8 Crochet Scrunchie Patterns

Crochet Hair Scrunchie

Akiko Aoki/Getty Images 

Hair scrunchies are an iconic fashion piece. They were popular in the 1980s and into the 1990s, so they immediately suggest fun, nostalgic style. Though they go through periods of unpopularity, these funky hair accessories have having a moment.

Crochet hair scrunchies are fun projects. There are so many different styles that you can make. You can change it up simply by picking different yarn, such as velvet yarn for a more luxe look. Therefore, they make great gifts for anyone you know who has long hair. These patterns work up really quickly, so these hair accessories make a terrific instant gratification project. Plus they usually use only a tiny bit of yarn, so scrunchies are a great way to use up yarn scraps leftover from other projects.