Crochet Home Decor Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns for Home Accents

When it comes to home decor, it's little details that make the biggest difference in how a place looks. Paint colors, furnishings and lighting are important, but I don't really feel at home until I start adding cozy crocheted details -- afghansrag rugs, pretty pillows.

Whether you're moving into a new place and starting from scratch, or just looking to dress up your current digs, these free crochet patterns will give you some ideas for fantastic home accents you can make. These projects would also make great housewarming gifts for friends, loved ones and colleagues.

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    Baby Afghan Patterns

    You Can Crochet Gorgeous Baby Blankets Like These With Our Free Patterns.
    You Can Crochet Gorgeous Baby Blankets Like These With Our Free Patterns. You Can Crochet Gorgeous Baby Blankets Like These With Our Free Patterns. Photo © Amy Solovay

    If you'd like to decorate a little one's nursery, you'll probably appreciate having these free baby afghan patterns available. There are a variety of styles to choose from.

    Pictured here is a quick baby blanket that's easy enough for crocheters of any skill level. It's a unisex design that looks great when crocheted in just about any color. My project samples are all solid colors, but I've seen some lovely examples made using colorful variegated baby yarns -- this is a great pattern for using those if you happen to have them.

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    Afghan Patterns

    You Could Decorate Your Home With a Customized, One-Of-A-Kind Afghan.
    You Could Decorate Your Home With a Customized, One-Of-A-Kind Afghan. You Could Decorate Your Home With a Customized, One-Of-A-Kind Afghan. Photo © Amy Solovay

    Afghans and bedspreads are some of our most popular crochet projects. Pictured at left is one of my favorite afghans; it's a custom crochet afghan you can make using the free patterns on our website.

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    Kitchen Patterns

    Crocheted Kitchen Accessories
    Crocheted Kitchen Accessories. Crocheted Kitchen Accessories -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    Kitchens should be cozy and inviting. Your choice of home accents will help to make it so, especially if you take the time to handcraft your own. We're here to help; we've provided a variety of free crochet patterns for creating kitchen items, including potholders, dishcloths, hot pads, placemats, and scrubbies.

    Pictured at left: A kitchen set crocheted using variegated yarn.

    Help yourself to our free kitchen patterns.

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    Bedroom Patterns

    Pillow With Crocheted Embellishments on the Trim
    Pillow With Crocheted Embellishments on the Trim. Pillow With Crocheted Embellishments on the Trim -- Photo Copyright Amy Solovay

    Crochet is right at home in the bedroom; it's the perfect medium for making all kinds of soft and cozy comforts.

    Visit our list of ​free crochet patterns for the bedroom.

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    Bath Accessory Patterns

    Soft Organic Cotton Washcloth
    Soft Organic Cotton Washcloth. Soft Organic Cotton Washcloth -- Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to, Inc.

    It's so easy to dress up your bathroom with small crocheted luxuries. Find free crochet patterns for making your own washcloths, soap savers, and other bath accents.

    Pictured at left: a soft organic cotton washcloth.

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    Pillow Patterns

    Crochet Christmas Pillow
    Crochet Christmas Pillow. Crochet Christmas Pillow -- Photo Copyright Amy Solovay

    Pillows set the mood for a room; they're an easy way to add a touch of luxury and comfort to your home. They can be made to coordinate with any design style.

    Our free pillow patterns include many stylish and fun options to choose from. Pictured here: a Christmas pillow crocheted using two different designs from our series of mix and match afghan squares. There's a Christmas tree square and a checkerboard square. This pillow matches a patchwork crochet Christmas afghan; you can get the free crochet pattern right here on our website.

    Go to the ​pillow pattern list.

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    Curtain Patterns

    Curtain With Filet Crochet Trim and Insertion
    Curtain With Filet Crochet Trim and Insertion. Curtain With Filet Crochet Trim and Insertion -- Photo © Michael Solovay

    Crocheted curtains would make a beautiful addition to any window in just about any room of your home.

    Check out all the ​free curtain patterns.

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    Crochet Towel Edging Pattern

    Towel With Crocheted Edging
    Towel With Crocheted Edging. Towel With Crocheted Edging -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    Pretty edgings can add a luxurious touch to just about any of your linens. They're a lovely way to dress up sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths, runners, towels, or other linens. The towel edging pictured is a perfect example; you can ​get the free pattern or visit our list of free crochet edging patterns to see even more possibilities.

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    Coaster Patterns

    Fabric Crochet Flower Coaster
    Fabric Crochet Flower Coaster. Fabric Crochet Flower Coaster -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    Coasters are not only decorative, they are functional too. They're satisfying crochet projects; they work up quickly, and they are so useful to have around the house. You'll want to crochet a set for every room!

    Pictured here: a flower coaster by Amy Solovay. The coaster was crocheted using this easy flower pattern, substituting strips of cotton fabric instead of yarn. You can whip up a set of these if you like, or visit our main directory of free coaster patterns to see more options.

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    Granny Square Patterns

    Crochet Granny Square
    Crochet Granny Square. Crochet Granny Square -- Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to, Inc.

    Granny square patterns are beloved by crochet enthusiasts of all skill levels. They're the perfect no-brainer project for making all kinds of things, including afghans and other home decor items -- pillows, pillow covers, bedspreads and more.

    Browse through our list of granny square patterns.

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    Crocheted Squares

    Crocheted Squares for Making Afghans
    Crocheted Squares for Making Afghans. Crocheted Squares for Making Afghans -- Photo © Amy Solovay, Licensed to, Inc.

    Here you'll find free patterns for many different types of crocheted squares, going beyond just grannies. Some grannies are included on this list, but you'll also find squares worked in tapestry crochet and other techniques.

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    More Miscellaneous Free Crochet Patterns for the Home

    Crocheted Rag Rug
    Crocheted Rag Rug. Crocheted Rag Rug -- Photo © Amy Solovay
    • Rag Rugs: Want to cover your bare floors with beautiful rag rugs? Got more time than money to spend on your floor decor? If so, these free patterns will help you to upcycle old sheets or t-shirts into gorgeous crocheted rag rugs. Pictured at left is rag rug I crocheted using this rag rug pattern, which is available for free on our website.
    • Doily Patterns: Doilies add a lovely bit of luxury wherever you use them in the home.
    • Basket Patterns: Baskets make fantastic decorating accessories because they are so useful, yet beautiful too. This pattern list features a variety of different basket designs, including tapestry crocheted examples and more.