11 Crochet Tank Tops Patterns

Crochet Tank Top Pattern

Kay Krochets 

When the weather gets warmer, it changes what we craft. If it's too hot to crochet with wool, then we can switch to cotton or linen for more comfortable crafting. If it's too warm to make blankets, then we switch to smaller projects that don't bury us in their cozy weight. It's even more of a bonus if we can make something that we can use immediately. These 11 crochet tank tops patterns are perfect for warm weather crafting. Plus, you can wear them as soon as you've woven in your ends.

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    Mommy-and-Me Crochet Tank Tops Patterns

    Crochet Tank Top Pattern with Bow

    Mahala Kwanisai 

    Everything about this crochet tank top pattern is unique and so adorable. The front and back are different colors, and each side has a bow detail.

    The open back with the crochet chain detail is eye-catching. You could wear it with a completely open back at the beach or at a music festival. Alternatively, you wear it over a solid tank.

    What makes this crochet pattern particularly special is that it's designed as a mommy-and-me crochet pattern. The pattern is written for twelve sizes, starting with 2T for toddlers and going all the way up to 3X for women. These crochet tank tops patterns use only basic crochet stitches and some simple shaping, yet you end up with an elegant all-ages garment.

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    Summer Crochet Tank Top Pattern

    Summer Crochet Tank Top Pattern

    Ravelry / Karla Barrett

    A good crochet tank top pattern has a fairly simple design but also incorporates a special detail. That's what makes it more than just a basic shirt. The detail in this pattern is the use of the extreme drop stitch. It's worked in a contrasting color, in rows at the top and bottom of the tank. That pop of color really stands out and makes this an original design. Other than that, this is a very simple crochet pattern worked in the round to create a seamless tank top.

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    Two-Tone Color Block Crochet Tank Top Pattern

    Color Block Crochet Tank Top

     Georgia Jeggo

    Most crochet tank tops patterns are worked with traditional skinny straps. In contrast, this one has more of a sleeveless shirt design. People who prefer a little more coverage over their décolleté may appreciate this pattern. The tank top is designed in two colors. Worked in black-and-white, it's a bold, graphic design.

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    Wavy Crochet Tank Top Pattern

    Crochet Tank Top Pattern


    If you appreciate a complex crochet pattern with attention to every detail, then you will like this crochet tank top pattern. The top consists of a crochet wave stitch worked in two different shades of blue, evoking images of the ocean. The side seams have a really special lace effect that catches the eye in a subtle way. It's the kind of top you'll love making and feel great wearing. People will ask where you bought it.

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    Crochet and Macrame Tank Top Pattern

    Crochet and Macrame Tank Top Pattern

    Ravelry / Daisy Pike

    This lightweight crochet tank top pattern is made primarily with the beautiful crochet V-stitch. However, it finishes off with a macrame-inspired fringe that adds that special bit of something to make it really stand out. The detailed pattern includes information that will make it easy for you to make this fringe.

    It's definitely a poolside, warm-weather, boho-inspired tank top. The pattern is available in five sizes from extra-small through extra-large, with additional information for altering the size for fit.

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    Floral Crochet Tank Top Pattern

    Crochet Tank Top Pattern

    Kay Krochets 

    This is an easy crochet tank top pattern. However, it uses smart, strategic spacing to create an eye-catching openwork floral pattern along the neckline. It's worked in cotton yarn, which is a great choice for summer crochet garments.

    This pattern is written for three adult sizes. However, the designer notes that you can easily shorten or elongate it in order to adapt the length to better fit your personal preferences.

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    Color Block Crochet Tank Top Pattern

    Color Block Crochet Tank Top Pattern

    With Love From Molly, Ravelry 

    This is an openwork crochet tank top that incorporates four different colors for a true color-blocking effect. Worked in bold colors, it's a vibrant top that wears well over a swimsuit at the beach. This is a flared tank, which flatters a diverse range of body types.

    This crochet pattern utilizes special stitches to create the lace design. Those stitches are explained in full detail in the pattern. Furthermore, it includes links to video instructions.

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    Free Crochet Tank Top Pattern

    Free Crochet Tank Top Pattern

    Hooked By Anna 

    This free crochet tank top pattern is worked in sport weight or DK weight yarn. That lightweight yarn choice makes the perfect summer crochet pattern. It's crafted in two panels and comes in two adult sizes. The top is a strappy halter-style tank. The design uses spacing to create a large print that alludes to mountain peaks.

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    Pineapple Crochet Tank Top

    Pineapple Crochet Tank Top Pattern

    Ravelry / Ana D

    The crochet pineapple motif is a very classic lace motif that works well for summer designs. Here it's incorporated into vertical strips that alternate with more solid lines of crochet. It's a unique effect, and it creates great drape for this easy-to-wear tank top.

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    Manos Del Uruguay Crochet Tank Top Pattern

    Crochet Tank Top Pattern

    Manos del Uruguay / Angelia Robinson

    In a way, this top is like a combination of the two crochet tank tops patterns immediately above. It has vertical lines like the pineapple crochet tank top, and it's made with strategic spaces, making the finished look hint at the mountain design. Of course, this design is also unique unto itself. Made from a silk-cotton blend, it's a luxurious crochet tank top.

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    Wool-Silk Blend Crochet Tank Top

    Silk Textured Crochet Tank Top Pattern

    Ravelry / Lena Fedotova

    This crochet tank top is really interesting because it is worked in fingering weight yarn, which is very light, but the stitch pattern is very dense. Crochet tank tops patterns aren't just for summer; they can also be worn over long-sleeved shirts during cooler months. This wool-silk blend tank top is perfect for layering. The stitch pattern has a lot of stretch, and the pattern comes in six adult sizes, so it fits comfortably on most bodies.