10 Free Crochet Snowflake Patterns

Crochet snowflake

 Victoria Bee Photography, Moment, Getty Images

Crochet snowflake patterns delight the imagination. Snowflakes are such a magical motif. Every single one is unique from the others; they're like the fingerprints of nature. Of course, when you follow a crochet pattern, the snowflake that you make might look like some others. That doesn't make them any less delightful, as you'll see when you peruse these designs.

This roundup includes several crochet snowflake patterns for simple motifs. Add them to other projects, attach them to gift bags, string them into garlands, or use them as ornaments. In addition to single snowflake motifs, we've included some accessories patterns that incorporate snowflakes into their design.

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    How to Crochet a Snowflake - a Free Tutorial

    How to Crochet a Snowflake

    https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/easy-crochet-snowflake-pattern-979287Mollie Johanson

    Work up a whole flurry of these crochet snowflakes quickly thanks to the simple three-round design. This pattern uses the puff stitches to bring texture to a motif that is otherwise light and airy. As a result, you get the perfect combination of elements for a sturdy snowflake applique. Add it to any project to create a wintry feel.

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    Granny Snowflake Crochet Pattern in Frame

    Granny Snowflake Crochet Pattern

    Aletta Boleyn, Ravelry 

    A crochet granny hexagon makes a surprisingly cute crochet snowflake. It is a really easy shape to learn to make. Plus you can use it in so many other projects once you've learned how it's crafted. This crochet pattern also shows you exactly how to stitch it into the center of a 4" ring. This elevates the design and makes it into instant chic decor.

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    Crochet Snowflake Free Pattern

    Crochet Snowflake Free Pattern

    Jessica Wifall, Ravelry 

    This free crochet snowflake pattern is also based on the hexagon shape. However, it's not a granny hexagon, so it gives you the opportunity to learn a new way to build that crochet motif. Once you have the basic hexagon, you will keep adding to it to create the spiked edges of a six-sided snowflake.

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    Thread Crochet Snowflake Free Pattern

    Crochet Snowflake Free Pattern

    Olga Gulidova, Ravelry 

    Thread crochet makes lacy snowflakes that look like they're inspired by doilies. If you check out this designer's Ravelry page, you'll see that this is one of three free crochet snowflake patterns. Each is more intricate than the next. Do note that this is a symbol chart only, but as long as you know how to read one you'll easily be able to craft this motif.

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    Crochet Snowflake Doily Pattern

    Crochet Snowflake Doily Pattern

     Lyn Coultas, Ravelry

    Take the idea of a snowflake doily to the next level with this fifteen-round crochet pattern. The designer notes that if you stop crocheting after round nine then you'll have a small snowflake. Therefore, you really get a two-in-one pattern when you purchase this one. It is detailed, decorative, and textured in a way that will delight your senses as you work on it.

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    Beaded Crochet Snowflake Pattern

    Beaded Crochet Snowflake Pattern

    Fox Stitch Design, Etsy 

    This beaded crochet snowflake pattern is one in a set of three. The small version is made with single crochet stitches and is easy enough for beginners. The medium and large sizes are progressively more challenging. This crochet pattern comes with instructions to add beads or even to crystallize the yarn. You can learn a lot about how to crochet a snowflake from this one pattern set.

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    Crochet Snowflake Square Free Pattern

    Crochet Snowflake Free Square Pattern

     CurlyQ Crochet via Kirsten Holloway Designs

    This is a textural snowflake motif worked into the shape of a square. The design allows you to easily mix-and-match it with other crochet squares to create beautiful scarves, shawls, and afghans. This crochet pattern relies on post stitches to create the design. In addition to classic post stitches, you will learn some new techniques.

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    Crochet Snowflake Afghan Pattern

    Crochet Snowflake Afghan Pattern

     Little Monkeys Crochet

    This is a simple corner-to-corner crochet afghan. If you haven't learned that technique, it's a great one for working blankets, and definitely one worth learning. The trick here is to use smart, strategic color changes to create the snowflake pattern. The pattern shows you precisely how to do that. You could also frame this and make snowflake wall art.

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    Crochet Snowflake Scarf with Pockets

    Crochet Snowflake Scarf

    The Crochet Couch 

    The c2c crochet technique can also be used to make scarves, which is something that you can learn how to do from this pattern. This scarf pattern stands out above the pack because it incorporates pockets into the design. The pockets are decorated with snowflakes. This is the quintessential winter accessory to keep you both warm and cute.

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    Crochet Snowflake Shawl Pattern

    Crochet Snowflake Shawl Pattern

    Atty Van Norel, Ravelry 

    Snowflakes can be such a beautiful motif for winter accessories, as we can see with this shawl. The shawl utilizes bold colors to put a twist on the classic snowflake design. However, you could also make it in pure white, if you so desired. The shawl is built from motifs, so you could use the pattern to make single snowflakes as well.