1000+ Free Crochet Patterns for Every Skill Level

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    Most Popular Free Crochet Patterns!

    A woman crocheting a blanket with a cat
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    There are so many different fun things to crochet! You could crochet something new every day of the year and never run out of ideas for projects. More than 1000 of these ideas are collected here in this guide to give you something to keep returning to when you're looking for free crochet patterns. They are organized alphabetically for your convenience. Many of these items would make fantastic gifts, and you'll also find plenty of options for charity crochet, as well as items that you can...MORE crochet for yourself!

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    A-C: Crochet Accessories, Blankets, Curtains and More

    A crochet blanket
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    First up are all of the crochet categories from A-C. These include crochet accessories, afghans, appliqués, baby items, blankets, coasters, and curtains. There are so many great projects here to enjoy!

    Crochet Accessories

    There are many free crochet accessories patterns available. These include crochet patterns for hats, scarves, gloves, jewelry and more. They are always fun to make. Here are a few examples:

    Advanced Crochet Patterns

    People who are experienced with crochet and want to locate advanced free crochet patterns that go beyond the basics will get a great set of patterns to start with right here.


    Crochet afghans are among the most popular crochet projects, and there are so many different types of them that you can make. Here are some favorite free crochet afghan patterns:

    Afghan Squares

    Crochet blankets like the ones linked above are great, but you can also put together crochet afghan squares to create designs of your own. You can make single squares for use in other types of projects as well. Here are some of the different types of free crochet square patterns:

    Amigurumi and Animal Crochet Patterns

    Who doesn't love to make animal crochet patterns? You can crochet animal appliqués or stuffed crochet animals (including amigurumi crochet animals). Crochet animal patterns are fun for all ages. There are so many animals to crochet:

    Applique Crochet Patterns

    We already mentioned animal appliqué crochet patterns, but you can create appliqués in all sorts of designs, such as snowflakes. Appliques can be strung into bunting, used as coasters and added to other projects.

    Baby Crochet Patterns

    Crochet outfits for babies, crochet baby items for charity, or crochet baby items to sell: they are cute and fun to make!

    Bags, Purses, and Handbags

    One of the most beautiful types of crochet accessories that you can make is also one of the most functional - crochet bags. Here are the different types of free crochet bag patterns:

    Basket Crochet Patterns

    Crochet baskets corral your extraneous items into organized decorative style - fun and functional! They can be made with alternative materials, such as t-shirt yarn, or with regular yarn. There are a lot of different free crochet basket patterns here on the site.

    Bathroom Decor

    Yes, you can bring softness to your bathroom using the fabulous art of crochet.

    Bead Crochet Patterns

    You can make a lot of different things using beads and bead crochet is a great niche technique to learn if you want to challenge your skills and take your crochet to the next level. Two popular choices are beaded crochet bags and beaded crochet bracelets.

    Bedroom Crochet Patterns

    Add handcrafted ambiance to the place where you need the most comfort. Bedspread patterns are something you might specifically want to look at if you're crocheting for the bedroom.

    Beginner Crochet Patterns

    People who are seeking for free crochet patterns that use just basic crochet stitches and techniques can find exactly what they are looking for in this section.

    Bell Crochet Patterns

    You might want to crochet bells for weddings or Christmas. 

    Bookmark Crochet Patterns

    It is nice to crochet bookmarks because they provide instant gratification - a chance to work something up quickly while possibly practicing new techniques. They are great to make when you have small amounts of yarn to use up. Stick one in any book to make the book a more personalized gift!

    Borders for Crochet Blankets

    A crochet blanket isn't complete without a border. And a great border can turn even the simplest crochet blanket into something special. This selection of free crochet blanket border patterns is your one-stop shop for finishing blankets.

    Braid Crochet Patterns

    There are a lot of fun ways to incorporate braids into crochet.

    Breast Cancer Awareness Patterns

    Raise awareness with these and other pink crochet patterns.

    Buddha Crochet Patterns

    Add peace to your home with amigurumi Buddha statues.

    Bullion Stitch Crochet Patterns

    This is one of the most unique stitches in crochet, and there are so many neat things you can do with it!

    Butterfly Crochet Patterns

    The butterfly is one of the favorite symbols of all time - more than an animal; it represents beauty and transformation and joy. Infuse your life with those characteristics when you use our free butterfly crochet patterns. Also, you can find a whole set of butterfly stitch crochet patterns.

    Cardigan Crochet Patterns

    Take your crochet work to the next level by making items that you can wear including crochet cardigans. You'd be surprised how many great crochet cardigan patterns are available for free.

    Cat Crochet Patterns

    Are you a feline fan? Do you know someone else who loves kittens? These free cat crochet patterns are purr-fect.


    People who want to crochet without written instructions, using crochet charts instead, will be happy to know that there are a lot of free crochet charts.

    Coaster Crochet Patterns

    Crochet coasters make any party more fun, add flair to your everyday dining table and can be used as appliqués or bunting in addition to coaster patterns. There are free crochet coaster patterns for every home and every occasion.

    Coat Hanger Cover Crochet Patterns

    Adding crochet covers to your coat hangers adds a sense of vintage style, a cute, refreshing touch to your closet and even helps to protect your clothing from damage. If you've never made crochet coat hanger cozies, now is the time to start!

    Color Pooling Crochet Patterns

    Learn this great technique in crochet for creating argyle/tartan patterns!

    Cell Phone Holder Crochet Patterns

    Your cell phone is one item that needs a crochet cozy. It makes it more personal, it keeps it safer, and it's even easier to find when it's covered in cozy crochet. Phone cozy crochet patterns are also good instant gratification crochet projects.

    Christmas Crochet Patterns

    More people crochet for Christmas than almost any other time of year, which is why we have a main directory of Christmas crochet patterns along with many other subcategories of free Christmas patterns including:

    Checkerboard Crochet Patterns

    The checkerboard is a great graphic that tends to be underused but is appreciated when it's put to use. That's why we offer some great free checkerboard crochet patterns that you can try.

    Circle Crochet Patterns

    People who like to work in the round will love these free circle crochet patterns. Circles are the basis for many terrific crochet projects including mandalas.

    Clothing Patterns

    You can make all different types of clothing using crochet, including cardigans which were already mentioned. There are also subcategories for crochet baby clothes and women's crochet clothing.

    Crochet Quilt Patterns

    There are many different types of crochet blankets including crochet quilts. 

    Cro-tatting Patterns

    Crochet and knitting are individual crafts, and then there are a lot of crafts that combine them or incorporate them into a different craft entirely. Cro-tatting is a unique niche of crochet, and there are some great free cro-tatting patterns for people interested in trying it out.

    Curtain Crochet Patterns

    Add some whimsy to your rooms by putting crochet over the windows with these free curtain crochet patterns. There are also crochet patterns for curtain tie-backs.

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    D-F: Crochet Doilies, Egg Cozies, Flowers and More

    A crochet dishcloth with needle
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    Next up are crochet patterns in the D-F categories. These include crochet dishcloths, doilies, egg cozies, flowers, fringe and more.

    Dishcloth Crochet Patterns

    You can make hundreds of different types of crochet dishcloths and never get tired of them. Use them, gift them and hang them on display.

    Doily Crochet Patterns

    One of the first things that people in history ever crocheted was the doily, and it's still a great item to make today.

    Easy Crochet Patterns

    Crochet has benefits in part because...MORE it's relaxing and soothing and you'll find those traits to be true of these easy free crochet patterns that we have rounded up for you to enjoy.

    Edging Crochet Patterns

    Add crochet edging to handkerchiefs, towels, pillowcases, and blankets to make everything you touch a little bit prettier.

    Egg Cozy Crochet Patterns

    Christmas may be the most popular holiday for crochet but Easter isn't far behind, and one of the best crochet Easter patterns is the crochet egg cozy. Enjoy!

    Experienced Crochet Patterns

    People who have a lot of experience in crochet will enjoy these advanced free crochet patterns for skilled crafters.

    Eyelash Yarn Free Crochet Patterns

    Many people aren't sure what to make with novelty yarn like eyelash yarn, but they want to give it a try. These free eyelash yarn crochet patterns show you the best ways to use this unique product.

    Fabric Crochet Patterns

    You can crochet with anything including fabric such as t-shirt yarn, rags or denim. Not sure what the best thing to make would be when you're using alternative materials for crochet? Check out this selection of fabric crochet patterns.

    Fashion Doll Clothing and Accessories

    Crochet miniature outfits and accessories for dolls using these free doll crochet patterns.

    Filet Crochet Patterns

    Do you know how to read a filet crochet chart? Do you want to make beautiful graphic designs using just chains and double crochet? These patterns are for you.

    Fingerless Gloves and Crochet Wrist Warmers

    Keep your fingers free for texting, but your arms warm regardless of the weather when you make crochet wrist warmers and fingerless gloves.

    Flower Crochet Patterns

    There are a few symbols that are favorites to crochet and flowers are at the top of the list. Everyone wants to crochet flowers whether to use them for decoration, appliqués, as part of bigger projects or just because they are inspiring to crochet. There are so many types of flowers to crochet including roses.

    Football Crochet Patterns

    Have a football fan in the house? Want to crochet something while your family watches the big game? These football crochet patterns will keep you busy all season long.

    Fourth of July Crochet Patterns

    Celebrate every holiday with crochet including American Independence Day.

    Fringe Crochet Patterns

    When you want to make a crochet project, you add fringe. Learn how to crochet fringe with these patterns and tutorials.

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    G-K: Granny Squares, Hats, Jewelry and More

    A ball of yarn next to a granny square
    siestas/flickr/CC by 2.0

    The crochet patterns in the G-K category include granny squares, hats, hearts, jewelry and kitchen decor.

    Granny Squares

    The granny square is the most popular simple crochet motif, and it can be used to make many different items, which is why we have many different free crochet granny square patterns:

    Halloween Crochet Patterns

    Decorate your house with crochet for Halloween or turn your little one into a creature with crochet costumes. We have lots of free crochet Halloween patterns that you can enjoy.


    It is always so satisfying to crochet a hat that you can wear as soon as it is done. Hats are also terrific items for charity crochet. Here are a few subcategories if you're seeking specific types of hats to crochet:

    Hair Accessories

    Headbands, head wrapsscrunchies, snoods and other crochet hair accessories keep you stylish and comfortable at the same time. 

    Heart Crochet Patterns

    If there is any symbol more popular than crochet flowers, it's probably crochet hearts. Crochet hearts are used most often at Valentine's Day, but people also find reasons to crochet them all year long. Love is the biggest reason! Check out all of the free crochet heart patterns.

    Hexagon Crochet Patterns

    The classic granny square is fabulous, but sometimes you just want to make a unique shape. The hexagon is a great crochet shape for motifs that can be built into blankets and other items.

    Holiday Crochet Patterns

    We have already covered a lot of the holidays throughout this index, but we want to make sure that you know what you're making all year long so here is a breakdown of those patterns and more:

    Home Decor Crochet Patterns

    Every single part of your home can become more personalized with your handmade crochet.

    Jewelry Crochet Patterns

    It's really special to make your crochet jewelry including:

    Kitchen Crochet Patterns

    We have already mentioned dishcloth crochet patterns, but there are also other popular free kitchen crochet patterns including potholder patternsplacemat crochet patterns and crochet patterns for trivets and hot pads as well as for scrubbies.

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    L-P: Crochet Motifs, Ovals, Pillows and More

    An example of pineapple crochet
    Design Initiative/Flickr/CC By-SA 2.0

    The items in this categories include crochet motifs, neck warmers, ovals, pillows, pincushions, and pineapples.

    Leaf Crochet Patterns

    Crochet leaves for autumn or any time of year!

    Motif Crochet Patterns

    These aren't just limited to crochet squares or even the hexagons mentioned above. Scan through the whole page to find the crochet motifs you're looking for.

    Music Crochet Patterns

    Celebrate music with these designs.

    Neck Warmer Crochet Patterns

    If you are looking for crochet cowl patterns or...MORE patterns for infinity scarves, then look no further than this selection of free crochet neck warmer patterns.

    Outer Space Crochet Patterns

    We always try to offer something fun and special, so we came up with this cool category of free crochet patterns to interest you. If you love stars, you'll love these.

    Oval Crochet Patterns

    Once you've worn yourself out with the circle crochet patterns indexed above, switch it up and make some ovals.

    Pastel Crochet Patterns

    These are perfect for spring, baby items and more.

    Pillow Crochet Patterns

    You can crochet pillows or just pillow covers. You can crochet pillows for bedrooms or couches. You can crochet pillows that match your crochet blankets or just add lots of unique crochet pillows to your decor. There are also tooth fairy crochet pillows.

    Pincushion Crochet Patterns

    If you sew as well as crochet, then you'll have a lot of pins and probably love pincushions. Put your crochet skills to work making your own!

    Pineapple Crochet Patterns

    The pineapple is a specific type of design in crochet that has a vintage, lacy appeal. If that sounds as romantic and wonderful to you as it does to us, then you'll want to look at our free pineapple crochet patterns.

    Pumpkin Crochet Patterns

    Pumpkins are great for crochet when you're doing autumn decorating, celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving and just enjoying making food crochet.

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    R-T: Crochet Rainbows, Scarves and Tea Cozies

    A rubber duck on a rainbow ripple crochet
    Os Tartarouchos/Getty Images

    This section of free crochet patterns includes rainbows, scarves, shawls and tea cozies as well as the techniques of tapestry crochet and Tunisian crochet.

    Rainbow Crochet Patterns

    Working with many different colors is a favorite for lots of crocheters, and the rainbow crochet palette is definitely at the top of the colorful list. 

    Scarf Crochet Patterns

    Most people make many scarves when they learn to crochet. Some people never tire of them at all. Check out our roundup of 100 free crochet scarf...MORE patterns and then check out these specific options:

    Scrap Yarn Crochet Patterns

    Do you have leftover small bits of yarn and want to find patterns that will let you do some stash busting? These free crochet patterns are the ones you want.

    Shamrock Crochet Patterns

    Make some crochet clovers for St. Patrick's Day.

    Shawl Crochet Patterns

    It is so fun to make crochet shawls because there are so many different kinds to make. You can make circular crochet shawls, triangle shawls, rectangular shawls and more; and that's just the shape, not even the style. Take a look through this set of free crochet shawl patterns to get a sense of all that's out there in this area of crochet.

    Skirt Crochet Patterns

    Want to crochet a skirt for yourself? For a little girl that you know? For fun?! 

    Slipper Crochet Patterns

    Keep all of the toes in the house warm and cozy with our slipper crochet patterns. You might also be interested in our sock crochet patterns.

    Sock Monkey Crochet Patterns

    Put a fun twist on the sock monkey by making it in crochet!

    Star Stitch Crochet Patterns

    This is a beautiful stitch, and you can make many unique things using it.

    Tapestry Crochet Patterns

    Tapestry crochet is a fabulous and unique niche of crochet that's easy to learn if you're open to changing colors often and carrying yarn. You can make great designs with this technique.

    Tea Cosies

    Crochet teapot cozies have recently come back in style, and your kitchen probably needs one!

    Thread Crochet Patterns

    You don't have to use yarn to crochet; you can use thread. Vintage crochet patterns are almost always made in the thread! Check out these free thread crochet patterns for items that are delicate to make.

    Tunisian Crochet Patterns

    Tunisian crochet creates a fabric that looks more like knitting than it does classical crochet, and a lot of people enjoy incorporating it into their repertoire of items to make. We have free Tunisian crochet patterns.

    Turkish Crochet

    Are you familiar with the unique niche of Turkish crochet? We have instructions for making Turkish crochet along with free patterns to use.

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    V-Z: Valentine's, Washcloth and Winter Crochet Patterns

    Examples of Valentine crochet around a woman's feet
    retales botijero/Getty Images

    This final category includes crochet patterns for Valentine's Day, winter and more.

    Valentine's Day Crochet Patterns

    Valentine's Day is more than just crochet hearts, although they are certainly a staple of the holidays. Here are some additional free crochet patterns for the holiday of love.

    Washcloth Crochet Patterns

    Like dishcloths, you can just never have too many crochet washcloths.

    Watermelon Crochet Patterns

    Get inspiration from this pretty fruit! 

    Wiggly Crochet

    It is really fun to...MORE learn how to make wiggly crochet! We offer free crochet instructions to learn this technique along with some great free wiggly crochet patterns.

    Winter Crochet Patterns

    Keep yourself as warm as possible with these free crochet patterns perfect for wearing in winter.

    Wreath Crochet Patterns

    Decorate your home with crochet wreaths for every season!