Cotton Crochet Oven Mitt Free Pattern

A Cool Project for Your Hot Kitchen

Kathryn Vercillo
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    How to Make a Crochet Oven Mitt

    crochet oven mitt pattern
    Kathryn Vercillo

    There are several different ways to crochet an oven mitt, depending on the style of oven mitt that you're seeking. The crochet pattern here will show you how to make a short oven mitt, the kind designed to only cover the hand up to the wrist, although it can easily be enlarged to cover more of the arm as a traditional oven mitt would do.

    The pattern is worked in four simple pieces that are joined together in a simple fashion. It uses basic crochet stitches. If you're an advanced beginner then you shouldn't have any problem completing this project.​

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    Cotton Yarn and Crochet Hook
    Kathryn Vercillo

    A crochet oven mitt should always be made using cotton yarn. Cotton yarn won't stretch out, so you will retain the proper shape and size of the oven mitt once it is made. Cotton yarn also won't melt, which is important since your oven mitt will be holding hot pots and pans. Of course, you could always create an array of these to hang on your wall as kitchen decor. Nevertheless, it's best to make it usable, right?

    Materials Needed:


    Finished Size:

    This crochet oven mitt will fit a large adult hand. Use a smaller crochet hook for a more snug fit.

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    Construction Tip: 4 Crochet Oven Mitt Pieces

    Crochet Semicircles for Oven Mitt
    Kathryn Vercillo

    This crochet oven mitt will be made in four pieces. There will be two large semicircles and two smaller semicircles. These will each be made individually and then stitched together at the end to construct the oven mitt.

    The semicircles are easy to crochet so you should find most of the project to be quite meditative. It's only when you get to the seaming that you'll have to focus a bit more.

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    How to Crochet Semicircles

    Half Double Crochet SemiCircles
    Kathryn Vercillo

    This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to create the semicircles using half double crochet stitches.

    Step One

    Ch 3, 3 hdc in third ch from stitch (total 4 hdc)

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    Increasing Your Crochet Semicircles

    Half Double Crochet Semicircles
    Kathryn Vercillo

    Semicircles are increased in much the same way as crochet circles. Here is the next step after row 1:

    Step Two

    • Ch 2 to turn
    • Hdc in same st
    • 2 hdc in each of next two st  (total 8 hdc)
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    Continue Increasing Your Crochet Semicircles

    Half Double Crochet SemiCircles
    Kathryn Vercillo

    Rows 3-5 of the crochet oven mitt are worked as follows:

    Step Three

    • Ch 2 to turn
    • 2 hdc in next st
    • * 1 hdc, 2 hdc
    • Repeat from * across (total 12 hdc)

    Step Four

    • Ch 2 to turn
    • hdc in next st, 2 hdc in next st
    • * 1 hdc, 1 hdc, 2 hdc
    • Repeat from * across (total 16 hdc)

    Step Five

    • Ch 2 to turn
    • hdc in next 2 st, 2 hdc in next st
    • * 1 hdc in each of next 3 st, 2 hdc in next st
    • Repeat from * across (total 20 hdc​

    Once you have completed step five, you will have five complete rows of your semicircle.

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    Smooth Out Your Crochet Semicircle

    Working Around Bottom of Crochet Semicircle
    Kathryn Vercillo

    Once you have completed you crochet step five, you are going to smooth out the rough edge at the bottom of the semicircle.

    Step Six

    • Do not turn your work. Continue working around the other end of the starting chain, on the flat bottom of the semicircle.
    • Hdc evenly across for a total of 20 hdc stitches on this flat side.
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    Grow the Crochet Semicircle

    Crochet Oven Mitt
    Kathryn Vercillo

    Now you will resume working in rows to grow the length of this flat side of the crochet semicircle. The top of the circle will be the top of the oven mitt; now you're growing the part to cover the hand to the wrist.

    Step Seven

    • Ch 2 to turn, hdc in each st across (total 20 hdc)
    • Repeat five times.
    • Finish off and weave in ends.

    After completing this step, you will have one completed large semicircle.

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    Make a Matching Crochet Semicircle

    Crochet Oven Mitts
    Kathryn Vercillo

     Repeat steps 1-7 to make a second semicircle identical in size to the first one.

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    Crochet 2 Smaller Semicircles

    Crochet Semicircles
    Kathryn Vercillo

    You will also need to make 2 smaller crochet semicircles. For each one, do the following:

    • Repeat steps 1-6
    • *Ch 2 to turn, hdc in each st across (total 20 hdc)
    • Repeat from * 2 times
    • Finish off and weave in ends
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    Seaming Together Your Crochet Oven Mitt, Part 1

    Joining Crochet SemiCircles
    Kathryn Vercillo

    Put the two smaller crochet semicircles together, joining them at the flat ends. Use a single crochet stitch or your own favorite joining method. These are going to be the inside of the hand of the oven mitt, meaning the part of the mitt that will touch the handle of a pan when you grasp it. Technically, at this point you have a crochet potholder; just fold at the join and you can grab a pan.

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    Crochet Oven Mitt Construction, Part 2

    Crochet Oven Mitt
    Kathryn Vercillo

    Since you want to make an oven mitt, rather than a potholder, you now need to construct the outer portion of each side of the hand. This is the part that will touch the top and bottom of your hand when wearing the oven mitt. This is done by attaching the large semicircles to the smaller ones.

    Take one of the large semicircles. Hold it so that the top (rounded) portion is even with the rounded portion of one end of your now-joined smaller circles. Stitch it together, using single crochet or your favorite joining method, ONLY to the point where the two circles match up (The larger circle is longer and will hang off of the smaller circle).

    Repeat with the second large semicircle on the other side.

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    Crochet Oven Mitt Construction, Part 3

    Crochet Oven Mitt Free Pattern
    Kathryn Vercillo

    You should now be able to insert your hand between the two large semicircles, grasping the inside of the joined smaller semicircles. In other words, you basically have your crochet oven mitt–there is just one thing left to do. The rows of the longer semicircles are hanging down on the sides, where you insert your hand. Stitch them together on each side to get the fit of the oven mitt.

    Tip: If you want to make crochet oven mitts that go up further on your arms, there are two options:

    1. Add additional rows in Step Seven for the two larger semicircles.
    2. Join yarn to any stitch in the bottom after the oven mitts have already been joined together, ch 2 and hdc around, with a sl st to join; repeat additional rounds to the length desired.

    ​​This pattern is for one single crochet oven mitt. If you want a second matching crochet oven mitt then simply repeat all of the steps to create an identical design.