22 Cross Stitch Patterns for Easter

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    Spring Into Easter


    Hop to it! From chocolate bunnies to fuzzy chicks; Cross stitch these fun and whimsical Easter themed patterns.

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    Easter Rabbit

    123 Cross Stitch

    How can you resist this sweet little Easter Rabbit? His big eyes are just begging you to stitch him up. 123 Cross Stitch has this pattern available for purchase along with the supplies you need to make a cute wall hanging or sachet. 

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    Break Free


    This little chick is so happy to finally be able to break free and enjoy Easter. This pattern is free for you to stitch up from cgratos.pagesperso-orange. This pattern would be wonderful on an Easter basket or totebag.   

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    Hoppy Easter

    123 Cross Stitch

    Hoppy Easter from this cute little bunny family. Barbara Ana Designs created this adorable pattern that features everything wonderful about spring and Easter. It is available for purchase at 123 Stitch. 

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    Chocolate Bunny

    123 cross stitch

    There is nothing more popular at Easter than a chocolate bunny. Everyone has their favorite way to eat it. While most go for the eats, few start with the tail. If you are trying to watch your figure but still love chocolate bunnies than why not stitch up this pattern to celebrate the Easter icon. 

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    Happy Easter

    Alita Designs

    This Happy Easter cross stitch pattern is the perfect size and sentiment for one of a kind greeting cards. You can also stitch it up for a wall hanging. This pattern is available free from Alita Designs.

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    Easter Fairy

    123 Cross Stitch

    Mirabilia Designs created a series of fairies for each season and holiday. Their Easter Fairy ushers in the holiday and the spring season. The colors are very soft and perfect for the theme. 

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    Easter Blackwork

    Create an Easter card for your favorite person with this free Blackwork pattern from cross stitching,com. While it is not using the traditional black or red floss, the style is still the same. You can use any color you wish. Add ribbon and attach to a card for a one of a kind wish. 

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    You Crack Me Up

    Nerdy Little Stitcher

    Do you have that special someone in your life that cracks you up? They just know how to make you smile? If so, show them some Easter love with this fun pattern from Nerdy Little Stitcher. You can find this pattern, as well as other tongue and cheek projects at their Etsystore. 

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    Spring is Here!

    Nikki Patterns

    Easter is here! This adorable set of patterns from Nikki's Patterns is perfect for spring cross-stitching. Each one showcases fun little bunnies and chicks celebrating Easter. You can stitch them in separate hoops or together as a sampler. 

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    Modern Easter

    Stitchery Stitch

    Stitchery Stitch created this unusual modern subway art inspired Easter cross stitch pattern for purchase. It features traditional and contemporary images as well as a wide variety of bright and darker colors. 

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    Easter Sampler


    Gazette 94 is well known for their detailed free patterns, like this Easter Sampler. If bright pastel colors aren't your thing, you can change them up for floss that fits your decor. This site offers free patterns for every occasion and season. 

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    Sweet Rabbits

    Petite Croix

    Chocolate bunnies hold up a detailed Easter egg in this free pattern from Petites Croix. This project does have smaller parts to it, but it is still good for the beginning stitcher. 

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    Happy Easter!


    Who is that peaking over the edge? It's the Easter Bunny! This pattern by Happinesst celebrates the holiday and its spokes-bunny. Using nontraditional colors and design, this project is perfect for anyone wanting a modern touch on their holiday. 

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    Bright Easter Fairy


    This bright Easter Fairy is available for free on Cross Stitch Pattern.net. This is just one in the series of seasonal and holiday fairies. 

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    A Scandinavian Easter

    Midcentury Maude

    This little Dutch girl screams "It's a Small World" from Disney. She is bright and happy, ready to celebrate Easter with you. Mid Century Maude's pattern can be displayed all year long. 

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    Easter House

    Brook's Books

    Where does the Easter Bunny live? In the Easter House, of course! This egg themed house by Brooke's Books is free to download. There are many other seasonal and popular culture free patterns on her website

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    Bunny Crossing

    Animals Cross Stitch

    Tired of the same old chocolate Easter bunny? Why not try a new design on an old friend. Animals Cross Stitch mixes shapes, patterns and color to give a new makeover to a traditional image. If the colors aren't what you are looking for, venture out and mix them up.

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    Bunny Butt!

    The Tiny Modernist

    Is there anything cuter than a little fluffy bunny butt?. The Tiny Modernist share their free pattern for this cute little rabbit that seems to be showing us his best side. 

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    Bunny Boy

    Stomp Creations

    This sweet little boy enjoys his carrot while showing off his Easter excitement in his favorite bunny suit. Stomp Creation creates fun patterns that you can stitch over a weekend. Check out their Etsy store for other projects. 

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    Bunny Card

    Ursula Michels

    Free Patterns.com have a wide range of free Easter themed patterns like this Bunny Card. The projects range from simple to more advanced, and from traditional to modern. If you do download one of the free patterns, please be respectful of the copyright requests of the creator. 

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    Row of Rabbits

    CM Barr

    The animals in this pattern are multiplying like... rabbits. Chocolate bunnies, peep squirrels and fuzzy yellow chicks enjoy their Easter basket. This is a small but detailed project that looks great framed and on a mantle. 

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    Happy Easter!

    The World According to Agi

    You can not enjoy Easter without a pink peep inspired bunny. The World According to Agi share their free pattern for you to stitch up and display on your mantle this Easter season This project is a good starting point for beginners.