Horrifying Halloween Saying pattern
Hawaiian Flower Motif pattern
He is Risen pattern
Heart and Arrow Motif pattern
Heart Border Alphabet Sampler pattern
Heart Tic-Tac-Toe Board pattern
Hearts and Star Motif
Heart-Within-Heart Motif
Hecate's Wheel pattern
Hidden Honeycomb Square pattern
Hockey Motif pattern
Holi pattern
Hot Air Balloon, color pattern


I is for Island
I Love You Hearts pattern
Ichthus Symbol chart
Idyllic Band Sampler pattern
Illuminated Mother Motif
It's a Girl Baby Rattle pattern
Itty Bitty Alphabet


J is for Jam pattern
Jagged Band Egg
January - Dream MiniSampler pattern
Jeweled Ornament pattern
Jewish Symbol charts
July - Celebrate MiniSampler pattern
June - Cherish MiniSampler pattern


K is for Kite pattern
King's Crown Motif
Kiss Me, I'm Irish
Kiwi Diamond pattern
Kooky Kaleidoscope Square pattern


L is for Lemons pattern
Lacy Overlay Egg pattern
Lamb and Cross pattern
Languages of Love pattern
Laundry Room Sign Collection
Leafy Tree pattern
Leaning Alphabet Sampler pattern
Lemonade Sampler pattern
Leo Astrological sign pattern
Leprechaun Hat One
Leprechaun Hat Two
Libra Astrological Sign pattern
Life is Good Saying pattern
Lorraine Cross pattern
Love Bug color symbol pattern | symbol pattern
Lunch, color symbol pattern


M is for Moon pattern
Make a Difference Saying pattern
Maltese Cross pattern
Mandala Pattern Collection
Many Hands Saying pattern
Maple Leaf Silhouette pattern
March - Imagine MiniSampler pattern
Mardi Gras-Themed patterns
Math Symbols Sampler
May - Honor MiniSampler pattern
Mayan Temple pattern
Meandering Path Border pattern
Mini Heart A pattern
Mini Heart B pattern
Mini Heart C pattern
Mini Heart D pattern
Mini Shamrock pattern
Mini Snowflake pattern
Mini Spool Quilt pattern
Miniature Square patterns
Monogram Alphabet Charts
Mom's Book bookmark pattern
Monkey Wrench Mini Quilt pattern
Monogrammed Egg pattern

Moon and Star Motif
Morning Glory, back stitch pattern
Mother is Another Word for Love banner pattern | square pattern
My Book bookmark pattern


N is for Needle pattern
Naptime pattern
Nine-Patch bookmark pattern
No Left Turn Sign pattern
No Right Turn Sign pattern
No Sign pattern
Noel pattern
Not a Creature was Stirring pattern
November - Be Very Thankful MiniSampler pattern


O is for Orange
October - Treat Mini Sampler pattern
Ohm Motif patterns Small Ohm | Large Ohm
One Way (Left) Sign pattern
One Way (Right) Sign pattern
Open Heart Trio pattern
Optical Illusion, back stitch pattern
Orange Safety Cone pattern


P is for Pig pattern
Paisley Passion Square pattern
Palm Tree Motif pattern
Passover Motifs Collection
Patriarchal Cross pattern
Patriarchal Cross with Orb pattern
Patterns for Pherenice Collection
Peace, Love, Strength Blessing pattern
Picasso Art Saying pattern
Pinwheel Mini Quilt pattern
Pinwheel Saying pattern
Pinwheel Welcome pattern
Pisces Astrological sign pattern
Potent Cross pattern
Precisely Pointy Square pattern
Pueblo Pots Collection
Punctuation Symbols Sampler
Purple Hearts Motif


Q is for Quilt pattern
Quilt-Inspired Cross Stitch


R is for Rabbit pattern
Railroad Sign pattern
Rainbow Egg pattern
Rainbow Hearts pattern
Read My Tea Leaves Sampler pattern
Rejoice pattern
Rhodes Stitch Egg pattern
Ripple Striped Egg pattern
Road Work Ahead Sign pattern
Romance bookmark pattern
Rose Window pattern
Rosy Rows Square pattern
Ruffled Diamond pattern


S is for Sun pattern
Satin Hardanger Heart
Scalloped Hearts Motif
Scorpio Astrological sign pattern
Seax Wica Symbol pattern
September - Remember MiniSampler pattern
Shakespeare Dreams Saying
Shamrock Saying pattern
Sideways Square pattern
Simple Rangoli Pattern
Sing Your Song, back stitch pattern
Sitting Fairy pattern
Skull and Cross Bones pattern Small Motif | Large Motif
Sleepy Moon pattern
Small Ankh pattern Small Arrow Motif pattern
Small Back Stitch Motif pattern
Small Bug pattern
Small Christmas Tree black and white pattern | color symbol pattern
Small Cross Motif pattern
Small Flower Border pattern
Small Oval Border pattern
Small Snowflake pattern
Smiley Face Motif pattern
Smiling Stars
Snowy Tree pattern
Soccer Ball motif
Solar Cross pattern
Solid Heart Border pattern
Somebunny Loves You pattern
Special Square One
Special Square Two
Special Square Three
Spider Silhouette pattern
Spool Quilt Border pattern
Spring Follows Winter Saying pattern
St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold
St. Patrick's Day Saying
St. Patrick's Day Shamrock
St. Patrick's Day Heaven Saying
Stabbed Heart Motif
Stained Glass Window pattern
Star Stitch Border pattern
Starfish motif pattern
Starry Egg pattern
Stinkbug Silhouette pattern
Stitch in Time Saying pattern
Stoney Stick Square pattern
Stop Sign pattern
Stork Birth Announcement
Street and Traffic Sign patterns
Street Sign pattern
Striped Egg pattern
Striped Heart pattern
Study in Pink pattern
Sun Motif pattern
Sun Wheel pattern
Sunburst pattern
Sweet Dreams pattern


T is for Turtle pattern
Table Accessories patterns
Take Me To Your Leader pattern
Tangerine Heart
Taurus Astrological sign pattern
Teacups and Books bookmark pattern
Teasing T's pattern
Ten Commandments pattern
Thank You Card pattern
Thanksgiving Invitation patterns
The Road Home pattern
There's No Place Like Home Saying pattern
Thinking of You Card pattern
This Way to the Egress Sign
Thor's Hammer pattern
Three Pumpkins and a Squash
Tiny Alphabet, back stitch
Tiny Heart pattern
Torah Scroll
Traffic Light Bookmark pattern
Traffic Light pattern
Trashy Novel bookmark pattern
Trick or Treat Banner pattern
Trinity Symbol pattern
Triple Crescent pattern
Triple Goddess pattern
Triple Horn of Odin pattern
Triple Spiral pattern
Tulip Trio Egg


U is for Ukulele pattern


V is for Vinegar pattern
Vintage Heart black and white pattern | color symbol
Vintage Valentine Seamstress pattern
Vintage Violet Posy pattern
Virgo Astrological sign pattern


W is for Welcome
Wanderer's Way Square pattern
Warning Signs pattern
Wasp Silhouette pattern
Water Symbol pattern
Wavy Striped Egg pattern
Wedding Cross Stitch Collection
Welcome Friends Saying pattern | Sampler pattern
Whimsy Pattern Collection
Wild West Sampler pattern
Wild Windows Square pattern
Winged Goddess pattern
Witching You a Happy Halloween Saying pattern
With Sympathy Card pattern
Wrapped Egg pattern


X is for X-ray pattern
X is for Xylophone
X Marks the Spot pattern


Y is for Yo-Yo and Z is for Zig-Zag
Yield Sign pattern
Yin-Yang Symbol pattern
Yoruba Forgiveness Proverb pattern
Yoruba Origins Proverb pattern
You're Out of This World Collection
Yummy Watermelon


Zodiac Cross Stitch Charts
Zulu Proverb pattern