20 Crochet Kitchen Patterns

Dress Up Your Kitchen from the Table to the Stovetop

Crochet Market Bag in Kitchen

Ruth Jenkinson, Dorling Kindersley, Getty Images

You can decorate your entire kitchen in colorful crochet. Use these patterns to create crochet dishcloths for the sink, trivets for the countertop, tablecloths, and so much more. Add rich color and texture to every part of the room with these functional and fabulous kitchen crochet patterns. Make sure to use kitchen cotton or another suitable yarn for these projects.

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    Crochet Placemat Pattern with Matching Coasters

    Crochet Placemat and Matching Coaster

    Crystalized Designs 

    Add bright decorations to your kitchen table with this matching set of crochet placemats and crochet coasters. This pattern uses single crochet and double crochet with strategic spacing to create luscious texture. Don't be surprised if you find your dinner guests running their hands along the cotton beneath their cups and plates.

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    Upcycled Crochet Scrubbies Free Pattern

    Upcycled Crochet Scrubbies with Hook and Yarn

    Make and Do Crew 

    Learn how to upcycle your mesh net produce bags using this crochet tutorial. You'll combine those bags with regular kitchen cotton to create a scrubbie with enough texture to make your pots and pans gleam. You can really never have too many crochet scrubbies in the kitchen.

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    Crochet Kitchen Towel Free Pattern

    Crochet Kitchen Towel

    Crochet Dreamz 

    You also can't have too many crochet kitchen towels. Every time you make a mess or need to wipe your hands, you can have one at the ready. This one has a beautiful stitch pattern worked uniquely so that you have alternating rows of color without having to change colors every row. It's a cool technique worth learning.

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    Crochet Hand Towel Free Pattern

    Crochet Hand Towel with Sponge

    Mollie Johanson 

    Here's another free crochet pattern for a kitchen towel. This is the perfect sized project to practice new stitches. This one uses the pique stitch. Add stripes of color to create a design that matches your own kitchen decor.

    If you enjoy making crochet towels and dishcloths, you might also want to check out these free patterns:

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    Spikes and Stripes Crochet Potholder Free Pattern

    Crochet Potholders on Kitchen Table

     Highland Hickory Designs

    Crochet potholders are another terrific kitchen project. Use them to grab hot pans off of the stove or set dishes on them for serving. These potholders are double-thick, sturdy, and solid. They're designed to be used, not just as decor, although they make pretty decor as well. You'll use primarily basic crochet stitches but will incorporate the double crochet spike stitch for added design detail.

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    Tulip-Inspired Potholders Free Crochet Pattern

    Crochet Potholder with Teacup and Tulips


    You can decorate your entire wall with beautiful crochet potholders. They make for a stunning display that will garner you smiles from everyone who enters your kitchen. This design is particularly well-suited to spring but the tulip inspiration isn't too overt so you could use it in your kitchen all year long.

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    Retro-Modern Crochet Potholders

    Crochet Potholders in Red and Blue

    Crochet Dreamz 

    Here is one more crochet potholder pattern for you. Use simple single crochet and double crochet stitches worked in such a manner so as to create a wave ripple across the dishcloth. The design is graphic and modern and works well in contemporary kitchens but it also has a hint of retro style so it works in country chic homes as well.

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    Waterlily Hot Pad Free Crochet Pattern

    Pink Crochet Hot Pad

    Stacey LW Lee, Ravelry 

    You can set your hot pots down on a crochet dishcloth or placemat but of course it's much better for them to go on a hot pad or crochet trivet. This is a double-thick, dense crochet hot pad. Use textured stitches to create a stunning floral design in the center of this piece. When it's not in action on your countertop, it'll look great adorning your kitchen wall.

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    Crochet Oven Mitt Free Pattern

    Crochet Oven Mitt Grabbing Hot Pan
    Kathryn Vercillo

    Of course, if you want a more traditional oven mitt for grabbing hot pans then you can also crochet one of those. This is an easy free crochet pattern built from semi-circles. It's designed as a mini-mitt, covering your hand just up to the wrist, but you can easily adapt it into a larger mitt as well.

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    "Burlap" and Lace Crochet Silverware Pockets

    Silverware Inside of Crochet Pockets

    Highland Hickory Designs 

    Give your kitchen table rustic appeal with these crochet silverware pockets designed to look like they are made from burlap and lace. You could also pack these up to take with you on a picnic. There are so many different crochet kitchen patterns out there but this one is truly original.

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    Kitchen Stool Cover Crochet Pattern

    Kitchen Stool with Crochet Cover

    My Hobby is Crochet 

    Do you have bar stools in your kitchen? Cover them in crochet. It adds cushioned texture that makes the seat more comfortable. Plus it enhances the decor. This one is made using t-shirt yarn.

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    Doily Stool Cover Free Crochet Pattern

    Crochet Doily Stool Cover on Kitchen Stool

    Creative Jewish Mom 

    Here is another option for adorning your kitchen bar stools with crochet. This design looks like a vintage doily, although it's been updated for more contemporary kitchens. You might also want to use the main portion of the design to create matching doilies to use as placemats at your kitchen table.

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    Crochet Chair Socks

    Kitchen Chair with Crochet Socks

     Knitting with Chopsticks

    If you have dining table chairs instead of (or in addition to) kitchen bar stools then make sure that you cover them in crochet, too. This simple little chair socks go over the legs of the chair. It's not to keep them warm, though; it's to keep the chair from slipping and sliding on your kitchen floor. It also adds a color and a sense of humor to the room.

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    Crochet Teapot Cozy Free Pattern

    Teapot with Crochet Cozy and Teacup

    Just Be Happy Life 

    Many people have teapots sitting in their kitchen. The crochet teapot cozy is a must-have in those kitchens. It's a vintage item that harkens back to grandma's kitchen, but designers have updated it to suit today's homes. This design is a simple, solid color that will work in any home.