10 Free Crochet Monkey Patterns

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Crochet Monkey Hats

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Make a crochet monkey and you'll make someone smile. Crochet monkeys can be made as appliqués that adorn accessories for all ages and blankets in any size. Crochet monkeys can also be made as stuffed animals that anyone will find adorably squeezable. In between these two options is the three-dimensional monkey crocheted to create a costume-style item such as a hat. Suitable to any season, the monkey is a handmade must-have.

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    Monkey Crochet Applique Free Pattern

    Monkey Crochet Applique Free Pattern
    Sarah, Repeat Crafter Me

    Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me creates lots of cute free crochet patterns including adorable animal patterns. In fact, she has created an entire set of animal appliqué patterns that match the letters of the alphabet. And, yes, of course, M is for Monkey! This is her free monkey crochet appliqué pattern. The face is stitched on for a simple design that beginners can accomplish.

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    Layered Crochet Monkey Applique Free Pattern

    Layered Crochet Monkey Applique Free Pattern
    Tillie Tulip

    This little crochet monkey is a simple appliqué pattern but it's made in layers so that it has some dimension to it. It was originally designed to go with a custom blanket, and it works well for that, but it can be added to any project that you want to brighten up a little bit.

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    Whole Monkey Crochet Applique Free Pattern

    Whole Monkey Crochet Applique Free Pattern

    Most of the crochet monkey appliqué patterns that you'll find are just for the face of the monkey. That's not the case with this adorable appliqué. The outstretched arms on the design give it a sense of playfulness. This is a free crochet pattern designed by NatashaV who offers the pattern through Craftsy. She includes instructions for turning it into a magnet, which is a nice tip for making an appliqué more functional. 

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    Monkey Finger Puppet Free Crochet Pattern

    Monkey Finger Puppet Free Crochet Pattern
    Tamara Kelly, Moogly

    Tamara of Moogly explains that she enjoys making crochet finger puppets because they use a tiny bit of yarn and so they are great for using up scraps. She gives us this free monkey finger puppet crochet pattern as a great example. This is one that you can keep in your purse to use as-needed to entertain bored kids.

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    Monkey Rattle Free Crochet Pattern

    Monkey Rattle Free Crochet Pattern
    Caloweena, Ravelry

    Keep younger ones busy with a crochet monkey rattle. This is worked with a small hook and sport weight yarn. Use the same pattern with a larger hook and yarn to make a stuffed animal variation on the rattle.

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    Stuffed Crochet Monkey Free Pattern

    Stuffed Monkey Free Crochet Pattern
    Bodecia's Oddities, Ravelry

    If you want to make a crochet monkey stuffed toy then this free crochet animal pattern from Bodecia's Oddities is a great choice. This one is unique because the face is made from alternative materials and stitched on to the amigurumi crochet monkey. It gives you a chance to make a mixed media toy, enhancing your craft skills while building on the crochet you know best.

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    Crochet Monkey Hat Free Pattern

    Crochet Monkey Hats
    T​he Friendly Red Fox

    Make a monkey that you can wear with this crochet hat pattern. The design is surprisingly simple. The face of the animal is built onto a basic crochet beanie, so you could use this pattern to make more neutral hats, as well. Add the face for the monkey, and add braided earflaps to make it a warmer accessory.

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    Red Crochet Monkey

    Red Crochet Monkey
    Orlica Craft

    Most people make brown crochet monkeys but this pattern offers a great reminder that you can make a monkey in a color that's more eye-catching and smile-provoking. This red monkey has big ears that give add to why you'll immediately think "cute" when you see it. This is the kind of stuffed animal that makes a great gift, especially for Valentine's Day!

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    C2C Crochet Monkey Graph

    C2C Crochet Monkey
    One Dog Woof

    One Dog Woof has a series called Zoodiacs; each one is a corner-to-corner crochet pattern featuring a different animal. You can make one, like this monkey, or you can make many and stitch them together into a large blanket. You will need to know how to read a c2c graph to follow this pattern.

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    Monkey Mug Cozy

    Monkey Coffee Cozy

    Kitty's Kreations Boutique

    Wrap a monkey around your coffee mug. It will keep your hands warm and brighten up your morning at the same time. This crochet pattern uses very simple crochet stitches and works up quickly. Cup cozies like this one are excellent for gifts; make a bunch of them to keep on hand anytime you need a last minute item.