10 Patterns to Make Crochet Slippers

Keep Your Toes Cute, Comfy, and Cozy

Crochet Slippers

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These ten patterns to make crochet slippers represent the best of the best in their field. Each design will keep your toes warm, comfy, and cozy. The designs are stylish enough to accessorize any outfit. However, these slippers are comfy enough to wear around the house all day long. There are several different ways to crochet slippers, and thanks to the variety within these designs, you'll be able to learn a range of techniques to keep you intrigued as you craft.

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    Pom Pom Crochet Slippers Free Pattern

    Crochet Slippers with Pom Poms


    This free crochet pattern teaches you how to make durable, comfortable crochet slippers. You will learn the neat trick of using two soles per slipper for cozy sturdiness. If you don't like the pom poms, or want a simpler design, you can leave them off. That said, the poms are really what make this pattern particularly unique. These crochet slippers will make you smile when you wear them.

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    Pointy Crochet Slippers Pattern

    Pointy Crochet Slippers Pattern

    Jessica Venture, Ravelry 

    Instead of small crochet poms, you can decorate your crochet slippers with one big large furry pom pom. They hint at the cheeky romance of fuzzy bedroom slippers. Unlike most other crochet slippers, these have pointy toes, which give them a unique edge. They're made with t-shirt yarn, which is soft on the soles. This crochet pattern comes with a full video tutorial to guide you along. If you are a beginner crocheter, then this is a good choice for a slippers pattern.

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    Tassel Slippers Free Crochet Pattern

    Crochet Slippers with Tassels

    Dabbles and Babbles 

    If you like tassels more than pom poms then these crochet slippers might be your jam. These worsted weight wool slippers are made using basic crochet stitches including single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. Each slipper is worked in two parts - the sole and the tongue. You attach these to each other and then add the tassel as the finishing touch.

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    Crochet Slippers with a Bow

    Crochet Slippers with Bow

    Fiber and Fern, Ravelry



    These crochet slippers are so stylish they look like they are headed out on the town. The sequins in the yarn make them perfect for holiday parties; wear them when hosting in your own home. The bow on top makes these look like chic flats from the store. This is the perfect accessory.

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    Martens-Style Crochet Slippers

    Crochet Sneaker Slippers

    Showroom Crochet, Ravelry 

    Have you ever seen crochet slippers designed to look like Doc Martens? Well, now you have. And you can make them yourself using this crochet pattern. It is unique; people will immediately ask you how you came up with such a cool set of crochet shoes. If you want to make an original gift for someone, then bookmark this pattern.

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    Bulky Crochet Slippers

    Bulky Crochet Slippers Pattern

    Janine Mudge, Ravelry 

    Bernat Blanket Yarn is a super bulky chenille yarn, which makes it a smart choice for really plush crochet slippers. These feel nice on the toes. The thickness of the yarn means that they work up really quickly. If you want to gift crochet slippers to others then this pattern is a great selection.

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    Crochet Slipper Socks Free Pattern

    Crochet Slipper Socks Free Pattern

    My Accessory Box 

    If you're looking for something to keep your feet warm while you're inside your home, then you might want to check out slipper socks instead of full-on slippers. They're thick enough to feel like slippers. However, you can also wear them inside a pair of boots if you need to go out into the cold.

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    Macrame and Crochet Slippers

    Crochet and Macrame Slippers

    Crochet Oasis, Etsy 

    Crochet slippers aren't just for wintertime. Open-backed slip-on shoes are perfect for puttering around the house. These are stylish enough to wear out to the store or the beach as well. In addition to the crochet instructions, you will learn some very basic macrame to create the beautiful chevron strap on these slippers.

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    Crochet Ballet Slippers Free Pattern

    Crochet Ballet Slippers Free Pattern

    Heart Hook Home 

    Ballet slippers are an ideal source of inspiration for a summertime crochet slippers design. This pattern shows you exactly how to get the shaping right for a feminine slipper, using chains to create an openwork design detail that also helps with achieving the right fit.

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    Felted Crochet Slippers Free Pattern

    Felted Crochet Slippers


    If you haven't ever learned how to felt crochet then now is the perfect time. Felting eliminates the open holes in crochet work, which means that these crochet slippers will be extra warm. This is a free crochet pattern, and you can also purchase a full set of the right yarn from the same page where you can download the pattern.

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