Free Hexagon Crochet Patterns

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There are so many great shapes that you can make in crochet. You can use squares and circles and triangles in different combinations to create all sorts of unique projects. Add to this array of options when you learn how to crochet hexagons.

The ten free hexagon crochet patterns here will open up a whole world of options for you to make everything from adorable coasters to motif-based afghans. If you enjoy making them then you might also want to check out how to crochet pentagons.

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    Floral Granny Hexagon

    Crocheted Granny Hexagon Motif With a Flower in the Center

    Michael Solovay

    This free crochet hexagon pattern begins with a flower at the center, making it a terrific choice for springtime projects. It continues through the rounds with a granny-inspired design, which means that you could combine it with crochet granny squares and granny circles for creative items. For example, string a combination of hexagons, circles, and squares into beautiful bunting for an Easter party. This crochet hexagon is made using three different colors of worsted weight yarn but of course, you could vary it to suit your own designs.

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    Colorful Granny Hexagon

    Colorful Granny Hexagon Free Crochet Pattern

    Attic 24 / Lucy

    If you really like the idea of a hexagon inspired by a granny square then this free tutorial from Attic 24 is one of your best options. It shows how to begin in the center and work out to quickly begin replicating the double crochet granny clusters you're used to seeing in squares. This also shows how bold color changes can make a big statement even on small crochet hexagons.

    Colorful Granny Hexagon free crochet pattern by Lucy of Attic 24

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    Bee-Inspired Hexagon

    Bee-Inspired Hexagon Free Crochet Pattern
    Sandi Marshall

    Here is a hexagon pattern featuring a grouping of several abstract bee motifs in the center. You have to look closely to see the bees, although you can draw them out with smart color choices. Even if you don't see them clearly, this is still a beautiful crochet hexagon with versatile usage.

    Bee-Inspired Hexagon free crochet pattern by Sandi Marshall

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    Wind Flower Hexagon

    Wind Flower Hexagon Free Crochet Pattern

    This floral crochet hexagon pattern shows another example of how puff stitches can be used to create decorative details. In this case, they are used at the center of the flower to add texture. The unique choice of a two-color design here sets the floral center apart from the edge of the hexagon. Put a bunch of these together to make a crochet garden.

    Wind Flower Hexagon free crochet pattern by MijoCrochet

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    Single Crochet Hexagon

    Single Crochet Hexagon Free Pattern
    Knitting and Crochet with Words

    This is a very easy crochet hexagon pattern that is worked almost entirely in single crochet stitches. This crochet hexagon is very dense, making for a terrific warm textured blanket when multiple motifs are stitched together. It would also make a great dishcloth if it worked as an individual hexagon in cotton yarn.

    Hexagon Blanket crochet pattern by Knitting and Crochet With Words

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