10 Free Crochet Coaster Patterns

Add cozy cuteness to your home with handmade crochet coasters

Crochet coasters are quick to make, are great for using up small bits of yarn in your stash and can be created using simple or complex designs. Use these ten free crochet coaster patterns to make useful and decorative coasters for your home. Beverage coasters also make great gifts for friends, family and colleagues; whether you need a quick housewarming gift or a Christmas stocking stuffer, you'll find fun ideas you can use to crochet a variety of different coaster designs. 


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    Single Crochet Circle with Slip Stitch Edging
    Single Crochet Circle with Slip Stitch Edging. Kathryn Vercillo

    The simplest crochet coaster pattern is just to make a circle. You can crochet this is any type of yarn and make it as small or as large as you see fit for the glasses you'll be using. The single crochet circle is a terrific choice, since it is a dense circle, and it is ideally made using cotton yarn because this will absorb any moisture from your cups. But you can make any other simple circle work as a coaster as well; a double crochet circle would be another basic example.

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    Crochet Granny Square, Round 3
    Crochet Granny Square, Round 3. Kathryn Vercillo

    The basic granny square is another really simple design that can be used to make a set of coasters. Make each granny in a single color, perhaps creating a set of each color in the rainbow, or crochet each round of the granny square in a different color for multi-colored coasters. You can make them in holiday or seasonal colors as well. This is a project that never gets old!

    Again, cotton yarn is a great choice, but another good option is t-shirt yarn or fabric yarn. These, like cotton thread,...MORE will absorb any moisture evaporating from the glass ... and any heat off of warm cups.

    Here are some additional easy free granny square crochet patterns if you want to go beyond the basic granny for your coasters.

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    Crochet Heart Coaster Free Pattern
    Crochet Heart Coaster Free Pattern. Jessie Rayot

    If you want to keep it simple, but not quite as simple as a circle or square, then a heart-shaped crochet coaster is a terrific choice. These are the perfect table setting for romantic dinners but work for kids' Valentine's parties and other events, too. This free crochet pattern is by Jessie Rayot. She also offers a free square coaster crochet pattern.

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    Crochet Pumpkin Coaster Pattern
    Crochet Pumpkin Coaster Free Pattern by Ira Rott. Ira Rott

    Any small crochet motif can be made into a coaster. Seasonally-themed motifs are always a great option when you want coasters for a party that you are hosting. These pumpkin crochet coasters are a free pattern by Ira Rott that are terrific for any Halloween or Thanksgiving gathering.

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    Turkey Crochet Coaster FREE Pattern
    Turkey Crochet Coaster FREE Pattern. Carson (Camo) on Ravelry/ pattern by Yarn Pixie

    The pumpkin pattern works for Thanksgiving but if you want a Thanksgiving coaster that is even more suited to the holiday, or you just want to have multiple crochet coaster styles at your dinner, then this free turkey crochet pattern by Yarn Pixie is another solid option.

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    Pecan Pie Crochet Coasters. Crochet Memories

    Another terrific Thanksgiving or fall theme is pecan pie crochet. These coasters from Crochet Memories will add yummy decor to your table. And you could change up the color of the yarn to create pies in different "flavors" for other dinner parties!

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    Crochet Watermelon Coasters
    Crochet Watermelon Coasters. Ashley Ziman of Create Crochet

    Of course, fall isn't the only season that inspires coaster crafting. Coasters can be themed to any season of the year. For example, in the summer, your pool parties might be cuter with a crochet watermelon theme. Use this free coasters pattern by Ashley of Create Crochet.

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    Shamrock Coaster Free Crochet Pattern
    Shamrock Coaster Free Crochet Pattern. Tammy Arshi

    In springtime, your crochet coasters might take on the form of crochet flowers of crochet shamrocks. This one is by Tammy Arshi. Change the colors from green and you'll have a great floral coaster that you can use all season long. It's an easy way to brighten up any home!

    Here is a free pattern for a fabric crochet flower coaster.

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    Football Coaster Free Crochet Pattern
    Football Coaster Free Crochet Pattern. Katie Cooks and Crafts

    Sports offer a great opportunity to create themed coasters. Whether you're having a Super Bowl party or celebrating March Madness or watching The Olympics, you can whip up some crochet coasters that go along with the event. Football fans will find that this free football crochet coaster pattern by Katie Cooks and Crafts is helpful for decorating.