10 Crochet Hat Patterns for Men

Designs to Make Guys Grin, Not Groan

hat patterns for men

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Crochet hat patterns for men are often boring. Sometimes they're just unisex crochet hats that have been worked in colors perceived to be manly. Other times they're super simple, as if details will make guys shrink away. These ten patterns defy those trends. They'll make the guys in your life grin, not groan, because they add style to any man's wardrobe. Plus, the stitches are interesting, so you will have fun crafting them. If you have a guy in your life, you'll want to try at least one of these men's hat patterns.

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    Slip Stitch Crochet Men's Hat Free Pattern

    Rib Knit Crochet Hat Free Pattern

    Mollie Johanson

    This is an easy crochet hat pattern that uses only two basic stitches: slip stitch and single crochet. However, the unique use of the slip stitch worked in full rows makes the design more intriguing (both to craft and to wear). The result is a knit-like ribbed hat with texture and rugged style.

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    Men's Crochet Pork Pie Hat Pattern

    Men's Crochet Pork Pie Hat Pattern

     Meadowvale Studio, Etsy

    Although this crochet hat pattern could be adapted to suit women, the pork pie hat is designed for men. Similar to the fedora, the pork pie hat differs slightly in the shape and size of the crown and brim. Therefore, it's important to follow these instructions carefully to get the hat that you want. Although the crochet stitches are simple, the work is all in the shaping. This one is sized from newborn through adult for all of the males in your life.

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    Easy Free Crochet Hat Pattern for Men

    Brimmed Crochet Hat Pattern for Men

    Dawn Gillis, Ravelry 

    This pattern is actually super simple to craft because it only uses basic crochet stitches. However, it's worked with a bulky yarn that gives the hat a lot of unique texture. Plus, the hat is designed with a bill, almost visor-style, which gives it extra design flair.

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    Adaptable Fedora / Bowler Hat Free Crochet Pattern

    Fedora/ Bowler Crochet Hat Free Pattern For Men

     Lthingies, Ravelry

    This is another crochet hat worked with simple stitches and bulky yarn. However, the shaping makes it really special. It can be worn as a simple fedora hat, which is a poular men's style. However, if you roll up the brim, it also works as a crochet bowler hat, which is a bit more original. The yarn does all of the work so that you don't have to do anything special to shape it.

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    Men's Crochet Earflap Hat Pattern

    Men's Crochet Earflap Hat Pattern

    Heather C. Gibbs, Ravelry 

    The earflap hat is a quintessential men's crochet hat pattern. It's perfect for skiiing and other cold weather activities. It also has style, so a guy can comfortably wear it out to the bar. This hat pattern is special because of the graphic colorwork you'll work as you stitch.

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    Double-Stranded Crochet Hat Free Pattern for Men

    easy crochet hat pattern for men

    Lucy Croft, Ravelry 

    Many men prefer a really simple crochet beanie. Of course, if you're trying to make something a little bit more special than you might have to get creative. This free beanie pattern could be the answer. It is worked with double-stranded yarn, which gives you interesting texture and color mixing. Plus it's worked in the front loop only, which isn't an approach you see too often in crochet.

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    Men's Crochet Slouch Hat Free Pattern

    Men's Crochet Slouch Hat Free Pattern

    Yarn and Chai 

    Other than the crochet beanie, the most popular crochet hat pattern for men is probably the crochet slouch hat. This one is fairly straightforward but what separates it from others is the yarn choice. If there is a yarn designed specifically with men in mind then it might be Lion Brand Jeans yarn, which is what this designer used. The pattern comes in four sizes from toddler to large adult.

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    Crochet Slouchy Hat Pattern for Men

    Men's Crochet Slouchy Hat Pattern

    Jacqueline Grone, Ravelry 

    Here's one more crochet slouch hat pattern for men. This one has vertical ribbing on the main body of the hat. It also has horizontal ribbing on the brim of the hat. It's visually intriguing.

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    Post Stitch Crochet Hat Pattern for Men

    Post Stitch Crochet Hat Pattern for Men

    Crochet By Jennifer and AppleTree Photography 

    You can make a really simple crochet hat pattern much more interesting when you use smart stitch choices. This crochet hat has tons of texture thanks to the use of several different crochet post stitches. There are even front and back half double crochet post stitches, which you don't see too often. Challenge yourself with this pattern and you'll end up with a result you can be proud of.

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    Crochet Cowboy Hat Pattern

    Crochet Cowboy Hat Pattern

    Step by Step Patterns, Etsy 

    What says "dude" more than a cowboy hat? This crochet cowboy hat has just enough sophistication that you can wear it in urban settings but it definitely keeps the sun off of a guy's face outdoors as well.

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