Crochet Mother's Day Gifts

Handmade Project Ideas for the Mom Who Has Everything

Crochet Granny Square Blanket
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Want to delight a special mom with a handmade gift this Mother's Day? Crochet is the perfect technique for crafting a unique handmade gift for mom. Whether her style is feminine, functional, or a combination of the two, it is easy to find something to make for her that lets her know she's loved. The best Mother's Day gifts are personalized just for her, which is exactly what handmade gifts are all about.

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    Jewelry is always a popular gift to give for Mother's Day. Making your own one-of-a-kind crochet jewelry puts a nice twist on a gift that can be almost impersonal because it is so common. Crochet jewelry can be as exquisite as what's bought in the store, especially if worked in wire with beads added. On the other hand, you can make chunky crochet jewelry that has crafty, graphic appeal. What would your mom like best?

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    Lined Crochet Purse
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    You could crochet a special handbag or purse for mom. Remember that you can personalize her new bag just for her; when you gather your supplies, feel free to choose yarns or threads in her favorite colors. Crochet purses range in size from coin purses to huge market totes so you'll also want to think about what your mother needs most this year.

    A related gift is a crochet cell phone cozy. You can also make gadget cozies for iPads and other devices. Most moms these days are connected in some...MORE way; remind them of your love each time they take out the phone with one of these gifts!


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    Crochet flowers
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    Fresh flowers are a lovely Mother's Day present, but unfortunately, they wilt and die. Wouldn't it be better to give Mom a floral gift that lasts and lasts?

    There are lots of different ways you can use crocheted flowers to create fabulous gifts for moms:

    • Stitch bunches of blooms to T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, or other garments. You can use crochet flower appliques to decorate just about anything, whether store-bought or handmade.
    • Attach a single flower to a hair clip or headband. 
    • Write...MORE your mom a beautiful letter inside of a blank card and attach the flower to the front.

    This is an especially great idea for moms who are allergic to garden fresh flowers!

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    Crochet Scarf
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    Moms always love showing off what their children have made, even when their children are adults. Crocheted scarves make lovely Mother's Day gifts. Any woman of any age can find a reason to wear a crochet scarf on almost any day of the year. Scarves don't require any shaping so they are a great item for beginner crocheters. 

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    "Pamper Me!" Gifts for Mom

    Spa Crochet for Mother's Day
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    Who wouldn't appreciate a bit of extra pampering? Pretty soaps, body lotions, and scented shower gels all make lovely Mother's Day gifts. If you're planning to give a gift like this to Mom, you can make it even more special by including any of the following items along with the gift:

    • Luxurious hand-crocheted cotton washclothsThese are soft and pretty. They're also pleasantly textured, which makes them great for exfoliating. Mom will love them! We suggest making several of these...MORE washcloths and tucking them in with any other spa-friendly gifts you might be giving Mom this Mother's Day.
    • A fluffy crocheted bath puffMake your own crochet bath scrubby —or a whole set of them—as a personalized alternative to store-bought loofahs.
    • A combination soap holder/scrubber. This is one of those creative little goodies that Mom might never think of buying for herself, so if you think she'd like one, it would be nice if you could make it for her. A bonus: It's a quick, easy crochet project. These soap holders are wonderful to have and use. They're also a great way to present gift soaps.

    You can also make your own crochet basket and fill it with pampering supplies.

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    Crochet Granny Square Blanket
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    Bedspreads and afghans are ambitious crochet projects, but if anyone is worth the effort, it's Mom. There's a good chance that your mother or grandmother made some kind of blanket for you at some point in your life, so this is a great opportunity to return the favor!

    Any crochet blanket is a great choice, but be sure to take your mom's style and preferences into consideration. Work in colors she loves and textures she'll like, and determine whether she's a lapghan or...MORE king-sized comforter kind of woman.

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    Crochet Slippers
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    Handmade slippers make a thoughtful gift for just about anyone, including moms and grandmothers. The women in your life probably spend a lot of time on their feet getting things taken care of for everyone else, so it's a nice treat for them to slip into those slippers and put their feet up for a change.