10 Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns

Decorate for Christmas / Winter With These Special Snowflakes!

Crochet snowflake
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Swirling snowflakes provide us with inspiration galore. It is  absolutely amazing that each one is a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Crochet is an ideal medium for capturing the dazzling beauty of a snowflake; think of crocheted snowflakes as a fascinating exploration in both fiber and symmetry. Enjoy the opportunity to play with different yarn types as you explore the different designs available for snowflake crochet.

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    Crochet Snowflake
    bluespoon, Getty Images

    This is an easy beginner-friendly crochet pattern that uses basic crochet stitches worked in the round to create a simple but stellar snowflake shape. This is what many people have in mind when they think about crochet snowflakes for winter decor. Make a set of these to string together for a winter garland. Use them sporadically around a Christmas party as coasters. Or hang them individually as ornaments on your tree.

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    Lucy of Attic24 is known for her terrific use of color in all of her crochet work but this free crochet snowflake pattern that she designed proves that she can do great work even without bold colors. This is a simple, straightforward winter crochet motif pattern, a very classic choice that would be an excellent selection or any snowflake project. Note that this crochet pattern is written in UK terms.


    Crochet Snowflake by Attic24

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    This is a variation on the classic granny square, shaped instead to resemble a star. Although not a traditional snowflake, it makes a great snowflake alternative and a terrific winter decoration. A set of these worked in cotton could be used as coasters during winter parties or strung together to make a winter garland. 


    Granny Star Ornament by A Happy One

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    Did you know that there is an entire website called Snowflake Patterns devoted just to this theme? It's a great site and there are so many crochet snowflakes to choose from that it was tough to pick just one for this roundup. Ultimately, the Northern Star snowflake one because of the terrific detail in the design.


    ​Northern Star Snowflake by Snowflake Patterns 

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    ChezCrochet has a terrific collection of free crochet snowflake patterns, any of which would be a possible option for your project. This one is number 12 on the list and it has a nice closed design, rather than some of the really lacy crochet snowflakes that are out there.


    Simple Snowflake by Chez Crochet

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    Look how pretty crochet snowflakes look in different colors, especially different winter colors like light blue and silver! This is a starburst snowflake that is made using lightweight yarn that is then stiffened when the project is complete. The free crochet pattern is available in both US and UK crochet terms.


    Star Web Snowflake by Saraphir

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    Crochet Hat
    Barnabas Kindersley, Getty

    The crocheted snowflake catches your eye when you attach it to this cloche hat; but you can remove the snowflake, which is great because that would allow you to wear the hat well into spring and fall, making it a versatile piece. The basic cloche hat is a simple project crocheted with basic stitches and designed for a couple of different sizes. And, of course, you could also just use the instructions for the crochet snowflake appliqué to make the snowflake motif that you are looking for.

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    This is a really unique free crochet pattern for a mitt that you wrap around an ice scraper to make it more comfortable to scrape ice off of your car in the winter. The mitt is made using felt but the snowflake attached to it is crocheted. Make this as a great gift; use just the snowflake crochet pattern if you don't want the ice scraper mitt.


    Snowflake Ice Scraper Mitt by Free Crochet Patterns by Darleen

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    Crochet designer Deborah Atkinson, also known as Snowcatcher, has a beautiful set of free crochet snowflake rock patterns including this one, which is called the Basalt Snowflake. These are snowflake-inspired designs intended to be worked around rocks, which can then be used as paperweights or home decor. These are great because they can be used all year round.


    Basalt Snowflake Rock by Snowcatcher

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    Snowflake-Shaped Bottle Cap Trivet
    Amy Solovay

    This simple crocheted trivet is shaped like a retro-style mod snowflake. The three-dimensional effect is created using metal bottle caps, which are covered with crocheted circle shapes. It's a fun, earth-friendly, upcycled crochet project. Best of all, this crochet snowflake design is simple enough for beginners to crochet. This crochet trivet works as decoration in your own home but also makes a great gift for others.