Patterns to Crochet Hair Scrunchies

Reto 90's Style Plus Contemporary Convenience

Crochet Hair Scrunchie

Akiko Aoki, Moment, Getty Images 

Hair scrunchies are an iconic fashion piece. They were popular in the 1980's and into the 1990s, so they immediately suggest fun, retro style. Scrunchies were immortalized in an episode of Sex in the City; they were made fun of, but that in itself brought about their fashion revival. The truth is, many people find these funky hair accessories to be both useful and adorable.

Crochet hair scrunchies are fun projects. There are so many different styles that you can make. You can change it up simply by picking different yarn, such as velvet yarn for a more luxe look. Therefore, they make great gifts for anyone you know who has long hair. These patterns work up really quickly, so these hair accessories make a terrific instant gratification project. Plus they usually use only a tiny bit of yarn, so scrunchies are a great way to use up yarn scraps leftover from other projects.

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    Bulky Crochet Scrunchie Pattern

    Bulky Crochet Hair Scrunchies Pattern

    afternoonowldesigns, Etsy 

    This is a simple crochet hair scrunchie. It is made with cozy bulky weight yarn. Therefore, it has the big, bold flavor of a true retro scrunchie design. It also works up really quickly. You could easily make a whole set of these in an afternoon.

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    Thick & Quick Crochet Hair Scrunchies

    Chunky Crochet Hair Scrunchie Pattern

    Mary Riddle, Ravelry 

    Crochet designer Mary Riddle shares that scrunchies aren't just stylish. They are also functional. Specifically, scrunchies "are fantastic for reducing headaches caused by too tight hair ties."

    Like the design shown above, these are made using bulky weight yarn. The yarn choice, Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Stripes, allows you to create multi-color hair scrunchies. The small shape of the project means that you get one solid color for half of the design, which is an intriguing effect. It looks particularly graphic in black-and-white.

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    Velvet Hair Scrunchie Free Pattern

    Velvet Hair Scrunchie Free Crochet Pattern

     And She Laughs Crochet

    Bernat Velvet Yarn is a perfect yarn choice for hair scrunchies. They have a luxurious feeling. Like many other crochet scrunchies, you crochet around elastic. You can work around an elastic hair band or just a flat piece of elastic. This design is worked in a tube shape, with the flat elastic threaded through the tube to give the scrunchie its, well, scrunch.

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    Another Free Velvet Scrunchie Crochet Pattern

    Free Velvet Crochet Hair Scrunchie Pattern

     Weaving Wonder - Alex Burdo, Ravelry

    The free crochet scrunchie pattern above isn't the only one that incorporates Bernat Velvet Yarn. In fact, it seems like designers around the world took one look at that yarn and immediately thought, "this is perfect for hair scrunchies." Velvet is another 90's throwback that has made a recent comeback, so it really isn't so surprising.

    This one is a free tutorial. It comes with detailed photos for each of the six steps in the instructions. Beginners will find it easy to craft this scrunchie.

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    Cotton Crochet Scrunchie Free Pattern

    Free Crochet Hair Scrunchie Pattern

    Dorothee Grall, Ravelry 

    Of course, you might not want a velvet scrunchie all of the time. Try a cotton crochet scrunchie instead. This simple, free pattern is crocheted around a storebought hair tie. An easy crochet shell stitch adds femininity to the design.

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    Spiral HDC Crochet Hair Scrunchie Free Pattern

    Free Crochet Scrunchie Pattern

    Dora Does

    This crochet pattern begins with a row of foundation single crochet. Then you continue by crocheting around an elastic hair band, working half double crochet stitches in a spiral. It is easy to do, and you can adapt the design to fit your yarn choice. If you get stuck at all, the designer offers a video tutorial to help you out.

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    Double Crochet Hair Scrunchie Free Pattern

    Crochet Scrunchie Free Pattern

    Tales of Butterflies 

    When you first start to look at crochet scrunchies, they may all seem the same. However, dig a little bit deeper and you will find more original designs. This crochet pattern is started as a double crochet rectangle. Then it is folded, and a single crochet hem is added. It is simple, but it creates a very unique hair accessory.

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    Book of Crochet Scrunchie Patterns

    Crochet Scrunchies Patterns

    Crazyville Crafts, Etsy

    If you really want to see some unique designs, then check out this ebook. "14 different scrunchie crochet patterns and 7 variations will give you over 20 different looks!" The patterns are primarily made with basic crochet stitches. However, they range in difficulty from very easy to more intermediate designs. You can have a lot of fun working with the different designs in this collection. It might also give you some good ideas for designing your own crochet scrunchies.