10 Free Fourth of July Crochet Patterns

Projects With a Patriotic Theme

Crochet American Flag Tree Cozy

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Are you looking for some July patterns to celebrate America? You're not the only one! The fourth of July conjures up images of fireworks, festivities, parades, barbecues, picnics, and parties. Plus, of course, this celebration of Independence Day in America is symbolized by the American flag. People who crochet will find that there are many Fourth of July crochet patterns inspired by these potent symbols of patriotism.

Whether you want to crochet an American flag to adorn your home...MORE or craft some cute red, white, and blue accessories to wear to a summer holiday party, these free July patterns will help you out. Of course, although they are perfect for the season, they can also be used throughout the year - particularly to celebrate Memorial Day, Veterans Day and anytime a military member comes home from deployment.

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    Crochet up a quick and easy American flag. Use it as summer holiday decor in your yard or inside the home. It's a small enough July pattern that you can also opt to take it with you to wave around while watching the fireworks.

    This is a simple single crochet pattern. It uses color changes to create the flag effect. This is a good choice for beginner crafters.


    Crochet US Flag by ChristaCoDesign

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    Draw inspiration from the American flag but don't take it too literally. Use the red, white, and blue colors along with the stars and stripes theme to create this Independence Day crochet wreath.

    This crochet pattern uses simple crochet stitches and links to a tutorial for wrapping your pre-made wreath in the finished fabric. A beginner crocheter could easily work out this design.

    As a bonus, the crochet stars pattern can be used separately to create appliqués for a variety of other projects.


    A...MOREmerican Flag Wreath by Petals to Picots

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    Take that idea of stars and stripes and apply it to other projects such as this crochet flag pillow. This is the perfect home decor for any military, patriotic or Americana-decorated home.


    Crochet Flag Pillow by ASE Keepin' Creative

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    The American flag is also great inspiration for accessories and garments, including this crochet vest. It is made with simple stitches, but is best tackled by an intermediate crocheter because the project requires blocking as well as sizing adjustments.

    This pattern is specifically for the flag portion of the vest, and it is only available in one size. There are instructions to modify the rest of the design after the flag, using the measurements of the person who will wear the crochet vest, to...MORE create the correct size from small through XL adult.


    Betsy Flag Crochet Vest by Wulfie's Essentials

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    Crochet bunting is a great way to add holiday decor to your home without a lot of effort. This July pattern is built with simple stitches but the result is an eye-catching garland that sets the stage for patriotic parties. 

    A fun tip about bunting is that it can be sized to work as a scarf as well, so you might want to play around with this pattern as an accessory for Fourth of July weekend!


    Patriotic Bunting by Doni Spiegle, Ravelry

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    These delicate crochet pinwheel squares are designed in red, white and two shades of blue to evoke the feeling of a patriotic holiday without the sometimes-cheesy complete flag effect. The result is a beautiful accessory that can be worn throughout the year but is especially great for a chilly summer evening out watching the fireworks.

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    You can make a jar cozy really fast using just a little bit of yarn. It easily dresses up any jars in your home, adding the perfect touch to any holiday table.

    This free fourth of July crochet pattern actually also comes with a free recipe for an Apple Dumpling Pie in a Jar. Make a bunch of these and give them away as gifts.


    American Flag Jar Cozy by Yarnovations

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    This water bottle cozy is perfect for carrying around any drink. It works especially well for water bottles, which is important during the hot summer months. The pattern lets you use simple chevron striping to create a wavy flag-inspired design capped off with Fourth of July stars. 


    Crochet Water Bottle Cozy by Yarn Artists, Ravelry

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    Many people want to make something for Fourth of July that isn't going to spend the rest of the year hiding in a drawer or closet. This striped red, white, and blue washcloth is a great option, since it is something that is functional in any season of the year.

    This is part of the designer's series of "Learn a New Crochet Stitch" patterns. It gives you the opportunity to learn and practice how to make crossed half double crochet stitches, a unique textured stitch that even many...MORE advanced crocheters haven't had the opportunity to learn before.

    The pattern is versatile; change out the colors to create a new dishcloth design for any holiday throughout the year.


    Crochet Dishcloth by Oombawka Design

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    How adorable are these red, white, and blue crochet baby shoes? They are designed for newborns but offer simple crochet hook changes to create shoes for babies up to one year old.

    These are perfect for a child's first Fourth of July, and they can be worn comfortably all throughout the summer. The simple straps have a button closure to make these easy to construct.


    Crochet Flag Shoes by Evonne Umbel, Ravelry