Crochet Motif Patterns and Instructions

Free Crochet Flower Pattern
Flower Girl Cottage

Find free patterns for crocheting a wide variety of motifs including hexagons, circles, squares, triangles, hearts, snowflakes, pentagons, ovals and other shapes. These motifs are useful for creating afghans, pillows, linens and many other types of crochet projects.

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    Crocheting Hexagon Motifs

    Colorful Granny Hexagon Free Crochet Pattern

    Lucy / Attic 24

    Hexagons are fascinating crochet projects. You can use hexagons to create a wide variety of different crochet projects; including afghans, shawls, throws, ponchos, pillows, and more. For example, the simple granny square hexagon or the granny square style hexagon with a flower in the center are lovely bases for many projects. These hexagons make outstanding afghan motifs; just crochet multiple hexagons and join the motifs together to create your afghan. There are plenty more hexagon patterns on our list to choose from.

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    Heart Motifs

    Crochet Heart
    Jessie Rayot

    Who doesn't love crocheting heart motifs? You can find them in many variations of squares and other shapes. Browse through free heart patterns you can use, including squares, heart shapes, appliques, and border or trims. Put them together into a heartfelt project for the ones you love.

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    Flower Motifs

    Free Crochet Flower Pattern
    Flower Girl Cottage

    Flower motifs are cherished by crafters and artisans worldwide. See patterns for a broad range of flower motifs including some that are realistic and some that are abstract. You'll find flower motifs in many different sizes and styles, including hexagons, squares, appliques, and three-dimensional works.

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    Snowflake Motifs

    Crocheted Winter Snowflake Appliques

    Amy Solovay

    If you enjoy crocheting intricate snowflake motifs, be sure to check out these patterns. They range from easy to challenging. We've posted lovely snowflake patterns ranging from easy to challenging and some with beads, some without. You can use them as standalone items such as Christmas tree decorations, coasters, or potholders with a snowflake motif. Or, you can combine them into a larger project.

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    Crochet Circle Motifs

    Two Finished Crochet Circles for Covering Bottle Caps

    Michael Solovay

    Circles are a common crochet motif. Learn how to crochet them with these instructions for crocheting in the round. Then enjoy more ways to crochet and use circles.

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    Crochet Squares

    Six crochet granny squares
    Ruth Jenkinson / Getty Images

    Crocheted squares come in handy for making afghans, pillows, throws, and many other types of projects. They are perhaps the easiest and most versatile way to build a crochet project. But they don't have to be plain. You can include other motifs within them, such as hearts and flowers, and mix or match to make your larger project.