Crochet Scrubbies

Free Patterns for Crocheting Dish Scrubbies and Pot Scrubbies

Got dirty pots, pans, and dishes to clean up? Scrub them clean so they sparkle and shine! Our crocheted scrubbies will help you get the job done.

Our scrubbie patterns are all free for you to use, and we've tried to keep the costs down in every way possible. The patterns listed are all made using cheap, free and/or upcycled materials. We hope you'll find these patterns useful and practical.

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    Scrub Your Pots and Pans Clean With This Crocheted Scrubbie!
    Scrub Your Pots and Pans Clean With This Crocheted Scrubbie!. Scrub Your Pots and Pans Clean With This Crocheted Scrubbie! Photo and Pattern © Amy Solovay

    A plastic scrubber is helpful for removing baked-on foods from pots and pans. If you want to try making your own plastic scrubbers, you're invited to grab my free instructions and pattern.

    So far, this pot scrubber is my favorite. It's nice and flexible, and it's abrasive enough to get yucky goo off of a pot or pan. As far as scrubbers go, it's even kinda pretty, in a plastic-y, upcycled sort of way. It's also a super quick project.

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    Picture of a Plarn Dish Scrubbie
    Plarn Dish Scrubbie. With This Scrubbie and a Little TLC, Your Dishes Will Sparkle and Shine! Picture © Amy Solovay

    I love free stuff; don't you? If so, check out this crocheted scrubbie. Not only is the crochet pattern free, the scrubbie is also made using free materials you might already have hanging around your home.

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    Half a Scrubbie -- Free Crochet Pattern
    Half a Scrubbie -- Free Crochet Pattern. Half a Scrubbie -- The Free Crochet Pattern Is by Anastacia Knits Designs; Photo © Anastacia Zittel

    This clever crochet pattern for a half-circle scrubbie was designed by Anastacia Zittel at Anastacia Knits Designs. The scrubbie pattern is available for free download via a Ravelry link.