13 Free Wire Crochet Jewelry Patterns

Working with Wire and Beads Makes Beautiful Accessories

Crochet Wire Ring

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Crochet jewelry makes a statement. It is an easy way to accessorize any outfit, elevating it to head-to-toe fashion. Beautiful crochet jewelry can be made of thread or yarn, of course, but you really expand your options when you learn to crochet with wire and beads. These techniques, which aren't as difficult as you might guess, help you to create truly high-end jewelry that you would be comfortable wearing to even the fanciest event of the year.

Wire crochet jewelry like the projects found here is also the perfect item to make for gifting. People who already have plenty of your yarn crochet accessories will be surprised with delight when you gift them this elegant jewelry. Alternatively, you can definitely turn to wire crochet patterns to make items that worth selling as an artisan at local craft fairs or even online.

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    Clustered Wire Crochet Necklace

    Wire Crochet Braided Necklace with Beads

     Michelle Buttgereit, Ravelry

    This clustered wire crochet necklace looks more complicated than it really is, which means that you'll enjoy making it and you'll be able to show off when wearing it. It's made in three separate strands, using crochet slip stitches and chain stitches to secure the beads onto the wire. Then you'll braid the three strands together to get the dense clustered effect.

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    Love Knot Embracelet

    Love Knot Embracelet


    This love knot embracelet is crocheted using medium or large sized beads plus 26 gauge wire. It is a very unique pattern in that it uses love knots (also known as Solomon's knots) to encase each bead in place. This is a beautiful design that will certainly become a statement piece in your wardrobe. If you want to challenge yourself to make something stunning, this is the piece to try.

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    Wire Christmas Tree Crochet Earrings

    Christmas Tree Wire Crochet Earrings

    Gossamer Tangles

    Learn how to crochet earrings using this super simple triangle design for these wire Christmas tree crochet earrings. Use green wire to work the triangle shape, creating the symbol of the Christmas tree. Then add red beads for a truly festive piece of jewelry. Of course, you can always change up the colors to create graphic designs that don't represent the holidays.

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    Wire Crochet Necklace, Choker and Bracelet

    Wire Crochet Necklace


    This is a set of three jewelry patterns to create a long necklace, a choker necklace, and a bracelet. The wire crochet necklace, choker and bracelet are all crocheted using 28 gauge wire. You might make the whole set and wear them together or simply choose the item that you would most want to wear and make only that.

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    Crochet Wire Bracelet

    Crochet Wire Braided Beaded Bracelet

    Christy Robbins

    This crochet wire bracelet pattern are a technique frequently used when making wire jewelry and this is one terrific example of that. The braided wire is combined with beads for a beautiful lush jewelry design. It has a little bit of a boho vibe but can also be elegant depending on what clothing you pair it with.

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    Wire Crochet Bracelet

    Wire Crochet Bracelet Free Pattern

    How We Flourish

    This is another version of a crochet bracelet made with wire and beads. This wire crochet bracelet is a very simple pattern that includes detailed tutorial-style information so it's another option that's good for beginners to working with alternative crochet materials.

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    Crochet Wire Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

    Beaded Wire Crochet Bracelet

    Lovely Little Life

    This is a crochet wire cuff bracelet tutorial that teaches you how to work a wider cuff-style bracelet with wire and beads. This is the kind of piece that is eye-catching all on its own, so you can wear a simple outfit, no other jewelry, and still stand out in a crowd. You might want to use your birthstone color for the beads to make this one even more personal.

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    Wire Crochet Teardrop Earrings

    Wire Crochet Teardrop Earrings Free Pattern

    Petals to Picots

    This wire crochet teardrop earrings pattern is by Kara Gunza whose blog offers a number of other great free wire crochet jewelry patterns in addition to this one. Believe it or not these are made using just single crochet stitches! If you're well-versed in basic crochet but haven't tried working with wire before, this may be just the pattern that you need.

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    Emerald Necklace

    Emerald Wire Necklace

    Akasha's Creations

    Use the super simple chain stitch worked over emerald beads to create this simple but stunning emerald necklace. It's a great way to practice working with wire and beads without involving any complicated stitch techniques.

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    Copper Ring

    Copper Ring

    Yolanda Munoz

    Use copper wire to create a very simple copper ring that you can wear every day. This is a basic crochet jewelry pattern, perfect for building your skills. It uses single crochet stitches, and the sizing is flexible to adapt to different fingers.

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    Wire Crochet Ring

    Crochet Wire Ring Free Pattern


    This wire crochet ring is another crochet ring pattern that you can work very simply using just wire and your crochet hook. Working with different types of wire will give you a good sense of the sizes and metals that you like best. Since these rings work up so fast, they're a great project to practice trying out different wire options.

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    Wire Crochet Ring

    Wire Crochet Ring Free Pattern

    El Mon de Rosalia

    This wire crochet ring is a unique pattern because it uses silver embroidery thread instead of wire to give you the look of wire while allowing you to work with thread. The same pattern could be used with actual wire, of course. However, the thread is ideal for people who are sensitive to metals. The design is a pretty flower, particularly well-suited to spring and summer accessorizing. This is a bilingual crochet pattern available in Spanish and English.

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    Blue Star Earrings

    Blue Star Earrings

    Mary C. Pueschner, Ravelry

    This blue star earrings pattern is one more alternative to crocheting with wire. Instead the pattern asks that you crochet with silver lame cord, designed to look like wire. Again, you could select to crochet with actual wire instead. Either way these are beautiful bead crochet earrings.