9 Free Crochet Phone Case Patterns

Crochet phone cases, also frequently called crochet cell phone cozies, are such fun little projects. They are easy to make, can incorporate both simple and advanced stitches, use up very little yarn and offer instant gratification crafting.

Those who are skilled at crochet can use the instructions from cell phone case crochet patterns to make gadget cozies in other sizes, allowing them to make matching sets for phones, tablets, eReaders, and laptops. Crochet cell phone cozies make great gifts, with or without the phone included! Here are ten free crochet phone case pattern options in a variety of styles.

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    Stitch Sampler Crochet Cell Phone Cozy Free Pattern

    Stitch Sampler Crochet Cell Phone Cozy Free Pattern
    Kathryn Vercillo

    This is a simple crochet phone case pattern that incorporates several basic crochet stitches. It is perfect for beginners who want to practice the stitches that they have just started to learn, those ranging in height from single crochet to treble crochet.

    This pattern is crocheted as a rectangle that is then seamed together to create the phone case shape. It is very easy and very effective at keeping your phone safe from harm.

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    Crochet Phone Cozy Free Pattern

    Crochet Phone Cozy Free Pattern

    This crochet phone cozy pattern is worked primarily in single crochet stitches. There are spike stitches and a color change that add a little bit of pizazz to the basic design. The pattern is worked in the round, in a continuous spiral, and the case is closed with a simple button. The pattern is free from WildFingersCrochet.

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    Crochet Cell Phone Cozy Free Pattern

    Crochet Cell Phone Cozy Free Pattern

    This is another simple single crochet cell phone pattern that has some additions to make it more fun and special. Color striping is what first makes this phone case pop. The addition of a simple mandala-inspired motif also catches the attention.

    This free pattern is by Lilla Bjorn, who provides lots of great detail to make it easy to follow the design.

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    Cherry Cell Phone Case Free Crochet Pattern

    Cherry Cell Phone Case Free Crochet Pattern
    Pink Milk

    This is such a pretty design by Pink Milk. The bulk of this crochet phone case is worked in super basic stitches for a closed, simple design. The decoration, in this case, cherries, are then cross-stitched on to the crochet case. You could use the basic pattern to make very simple crochet cell phone cases if you don't want to practice your cross-stitch designs. If you have more advanced cross-stitch skills then you could apply your creativity to creating designs other than cherries.

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    Shamrock Phone Case Free Crochet Pattern

    Tapestry Crochet Clover Phone Cozy Free Pattern
    My Hobby is Crochet

    This is a seasonal design that would work perfectly around the St. Patrick's Day holiday. It can be fun to change out your cell phone cases with the seasons, offering a simple way to celebrate each holiday with projects that don't require a lot of time or yarn to create. Use this one in the spring, create a sunny yellow case for summer or a red, white and blue design for 4th of July.

    Shamrock crochet like this can also be used throughout the year, especially if you were to switch up the colors. This free pattern by My Hobby Is Crochet is a tapestry crochet pattern, offering the opportunity to practice another niche of crochet. 

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    Squirrel Cell Phone Cozy Free Crochet Pattern

    Crochet Squirrel Phone Cozy Free Pattern
    Akinna Stisu, Ravelry

    If you like the idea of making a new crochet phone case for every season then be sure to swap out for this adorable crochet squirrel pattern in the fall! This pattern is a free download on Ravelry by designer Akinna Stisu. The squirrel is a motif that is attached to the cozy after the case itself is complete so you could also use this pattern to make a simpler pouch without any motif. You could also attach other crochet animal appliqués instead.

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    Big Bow Cell Phone Case Free Crochet Pattern

    Big Bow Cell Phone Case Free Crochet Pattern
    Miss Niss Designs

    You can adorn a cell phone case with all variety of appliqués and additions making a simple design more interesting. One really cute idea is to add a big crochet bow, which is what Miss Niss Designs has done in this free crochet phone case pattern.

    We use cozies like this for cuteness but they serve the function of protecting phones when we drop them or toss them into backpacks and bags; this one is extra secure because most cell phone cozies open at the top but this one has a unique center opening that keeps the phone tucked in even more securely. 

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    Bobble Phone Case Free Crochet Pattern

    Bobble Phone Case Pattern
    Crochet Quickies

    Textured crochet stitches like the bobble stitch are perfect for keeping gadgets cozy. This crochet pattern from Crochet Quickies teaches you how to work bobble stitch in the round for a seamless case that feels great and looks cute. 

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    Crochet Phone Sling Free Pattern

    Crochet Phone Sling Free Pattern
    Amy Ryan, Ravelry

    This variation on a cell phone case is almost like a crochet fanny pack designed specifically to hold and protect your cell phone. If you don't like the style of a fanny pack, it can be worn as a crossbody bag. This free crochet pattern offered by Amy Ryan on Ravelry is written with clear instructions that are accompanied by a photo tutorial to make working on it easy.