Try Cross Five, an Easy Patchwork Quilt Block Pattern

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    How to Make Easy Cross Five Quilt Blocks

    Cross Five Quilt Block Pattern
    Janet Wickell

    Cross Five is an easy patchwork quilt block pattern. The design is a traditional quilt block that's very much like Cross Four, but even easier to assemble, because Cross Five's solid center square replaces the other block's small central nine-patch unit.

    Cross Five is sewn with beginner-friendly straight grain pieces of fabric that are less stretchy than bias edged triangles. Do take care when cutting long strips of fabric because the strips are narrow. Strips that are Cut too large or too small will affect the accuracy of the block.

    Other patchwork shapes are larger, and a bit easier to cut.

    Use a quarter inch seam allowance to construct this quilt block pattern. Beginning quilters should test the seam allowance before starting the project.

    The Cross Five quilt block finishes at 12" x 12".

    Sew a scrap quilt with the Cross Five quilt block pattern, mixing fabrics to suit your tastes. If you prefer, devise an orderly arrangement, but I recommend altering the four corner squares in blocks sewn side by side to create four patch units where blocks meet.

    Altering the corner squares is not a requirement—you might prefer the look of one large same colored square at block intersections. 

    Cross Five can be used in any type of quilt. Straight set layouts, on point designs, and strippy quilt designs (including row quilts) are all an option. Consider some of the popular quilt layout options when designing a quilt. 

    Cutting for One 12" Cross Five Quilt Block

    Like Cross Four, our version of the Cross Five quilt block is monochromatic—in all blues, but with a somewhat darker neutral print in the background.

    The block would look good sewn in batiks or in bright primary colors with a white background. Experiment with colors and you'll discover that it's easy to create a 3D look with the quilt block.

    Dark Blue Print

    • (2) 1-1/2" x 21" strips

    Cream Print With Blue

    • (1) 1-1/2" x 21" strip
    • (4) 5" x 5" squares for corners
    • (1) 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" square for the center
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    Sew the Cross Five Quilt Block

    Cross Five Quilt Block
    Janet Wickell

    Sew the Quilt Block

    1. Sew a 1-1/2" x 21" dark blue strip lengthwise to each side of the lighter strip of the same size. Press to set the seams.
    2.  Press seam allowances towards the dark strips.
    3. The center strip should measure 1" along its entire length. Both outer strips should be 1-1/4" wide.
    4. Square up one end of the strip set and cut (4) 5" segments as shown in the top drawing. Set aside.
    5. Gather the four light 5" x 5" corner squares and the light 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" center square (not shown separately in the drawing).
    6. Arrange the squares with the strip pieced segments to create three rows as shown, lower left. Sew the pieces in each row together and press seam allowances towards the squares.
    7. Join the rows, matching seam intersections carefully. Press.
    8. The Cross Five quilt block should measure 12-1/2" x 12-1/2". If it doesn't, try one of our easy ways to square up quilt blocks.

    See the Cross Four quilt block pattern for a few notes about strip piecing multiple quilt blocks. That technique will help you assemble the blocks very quickly and accurately.

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