You Wear it Well: Cross Stitch Jewelry for Everyday Wear

6 Tutorials and inspiration for making one of a kind cross stitch jewelry

 Cross stitch has come a long way since your grandma started stitching. We have branched out to cross stitching on just about everything we can find and that includes jewelry. Fans of cross stitch are making pendants, rings, buttons, and bracelets. Each is one of a kind and it is a great way to display our works of art around town. Whether it is from a kit or made from recycled items, cross-stitched jewelry is a great way to express your creativity. 

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    Hanging Around

    Cross stitch pendant

    Make Magazine

     Maybe rings aren't your thing. You are more of a necklace kind of person. You like to have that conversation piece out there, on display for the world to see. One of the coolest ways to display your cross-stitched artwork is to make a pendant. In her Make tutorial, Andrea DeHart gives you step by step instruction on how to make your very own cross stitched pendant for a necklace. She doesn't leave one step out, thus making it easier than ever to showcase your stitching. 

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    Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

    DIY Bottle Cap Ornament

    Fab DIY Designs

     There is nothing better than resuing something, keeping it out of the landfills and repurposing it as a beautiful piece of jewelry. Fab DIY Designs created a quick tutorial for making an ornament from a bottlecap but it can be turned into a charm for a necklace, ring or any other piece of jewelry you can think of. Stitch up your piece while having a beverage then frame it with the cap! 

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    Between Friends

    Friendship bracelet

    Bracelet Book

    Remember making friendship bracelets when you were a kid? Do you remember collecting them from your friends and have an entire wrist full of bracelets? Too bad there was a lack of fun designs. Nowadays there are a million ideas out there to fit every style for every person. You also don't have to stick to just cross stitch patterns. Pearler beads and knitting patterns make great bracelets. has so many patterns for every friend in your circle, both boys and girls. 

    Friendship Bracelet Pattern from Bracelet Book 

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    Off the Cuff

    Cuff bracelet

    Craft and Creativity

    Cuff bracelets are hot right now. You can cross stitch a wide variety of designs from vintage boho to a feminine floral pattern. You can customize your cuff even more by cross stitching names or a stylish monogram. Craft and Creativity shows you how to take a simple leather strip and turn it into a fun wearable work of art. If you are opposed to leather, you can use vinyl or fabric. You can buy the cuff with the holes already drilled into the leather or if you are up for the challenge, you can drill your own. 

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    Special Set

    Cross stitch earrings

    Fan Girl Stitches

    You have a necklace, a bracelet and even a brooch, but there is something about your outfit that is still missing. You need earrings. Fan Girl Stitches share their tutorial for Cross Stitch Earrings with a free pattern. This is an excellent way to use up those small pieces of plastic canvas that you have left over from past projects. You can cross stitch earrings in any size or shape. You can cross stitch everything from abstract shapes to your favorite character. Have fun with this idea but creating one of a kind fan base wearable artwork.

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    Finishing Touches

    Lynn's Cross Stitch Tutorial

    Once you have cross stitched a piece for jewelry, how do you finish it? Lynn B has an easy to follow tutorial that is perfect for finishing cross stitch projects for necklaces, rings and buttons. You do not need special tools to make this project. You can also make brooches using this technique. A fun project to try is to make a large monogram brooch out of several smaller pins. 

    Finishing a Cross Stitch Necklace by Lynn B

You Wear it Well

You can create one of a kind pieces of wearable art when you combine your cross stitching with jewelry findings. Cross stitch jewelry allows you to stitch everything from a family heirloom to today's latest trends. Let your imagination flow and your needle will follow.