12 Free Tea Cozy Crochet Patterns

Teapot cozy and heart mug

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Tea time is a little more enjoyable when you have a fabulous tea cozy handy to keep the pot warm while you sip. Crochet tea cozies are unique projects that many crafters haven't tried yet and once you have tried one you may discover you absolutely love making them. These 12 tea cozy crochet patterns are all free and they showcase great versatility in stitches and styles.

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    Roses Tea Cozy

    Roses Tea Cosy Free Crochet Pattern

    Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me

    This tea cozy is embellished with large three-dimensional crochet roses. It is a beautiful, feminine decoration for the home that adds a lot of romance to any table. This statement piece is the perfect project for gift making.

    Roses Tea Cozy from Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me

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    Granny Tea Cozy

    Granny Tea Cozy Crochet Tutorial

    Crochet with Raymond

    This crochet tea cozy takes the idea of the granny square and uses that stitch combination to create a granny chic teapot. This can be worked in any color scheme to match your own table settings. It is one of the most popular classic tea cozy crochet patterns.

    Granny Tea Cozy from Crochet With Raymond

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    Caravan Tea Cozy

    Caravan Teacosy Free Crochet Pattern

    Emma Varnam

    Here is another shell stitch crochet tea cozy pattern; it's a popular stitch for this type of project. This is due in part to the design but also to the great dense texture that will help keep your tea warm while also keeping the pot safe for your hands to hold. This one has loops on the top to allow you to hang this tea cozy on the wall; make a whole art display of them.

    Caravan Tea Cozy from Emma Varnam

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    Cupcake Tea Cozy

    Cupcake Tea Cozy Free Crochet Pattern

    Emma Varnam

    Emma Varnam, designer of the Caravan tea cozy crochet pattern has also designed this cute free crochet pattern for a tea cozy that looks like a cupcake. It is dressed up with red seed beads and a crocheted strawberry on top. This one is perfect for tea parties.

    Cupcake Tea Cozy from Emma Varnam

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    Ripple Crochet Tea Cozy

    Ripple Crochet Tea Cozy Free Pattern


    This colorful cozy is crocheted using a zigzag (ripple stitch) pattern. It is available in two different sizes to adjust for the size of the teapot that you have. This same designer also offers a variation of this tea cozy called the flower tea cozy that turns the basic design into a beautiful flower opening up around the teapot.

    Ripple Crochet Tea Cozy from Justjen-knits&stitches

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    "Short and Stout" Tea Cozy

    "Short and Stout" Tea Cozy Free Pattern

    Ella Jensen / Ravelry

    This crochet pattern uses basic crochet stitches in combination with post stitches for the top ribbing. It uses a button closure to wrap and secure the tea cozy around the teapot. This pattern is available for free download on Ravelry. It uses less than 100 yards of DK weight yarn so it can be a good stash buster project.

    Short and Stout Tea Cozy from Ella Jensen via Ravelry

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    Straightforward Tea Cozy

    Straightforward Tea Cozy Free Crochet Pattern

    The Adventures of the Gingerbread Lady

    This cozy begins with a circle that is turned into a rectangle. It has simple color changes to make large stripes. This is a good beginner's crochet pattern because it shows all of the steps and details for properly measuring and making an easy tea cozy.

    Straightforward Tea Cozy from The Adventures of the Gingerbread Lady

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    Easy Teapot Cozy

    Easy Teapot Cozy Free Pattern

    Just Be Happy Life

    This crochet cozy is designed to fit a 44 oz teapot. It is made using only single crochet and half double crochet stitches. These are basic stitches so even a beginner will find it fairly easy to work this pattern. This is another good stash busting crochet pattern and one that works up very quickly for last-minute gifts.

    Easy Teapot Cozy from Just Be Happy Life

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    Teapot Tea Keeper

    Teapot Tea Keeper Free Crochet Pattern

    Jaycee Hosier / Ravelry

    Unlike many of the other tea cozies out there, this crochet teapot cozy includes the spout in the design. This tea keeper was designed by Jaycee Hosier and is available for free download at the Ravelry website. This same pattern actually doubles as a drawstring purse crochet pattern.

    Teapot Tea Keeper from Jaycee Hosier via Ravelry

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    Christmas Crochet Teapot Cozy

    Christmas Crochet Teapot Cozy Free Pattern


    This crochet teapot cozy celebrates the joy of the holidays. Use it to decorate teapots for your Christmas dinners or to gift to others during this beautiful season.

    Christmas Crochet Teapot Cozy from YARNutopia

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    1930's Inspired Crochet Tea Cozy

    1930's Inspired Crochet Tea Cozy Free Pattern

    Megan Mills

    This crochet pattern is also called the Puffy Rib crochet tea cozy because of the stitches it uses in a textured ribbed pattern. It is gorgeous to behold. This teapot cozy has the design of a flower basket incorporated into the top portion, which was inspired by the 1930s crochet seen by the designer.

    1930s Inspired Crochet Tea Cozy from Megan Mills

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    Teapot Wrap

    Teapot Wrap Free Crochet Pattern

    Yellow Ribbon Knits

    This crochet pattern is designed to fit a specific type of teapot: The Noble Teapot with Infuser. It is a rectangular crochet teapot cozy that is secured with buttons.

    Teapot Wrap from Yellow Ribbon Knits

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